“And certainly We conferred a favour on Moses and Aaron. And we delivered them, and their people from the mighty distress. And We helped them, so they were the vanquishers. And we gave them both the clear Book.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 37, verses 114-117

When looking deeply into this year’s date, 2010, we observe that when we remove the two zeroes, we have a two as a number standing next to the number one. When read as one number, it is 21. It is interesting to note that we have entered the 21st century with the intensity of the final judgment now taking place, removing one world order and bringing another world order to take its place. As discussed in previous articles in this series, the number 80 appears in Lesson No. 2, Question and Answer 1 which gives us the timeline of the present world order. We also observe in these numbers two and one that it can also read 21, representing the 21st century.

This timeline takes us to the birth of the Nation of Islam in 1930. Counting exactly three and a half years later to the date and period of the Master’s departure in 1934, the number 80 is most significant as it gives us an extended timeline to include the year 2012, 2013 to 2014. These dates correspond to the fulfillment of the Mayan Prophecy which also speaks of a New World Order or Sixth World of Spiritual Consciousness to take the place of the present world.


As we observe world history and world events, we see the rapid deterioration of societies and nations that are becoming more and more impoverished and vanquished due to the destruction of their own hands overlapping with political confusion and chaos running rampant, with natural disasters striking around the globe. According to the Mayan Prophecies, which includes those of other Indigenous people of the Americas, the Aztecs, Toltecs, and Zapotec, calendric systems, the present world destruction is symbolized as “Ollin” meaning a movement or shaking of the earth’s surface such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other kinds of destructive forces which the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us more than 40 decades ago would take place bringing rain, hail, snow and earthquakes.

These forces will be used by the god-scientists experimenting on high explosions as well as bringing many other plagues and pestilences to bring about a horrible end of the present world order ruled by Satan and his hosts. Surah 30, verse 41 reads: “Corruption has appeared in the land and the sea on account of that which men’s hands have wrought, that He may make them taste a part of that which they have done, so that they may return.”

What does the present Hour hold for us? What is about to take place on planet earth in the next several years of the Great Prophetic cycles that take us to 2012, 2013 and beyond in this 21st century?

The Holy Qur’an reveals in Surah 69, verse 17 that eight that day will bear thy Lord’s throne of power. We will note that it is exactly in the second lesson, Question and Answer 8 that mentions these types of destructions that are being amassed by the power of the Son of Man in bringing about a fateful end, the last of which is earthquakes. The climatic phenomenon that we are witnessing at the present time is also being caused by the Son of Man and the manipulation of the atmosphere surrounding our earth, destroying our ecosystems on earth.

Please note that this February Saviours’ Day ends on Sunday, February 28 when the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan will deliver perhaps the final global warning with a trumpet blast which is connected to the work of the angels and the god-scientists working with the Great Mahdi, the Messiah and exalted Christ, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad working among us. All has been prepared thousands of years in advance to our present time. Please note the coded message in the number 28–Lesson No. 2, Question and Answer 8, removing the zero from the eight leaves us the single number 8 referring to God’s Throne of Power, Surah 69, verse 17.

What does the present Hour hold for us? What is about to take place on planet earth in the next several years of the Great Prophetic cycles that take us to 2012, 2013 and beyond in this 21st century? Once again, look deeply at this date timeline, 2010. When separating the 20 from the 10 and then multiplying these two numbers together, we get 200 years or two centuries which may be extended to America as in the case of Jonah; as in the example of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan today, who is warning the modern Ninevites (America) who may yet choose to put on their sackcloth of mourning and repentance for their great, evil practices committed particularly towards the small group of captives, (Black ex-slaves) held in their midst who cannot discern their right hand from their left hand and were isolated from Divine Help until the Coming of a Saviour, Son of Man or God Himself.

The number 20 is a vigesimal counting system which could symbolize the 20 statements of our Actual Facts, which signifies a 20-year period of re-education that has already been prepared for some of the students in the classroom of God who may escape the tyrannical hand of the beast. The number ten is a decimal system which could represent our ten questions and answers of Student Enrollment and an Introduction to our Solar System of the sun and her nine planets. Adding the 20 and the 10 together equals 30, when prefixed by the number 19, the date is 1930, timeline to 2010.

Are we being examined on this assignment today in a uniquely different way than what our present thinking might conceive? Is the 13th Problem and its mathematical code, taken along with the 13 Paragraphs of our Supreme Wisdom teachings being given to us to answer today in a uniquely different manner than what our thoughts might conceive as we stand in the Final Judgment before Almighty God Allah?

“And We guided them on the right way. And We granted them among the later generations (the salutation), Peace be to Moses and Aaron! Thus do We reward the doers of good. Surely they were both of Our believing servants.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 37, verses 118-122

To be continued.