“Do those who disbelieve think that they can take My servants to be friends besides Me? Surely We have prepared hell as an entertainment for the disbelievers. Say: Shall We inform you who are the greatest losers in respect of deeds? Those whose effort goes astray in this world’s life, and they think that they are making good manufactures.”
—Holy Qur’an, Surah 18, verses 102-104

Returning to Egypt and the sign of Al-Azhar University in the progression of the prophetic voice of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the corresponding date of his departure in February 1975, as stated in the last article, it was within three months that I was guided to go directly to Cairo, Egypt, accompanied by my two eldest children and a guide without any other member of the first family of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. This took place prior to Imam Warithuddin’s decision to travel East to explain his position and that of his father to the Islamic World. What might that be a sign of?

Mother Tynnetta Muhammad at the Giza Plateau. Background is The Sphinx and The Great Pyramid of Cheops. Photo: Karim D. Muhammad

Knowing that there was a death plot against the life of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad that led to his departure, I, too, along with my family had also been targeted. As he explained to me in the latter part of 1974 in December, in the country of Mexico, he spoke to me of his desire to travel East again, and particularly spoke of Egypt. When he revealed the death plot to me in December 1974, he spoke to me about a plan that was being hatched in Chicago and that it also included me.


He taught us the significance of Mary and Joseph and the child, Jesus, being mounted on a fast moving camel that was instructed to take mother and child to Cairo, Egypt, under a cover of darkness representing more, which included a death plot. They were to remain hidden from the wicked plans of King Herod who ordered the slaying of all the boy children up to the second year of age because of his fear of the birth of the Messiah. In a much later year upon one of my return visits to Egypt in the 1980s and again in the 1990s, I visited the old quarter of Egypt and the special church with its underground labyrinth and hiding places and the Christian Coptic sector where the historians point out the places where Mary and the child had to hide during that faithful period of King Herod’s reign.

Photo of Al-Azhar Mosque.

our vast universe. Now we are beginning to awaken to that universal consciousness as we begin to rebuild our own world. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has also taught a few of us that there are scientists at Al-Azhar University who live to be 400 to 500 years of age. When the Honorable Elijah Muhammad first visited Egypt in 1959, following his address at the Uline Arena, he was received on a State Visit by the first president of Egypt (then known as United Arab Republic), Gamal Abdel Nasser for a period of ten days. Upon his return to America, he espoused on how he was shown new houses that were being built for some of us upon our return back home. We will recall that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan was assigned by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to find a way to unite us with the Muslim world. This is in fulfillment of the sign of Mary and Jesus’ flight to Egypt during the time of war and persecution, fleeing into the arms of the Muslim world.

Dear readers, nothing happens by chance; everything of our present and future has long been prepared and we are walking into the footsteps of those who went before us written from the most ancient times. As the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us, everything about ourselves is written in a book. Some things we can escape, while others are apart of our destiny. In the training of Master Fard Muhammad for his mission, his father purchased very important and expensive books that were in the possession of kings and wise men that contained aspects of his son’s mission in preparation to come in search of God’s lost people of the Tribe of Shabazz. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, too, following in the Master’s footsteps was also assigned the reading of a certain number of books, 104, to be exact, located in the library of Congress in Washington, D.C. This he did during the period when he was on the run up and down the East Coast fleeing from his enemies following on the heels of a death plot until his arrest in Washington, D.C. on May 6, 1942.

Returning to the sign and significance of Al-Azhar University and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s prophetic steps including his own escape from a death plot in 1975, we will read in the number code of this precise date and year Al-Azhar University’s 1,000-year-old history established in Cairo, Egypt. By removing the number one in 1975, we get 975, the exact year when Al-Azhar Mosque and University was established in Cairo, Egypt. This one thousand year period would include the birth of the Nation of Islam which began in 1930, thus, 45 years later from that date, the divine work and mission was to be completed and the period remaining until this day has been a period of grace in which the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has issued the final call as an extended warning to our people and the world.

Now, the greater part of the war and the persecution will follow on our heels and is now reaching its final stages in the final judgment of the world that we have known.

“As for those who believe and do good deeds, for them are Gardens of Paradise, an entertainment. To abide therein; they will not desire removal therefrom. Say: If the sea were ink for the words of my Lord, the sea would surely be exhausted before the words of my Lord were exhausted, though We brought the like of it to add (thereto).” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 18, verses 107-109

To be continued.