“O My servants, there is no fear for you this day, nor will you grieve–Those who believed in Our messages and submitted (to Us). Enter the Garden, you and your wives, being made happy. Sent round to them are golden bowls and drinking-cups, and therein is that which (their) souls yearn for and the eyes delight in, and therein you will abide.”
—Holy Qur’an, Surah 43, verses 68-71

(An apology to Sister Mavis Muhammad from Gainesville, Florida: It was not her father but her grandfather who passed through his surgical procedure very successfully. She thanks all of you for your prayers and positive thoughts.)

As we approach the end of the calendar year, 2009, we are reminded of the difficult passage that the world’s peoples and nations are experiencing on an ever-increasing global level of economic and political decline. What does the year, 2010, hold for our common humanity? In a recent dream that I had of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan during the week that concluded with the transition of Brother Saleem Muhammad in Phoenix, Arizona, may Allah be pleased with him, I viewed the Minister giving notice to us twice through the symbol of a measuring device that was gliding through a thin sheet of water with his words that he was to leave us soon. Then, suddenly, he fell backwards into a clear pool of water that was extremely transparent. He appeared as though he was not breathing but he was not struggling and had a pleasant expression on his face. I saw an object in his hand that slipped away into the water and he began to be revived, and came back to life.


As we continue the following two abridged testimonies on the power of God’s divine mind, we will note that water plays a significant role to the brain giving consciousness to the mind, which reflects through this medium of water, our collective journey through life. Dr. Darnita Muhammad, from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, writes some of her testimony:

In this first brief writing on my reflections on this Expedition into “the Mind of God”(because it would take maybe a book to fully explain), I thought of a few words fromThe Honorable Minister Farrakhan on page 40 of Study Guide #19, “The Knowledge of God,”he says:“We are not born into the Brain of God. We are born into the Mind of God. Mind is not brain and brain is not mind. Brain is the source of mind. Brain is the root of mind. Brain is a transmitter and a receiver. Ifit receives right, it will transmit right. What you see out here is not the Brain of God. You are born into God’s Mind. Everything you see came out of His Mind, therefore, if you feed on His Mind, you can grow into His Mind.”

I will begin these reflections at the Canon de Sumidero. It was on the 19th of September that we made our travel to this awesome place and witness of God’s creation. We entered into the canyon on a motorized boat that was riding the waters of the river Grijalva. The entrance into the canyon was absolutely majestic as it was formed by an enclosure of giant mountainous rock that came up on both sides. As we rode on a motorized boat on the river Grijalva, I noted the space between the walls of rock was an intensely winding crevice, like the sulci and winding cerebrum of brain matter,and like the brain we were practically bathed in water. I reflected on my studies in human embryology (the first three months of life growing in the womb of a woman surrounded by water), and recalled that the brain begins to form on day number 19; and even at this microscopic stage of development, if the brain receives and transmits right, it can begin our growth into God’s Mind.

I conclude theseintroductory remarks on my reflections by stating that what we have been given and taught by the Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad is at the root of all these experiences and our knowledge of God and self.

Reflections by Sis. Asheen Muhammad, Miami Beach, Florida

“What we are witnessing through the establishment of Project Mxodus are educational tours and Research Expeditions into cosmic consciousness. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has been chosen to be the one to herald in a whole New World Civilization along with his Divine Reminder and Helper, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

One assignment given to Mother Tynnetta by her husband, while living in Mexico, was to arrange to meet with the Mexican Government and find out how to set up a school. I understood this to imply an educational system, a new thought, a new idea, something very different from what we are accustomed to; this is what Project Mxodus represents.

As we travel in our “University on Wheels” throughout the country of Mexico, we are experiencing the healing effect of nature and the beauty of Paradise of which our people are the guardians.

I thank Allah so much for allowing us through Mother Tynnetta’s invitation to create friendships with some of the grassroot organizers in Mexico, who are forging the way forward and sacrificing to restore the identity of the Afro-Mexican people. In a meeting with some of their representatives in Costa Chica, we responded to their request for assistance. The Mxodus Team presented an agenda of ideas of how we could help in community development based on the model of the Nine Ministries presented to us by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

We were blessed to once again meet with and share the experience of the Lacandon Rain Forest with our indigenous brothers and sisters. We followed a trail approximately one hour’s walk until we arrived at one of the most magnificently awesome waterfalls in Mexico. Mother had us to sit quietly and meditate for awhile before heading back.

We were blessed to have two very special guests at our dinner table on the last two nights in Palenque, Chiapas, Victor Dumas, who is a Scientist and a Seer, and Hunbatz Men who is a Mayan elder, a Shaman, and a Scholar. The name Hunbatz means, teach and learn. He thanked us for being in the land of the Mayas and reminded us that this is not the first time we have been together. He brought with him a very Ancient Tibetan Crystal Skull from the Himalayas, which was sent to him as a gift and was used in the ceremony.

The Crystal Skull ceremony is a profoundly spiritual event. Hunbatz Men connected us with our ancestors who had been in that same place in the past and reminded us of the high science they used. He taught that we must use the Name “Allah” as a mantra of resonating sound and vibrating energy. He declared us one people and told us we were leaving the third dimension and going into the fourth dimensional time.”

“And this is the Gardens, which you are made to inherit on account of what you did. For you therein is abundant fruit to eat thereof.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 43, verses 72-73