In a book I started, in 1969, concerning the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, I wrote:

“The greater the good one seeks to do the greater the trials one must endure. The more worthy the goal of the good one seeks to do, the greater the effort one must put forth to succeed in the doing of that good.”

I am among those who have studied Minister Farrakhan. Why? Why not learn of and from him.


Sometimes the wicked, or others who are not wicked by nature, indirectly help the truth bearer, but the people who are followers or would be followers of Minister Farrakhan must be patient.

In English, patient means “able to wait without becoming annoyed or anxious.” The origin of the word patient, in English, comes from a word in Latin verb pati that means, “suffering.”

Photo taken during the historic Million Man March on October 16, 1995. Photo: Jabril Muhammad

That word expresses a deeper meaning and is seen in the Holy Qur’an.

In Surah 2:45, 46 we read: “And seek assistance through patience and prayer, and this is hard except for the humble ones, Who know that they will meet their Lord and that to Him they will return.”

I included a photo, in my last article that I took while attending The Million Man March. I took that photograph in 1995. I went to the place where I knew the brothers would be to see the best place for me to take photographs. I thought I would come to that place early and then study the best place I would be able to take photographs of the brothers. There were so many of us, I was not able to take photographs from many spots, but from a few spots.

I was a photographer. One of the reasons, why a photographer takes pictures is to make a statement. At that time, I was not thinking of a statement that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to me, many years before, in Phoenix. I was thinking of the huge number of brothers, that I was a part of who were in attendance to see and hear Minister Farrakhan.

As I started to write my last article, his words that he spoke to me in 1971 came back to me strongly. We were walking into the kitchen. He told me that he knew the exact year when he would have ten-million followers. He did not tell me that year and I did not ask him.

I put that photo as part of my last article because when persons take a picture it serves a purpose. I have taken a few pictures to make statements and they are like my articles.

“Why don’t we see that number now? We have got more work to do. We all should be working feverishly to help him more. I am among those who are blessed to see and feel the reality of Minister Farrakhan’s words being formed, as we are alive, at this very moment. We should be helping to produce that number, or more–right now!

That ten-million is to come through Minister Farrakhan. I’m putting this in bold! Why? That is because that number is in the process of being formed–right now! That number is being produced right now. Even though I realize only a very few see this as a reality.

I am making another statement with this photo that I included with this article. This photo is a sign of many others to come that includes for example sisters and our Latino community and others. This is in the scriptures.

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Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan
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Do you think that the wicked don’t know of his words, past and present, first through the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and now through the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan? Don’t think that the wicked can’t think and plan! That’s insane! But at the end they would put up their greatest fight to win. But win what? Fire? That is what they are promised, in the scriptures.

Allah has more power. None can out think the Supreme Being! You have already lost before you have started. I repeat, the wicked cannot out think and out plan the Supreme Being. He won that battle before you were born! The wicked see themselves going down and they want to take as many of us as they can with them.

The reason I wrote what I did, with confidence, is because I heard what I heard from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s mouth. And later I came to see that aspects, of his work were to come through Minister Farrakhan.

That is why I write what I write, well or sick. I am with all of those who are with him, in his work, of the resurrection of the dead and all who help Minister Farrakhan on whatever level they are on.

In a book titled, This Is The One I wrote:

“The very nature of the mission of the Honorable Louis Farrakhan is such; the combustible elements that make up the problems of America–especially the core problem, which is the position and condition of 40-50 million Blacks–is such, that no one can forever avoid the impact of his presence, message and work. The nature of our collective circumstances is such that no one of us can escape the grand finale to which all of us (regardless of “color” or otherwise) are headed. Therefore, everyone ought to be very interested in understanding the mission of the Honorable Louis Farrakhan. This understanding must be pursued in terms of the root of his work and success.

“The Honorable Louis Farrakhan is in the core of that which is generating the rapid changes taking place throughout America and the earth. If this is true–and it is–it follows that to understand him, and the Powers that guide him, is to enter into the understanding of the true nature of his success. Deeper, to rightly perceive him and the Nation of Islam, is to grasp what is really taking place at this time in our lives. Such understanding clarifies the root reason the world is in turmoil, and points to the way out to a better day.

“Once we really behold the Powers ultimately determining the course of life on earth–and their relevance to Minister Farrakhan–we will then have no trouble recognizing the outcome of today’s events. It then became possible to comprehend what the real new world order will be, and look like, and what we must do to qualify to live in it.

“This comprehension, this increased grasp of reality, and the true forces–the Ultimate Intelligence–governing reality (in all of its manifestations) ought to inspire the kind of behavior that puts us in accord with God Almighty, Whose intelligence and Will is the root cause of the change of the worlds.”

More next issue, Allah willing.