Take A Ride on the ‘Real Talk Express’

(FinalCall.com) – When Raekwon’s “Only Built For Cuban Links II” tour featuring Queen YoNasDa hit Philadelphia on December 13, Jasiri X performed marking yet another achievement in the career of one of the leading conceptual lyricists in Hip Hop.

His latest offering titled “American History X” is now available, and it is burning up the iPods of digital downloaders across the country.


You may already be familiar with some of his work. In 2007, Jasiri X took the Hip Hop world by storm with “Free the Jena Six,” which became an anthem galvanizing the community in support of the youth unlawfully incarcerated in Jena, Louisiana. The song was named 2007 Hip-Hip Political Song of the Year by Hip-Hop Journalist Davey D and was listened to and downloaded over 500,000 times via the internet.

Continuing to follow the guidance of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan who asked artists to utilize the language of Hip Hop in a positive way to inform and educate, Jasiri X created another smash hit “Enough is Enough,” which dealt with Sean Bell who was gunned down by NYPD officers who fired 51 shots at the unarmed man who was to be married the next day.

Not one to relax after past accomplishments, 2009 gave us “This Week with Jasiri X,” in which he consistently delivers thoughtful commentary on the current events of the previous week.

Some of his recent topics include:

“Silent Night: Do Rappers Watch the News?” in which he asks the question, “With so much going on all over the world, how come nobody’s rappin’ about it?”

“Beware Young Girl” explores the disturbing trend of increased violence towards women and “Afghanistan (Her Story)” deals with the misinformation surrounding America’s role in the current condition of Afghanistan.

Showing the power of the internet, Jasiri X’s YouTube video, “Dear Debra-A Letter to BET” generated so much buzz that Debra Lee, CEO of BET Holdings commented about it on her Twitter page.

“American History X” features guest appearances by legendary West Coast lyricist Plant Asia, international MC, Brooklyn’s Chen Lo, plus rising stars Living Proofe and Idasa Tariq and an all-star cast of international producers including Canada’s Religion, Germany’s Track Phoenz, and Pittsburgh’s Legendary producer Black Czer. Also behind the boards are future giants of the culture, King Sym, 17-year-old prodigy Kai Roberts and acclaimed underground producer Omar Abdul. The project is overseen by highly respected Hip Hop pioneer Paradise the Arkitech, veteran producer of 9 Hip Hop albums including X-Clan’s verified classic “To the East, Blackwards.”

Also, in his role as president of LYRICS Inc. (Leading Young Rappers in Career Success), Jasiri X is successfully speaking the language of the people, and reaching them, using modern technology.

By the way, showing that it is not just about the money, Jasiri X has made all 14 tracks of “American History X” available to be LEGALLY downloaded FOR FREE!

(Go to http://www.realtalkxpress.com right now so you can see and hear what you’ve been missing. You can also follow him on Twitter at http://twitter.com/jasirix.)