I’m ending this today, Friday, November 27, 2009 and starting the next one in the middle of this one. I started a series of articles containing, these two words: “He’s Alive” Volume 28 Numbers 44 through Volume 29 Number 10.

That series started, in a seminal state, when I awoke in a hospital February 25, 2007. I was hospitalized on the 18th of that month. You can read everything that pertains to this at www.cuttingedgeknowledge.org. Whoever reads this article can study my witness that started when the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan rose up. That was and is my purpose for writing.

That’s my conviction, mainly that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is very much alive and that Minister Farrakhan is going to meet him–alive! There is no other way they’re going to meet each other. That’s my conviction. I’ve tried to make my convictions plain, but not in an ugly manner. I’m in the process of making my conviction 100 percent clearer.


Minister Farrakhan announced to the world that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is alive. You will see Minister Farrakhan if you are alive when he returns from that glorious meeting!

In my previous article I end with:

“Then they had the rights of spring so their woman would put on gaily colored dresses with flowers in their hair saying ‘that as the earth has sprung alive, we too are alive sexually and we are ready–if you will–for the purpose of mating.’ And then during that time wild orgies and whatnot would take place among the Babylonians and among the pagan Romans.

“So, when they became Christians all they did was adapt a pagan holiday to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. So, today you are fashion models at Easter time. You have to buy a new dress and a new suit that has nothing to do with the resurrection of Jesus Christ, unless you really understand what this is all about.

“You don’t profit from Easter at all. The merchants profit because they sell you new hats, new gloves, new shoes, new suits, new everything but you are the same old Negro under all that new stuff that you just bought in debt more than you were before Easter so you need to rise up again from the depth of debt and oppression of debt. This is terrible.

“Every year Easter is different. It comes at a different time because it’s not based on a particular date. It’s based on a particular relationship of the planet. Are we clear here?

“So, Jesus was supposed to have been murdered on a Good Friday, in the evening of Good Friday. And he was raised from the dead Sunday morning, which of course, doesn’t give you three days.

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“From Friday evening to Saturday evening to Sunday morning is not even 48 hours. So, something is off somewhere. And when you really plumb the depth of it, you find that this Easter egg and the bunny rabbit theory. I saw someone as I was driving yesterday out in a big bunny rabbit suit with colorful Easter eggs.

“You know bunnies don’t lay eggs but it’s telling you of a time because the rabbit is one of the fastest producing animals. Is that right? So, it represents fertility. The egg represents new life. See, so it all is going back to old pagan rituals, you see.

“But yet in it there is meaning if you know how to extract it and put it together properly so you don’t get caught up in the old pagan worship as you are trying to understand the glorious resurrection of Jesus Christ and his great victory over death.

“Now, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad didn’t tell us or teach us that we could look forward to this kind of resurrection that the mommy and the daddy and the uncle and the grandma and the grandpa that we buried–five, ten, fifteen, twenty, sixty, eighty, a hundred years ago–that we would see them again on the resurrection day.

“I think that we need to wake up. When this body of ours is returned to the earth and the earth takes this body back, there is nothing left for you to rise from. And if all of the billions of human beings that have died on this earth heard a trumpet and came forth, the whole earth would come forth and then maybe I would be a little angry because the earth that is part of you may have been part of somebody else that lived 200 years before you.

“So, now you all (are) arguing over what part of the earth that you should rise up in. There’s not enough earth to accommodate every human being rising up out of an earth that is 57, 255,000 square miles of earth.”

Now, I’m writing the following event that especially produced the book “Closing The Gap.” I had a vision that produced this book. You can read the other events that produced that event in context, at some other time. Others helped me. Read page 326 to see what especially produced that book.

In 2006 I asked: Dear Brother Minister, to reiterate, I don’t remember the exact date when you and your party were in Cuba when I had an experience that I have mentioned to you twice. It seemed like it was very short. I woke up in it. It was maybe 5:30 a.m. when I woke up when I knew I had just seen the Honorable Elijah Muhammad as clear as day. In the scene he was more to my left. I saw you. You were somewhat less clear and a little below the middle of the scene and somewhat towards the right. Almost simultaneously I heard what seemed to me to be a contingent, I wouldn’t say troops, but a small contingent or body of troops coming from over towards the upper right. That’s where their sound came from. Then the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to me, “They are coming for me in him.” Immediately, I knew he was referring to you. I woke up and the scene was still there. I thought to call you, but I said no that would be very improper. Moreover, I probably couldn’t reach him anyway. But it had an impact on me and then of course, when I got a chance I shared it with you.

Now, Brother Minister, I would like for you to tell me what you think about that experience.

Minister Farrakhan: First, it’s a very profound experience that answers many questions for me personally and probably for others as well.

I would like to start by going back to the time when I was with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and he said to me, “Brother, I want your mind. I want you to line your mind up with my mind so that there will be one mind.” If that is not the perfect recall of his words, it’s 99 and nine-tenths percent correct.

Then later on he said to me, “Brother, I’m going away. I’m going away to study. I’ll be gone for approximately three years. Don’t change the teachings while I’m gone. And if you are faithful, when I return, I will reveal the new teaching through you.”


That event produced “Closing The Gap.” Of course, lesser events happened, but that specifically produced it.

I was so very happy to see the Believers a few weeks ago in Memphis for the Holy Day of Atonement. Now, Saturday, November 28th, I want to see my Brother (Minister Farrakhan) and study him.

More next issue, Allah Willing.