A portion of the exhibit viewed by thousands during the Saviours’ Day weekend.

(FinalCall.com) – There are two drug cultures in the United States, one considered illegal and another considered legal, however, the legal drug culture is more insidious according to expert presenters at this year’s Saviours’ Day convention.

Members of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights partnered with the Nation of Islam conducting several workshops, delivering presentations and distributing large amounts of research materials in the form of pamphlets and DVDs exposing what they consider to be a “fraudulent” field of psychiatry and a dangerously out of control reliance on prescription drugs.

“As far as I’m concerned, psychiatry is one of the biggest frauds ever to be perpetuated on mankind,” said Cheryl Duncan, spokesperson for the Citizens Commission on Human Rights. “It is nothing but a public relations machine that has no results. They freely admit they don’t cure anybody. Ask a psychiatrist. We have asked psychiatrists and they will tell you there is no such thing as a cure. They are trying to help people cope. It’s a billion dollar industry not only for the psychiatrists but the pharmaceutical companies are making billions upon billions of dollars.”

(L-R) Rev. Alfreddie Johnson, student Min. Tony Muhammad and Cheryl Duncan. Photos: Timothy 6X

According to CCHR, psychiatrists over-prescribe drugs in an American culture in which almost everyone could conceivably be diagnosed with a “chemical imbalance” and considered mentally ill. Incredibly, there are no lab tests available to actually determine whether a psychiatric problem exists. The more people diagnosed with disorders, the more money for the pharmaceutical companies. With the aid of slick marketing materials and a persistent effort to “mainstream” mental disorders, it has now become the norm–and considered chic in many circles–to have one.

“It has now become cool to have a disorder,” said Ms. Duncan.

Student Minister Tony Muhammad, Western Regional representative of the Nation of Islam was with the Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan as he walked through the CCHR’s exhibit about a month ago during a trip to the West Coast. Mr. Muhammad said Min. Farrakhan was deeply moved and angered by what he saw regarding the historical use of medical terminology as cover for human experimentation, and the degree to which manipulative scientists of death have victimized society’s most vulnerable people. Mr. Muhammad said the Minister told him that he wanted the members of the Nation of Islam to see the exhibit and made it a part of Saviours’ Day 2010.

“When the Minister went through and saw the evolution of psychiatry, and then he saw how they are using the law, and how they are using almost every human emotion and making it into a disease, The Minister said ‘I pray to my Allah that He blesses me to destroy all of them because these people are impacting not just Black people but all of human kind.’ He said, ‘Brother I am a universal leader and we are to become a universal Nation wherein all can live in peace.’”

Thousands of conventioneers walked through exhibitions demonstrating how American society has become “drugged-up.” In many cases, those being diagnosed with mental disorders are as young as six years old. Additionally, many of the mood stabilizers, psycho stimulants, anti-anxiety and anti-psychotic drugs have an extensive list of dangerous side effects. In some cases, the drugs have the effect of intensifying the symptoms of the “disorder” they are purportedly developed to effectively treat.

In a letter from CCHR President Jan Eastgate which accompanied one of the DVDs given away titled, “Psychiatry: An Industry of Death,” she described psychologists as going after the “quick chemical fix” offering psychotropic drugs as a “cure all.”

Another informative DVD also given away by the hundreds during the Saviours’ Day weekend titled “Marketing Madness” asked the provocative question: “How did drugs with no known curative powers and extensive side effects become standard treatment for almost everything?”

According to the CCHR, the culprit is the influential American Psychiatric Association (APA) and their Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). Following WWII, the first DSM was released in 1952 listing 106 mental disorders and was 160 pages long. Since then, the number of listed mental disorders has almost tripled with the most recent version, DSM IV containing 886 pages.

A statement appearing Feb. 28 on the APA’s website said the revised version of the DSM, originally scheduled for release in 2012, will likely not be released until 2013.

Referring to the next DSM, Mr. Muhammad said he expects it to contain even more mental disorders that are culturally biased.

“Your discipline can be diagnosed as a disease,” said Mr. Muhammad, referring directly to the members of the Nation of Islam in the audience. “They will come up and watch our discipline and call that a disorder and through the government they will make laws forcing us to take medicine even against your will! That is coming,” Mr. Muhammad added.

Ms. Duncan said Black boys are eleven times more likely than others to be diagnosed as learning disabled and/or placed on psychotropic drugs.

Calling it “licensed genocide,” Rev. Alfreddie Johnson of The True Faith Christian Church and founder of the World Literacy Crusade said he has listened to and admired Min. Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam for over eighteen years. He said it is important for the Nation of Islam to be on the forefront in providing this type of information to the people because of their credibility within Black communities nationwide.

“The Nation of Islam has ethics and a presence in the community,” said Rev. Johnson.