“The Whys of God.” Those words came from a comment the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to me in Phoenix, AZ., in 1967.

Later, I came to see that those words are related to the study of the teaching and the mind of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Earlier on Sunday morning, the day of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s Saviours’ Day address, he gave me the opportunity to sit whether on stage or front row. I thanked him and I chose the front row. I told him much of my reason. I also chose where I sat.


I wanted to study him and to be in a position to study the audience and take pictures. I want to make a statement with the photos. Allah willing, it will appear in this paper with my article soon.

I’m writing this short article the day after his very, very, powerful and very, very significant address he delivered Sunday, February 28, 2010, at the United Center in Chicago, to help the readers come closer to Minister Farrakhan’s spirit.

I will, over the next few articles, make this very, very clear. One of the short meanings of the word “short” is “seeming to last less time than is the case.”

If I had the physical power, I would spread all over America and all over other countries the DVDs/CDs of this address. It was and is that valuable to me. I hope others will see the value for themselves. Allah, in the person of Master Fard Muhammad, is over this all!

It was powerful in opposite directions. This sentence requires a deeeeeeeep explanation. Smile. But for now, please continue to read this short article.

For example, many people came closer to him. Others distanced themselves from him. This happened on different levels and/or different speeds.

I could use the word “explosive” in opposite directions and on different levels or different speeds. But, I’m aware that statement may require many words and much effort from me at this time and it may also require effort for you to read it. I will do my part, Allah willing, over time.

I’ve known for many years of some of the relationship between Peter, Paul and then part of Jesus, as they related to Minister Farrakhan in scripture. I’ve written and spoken of that relationship over the years.

I can give you what I began to see, over the years that require some time and space. But it’s worth it to do it–if you can tell the truth and back it up 100 percent. I’ve done that in The Final Call. I want to come back to this.

That is what led to my reaction on what I witnessed February 28th, 2010!

I can prove the following statement. You cannot reject Minister Farrakhan and say that you really love the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Why? Or you may say “why so?” What does “Why” means?

In general “why” means: “For what reason or purpose; on account of which; for which; the reason for which; a reason or explanation.”

All of us will agree or should agree that we are living at the end of this wicked world. Generally speaking, all Muslims and Christians say that we are in the end of this world.

I believe anybody reading this article will agree that the “whys” of anybody else are totally different from the “Whys” of God. We also must agree that our “whys” do not equal, the “whys” of God. The “whys of God” was part of a statement that came to me from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in 1967.

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At the end of dinner with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, I was asking many questions. At the end of that precious time, he smiled, as he said to me, “I see you like to know the whys of God.”And then he ended that meeting.

That word, “why” is a big word.

I was in the process of writing a short statement regarding Mother Tynnetta’s witness in our newspaper, just as she walked in the room. I’ll get to that statement, next article. It’s very big.

Mother Tynnetta, in her opening remarks made a few insightful statements before Minister Farrakhan delivered his Saviours’ Day address at the United Center in Chicago.

She said these words to me, “The Angels and the Scientists were in the room looking around.” I bear witness to the truth of her words.

She mentioned publically those words in her opening statement. The readers of this newspaper should read and listen to her short but insightful words as she, and others, introduced Minister Farrakhan.

I intend to make, Allah willing, worthy comments on his speech, over the next few articles, which deserves more attention and time. I’m sure that anybody there who heard him will agree.

We are now facing the “whys” of God, RIGHT NOW!

I ended the last article with this: This is now 2010 and you have seen Minister Farrakhan stronger than ever!

I hope you will get and read Minister Farrakhan’s words in the fourth edition of the book titled: IS IT POSSIBLE THAT THE HONORABLE ELIJAH MUHAMMAD IS STILL PHYSICALLY ALIVE ???

More next issue, Allah willing.