CHICAGO | Mosque Maryam ( – The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered Part II of the historic lecture series titled “The Time and What Must Be Done” from the Nation of Islam’s national headquarters, Mosque Maryam on Nov.29.

“Those who know the time know that God has chosen you to be the cornerstone of His new world order, and He’s calling you to come out of this so He can make us into a nation for His glory. The government already knows that your time to be a slave in America is over! And they know the visitation of God, as it was prophesied,” said Min. Farrakhan.

Minister Farrakhan entered the sanctuary to chants of “Long Live Muhammad!” After the rousing standing ovation, and introduction by his assistant Ishmael R. Muhammad, the Minister said his desire was to place the revelation given through the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, before the world to weigh and judge.


It was the second portion of a special weekend event which included a turkey giveaway at Nation of Islam mosques across the country and a special presentation by his long-time friend A. Akbar Muhammad, who showed some of the gifts the Minister received over the years during his world travels to diverse global locations such as Burkina Faso in West Africa, the Republic of Dagestan in the North Caucasus region and Syria, where Bilal the first muezzin (or caller to prayer) in Islam is buried. Most recently, the men returned from a trip to Libya.

Minister Farrakhan began his comments by referring to the students of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad such as the late Imam W. Deen Mohammed, Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, and himself, as demonstrating the wisdom and guidance of the teacher in a world that tries to exalt the students and ignore their wise teacher.

“I cannot accept or take any credit for what I do; for what I do, I do in his (Elijah Muhammad’s) name and I could not do anything of value without him. It is his guidance that I function from,” he added.

The Minister acknowledged that Christians believe Jesus was the last great one, and Muslims believe that Muhammad (PBUH) is the seal of the prophets, so neither are open to accepting anyone claiming to be a messenger of God, however, the Minister made it clear “the guiding light” of the Nation of Islam’s understanding of the scriptures and world events is the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, who said Blacks and Whites are living at the time of the judgment of this present world. And the Minister used the prophetic words of scripture for proof.

“This Qur’an tells us that God would send a messenger to a people to whom no warner had come from Him before. There is no record that we know of, that Allah has raised a man from America to guide and warn the Americans who have earned the displeasure of God,” said the Minister. “God’s pattern does not change. Whenever he raises a messenger or a warner, he raises that man from among the abject, from among the forsaken, the despised, the rejected, the oppressed, the enslaved because it is always God’s desire to humble the proud and the mighty by taking one from under their foot, and giving him the key to either save the ruler from his arrogance and wickedness and raise a people that have been made abject, or by means of that guidance, justify the destruction of that people, that king, that ruler or that nation.”

“Elijah Muhammad said that he met with God. I was not there, but I believe because I never heard any Black man stand in America and challenge the government of America, the White people of America and warn them of their inevitable destruction while at the same time raising Black men and women from a terrible condition that White America had placed us in.”

How we act by the time, the Minister said, will determine whether we suffer loss or gain.

“America has run out of time,” he said.

Influence of evil waning

Going back to Part I of his lecture series on Nov. 15, he reiterated that time is the measurement between two events. Referring to Sura 103 titled Al-Asr, in the Holy Qur’an, the book of scripture of Muslims, the Minister said this refers to the setting of the sun on the power of the Western world and its rulers.

The Adamic people, or White race has been given power, authority and influence over most of the planet, however, their rule has not been a rule that God would be pleased with even though he permitted it, the Minister said. The White race was also given an extension of time to rule, to allow time for Black people to rise and do something for themselves, and to allow White people to repent for their evil.

“This is not God’s way that we are living. You are of the righteous but you are not living a righteous life,” said Min. Farrakhan. “It’s not because we don’t want to, it’s because we live in a society where evil is so pervasive. It is so effective that it is pulling us into behavior that we ourselves are shocked at what we do.”

“It is the time of the setting of the sun on the Western world, the setting of the sun on White supremacy, the setting of the sun on colonialism in all its forms, the setting of the sun on sexism, the setting of the sun on racism.”

“Your rise into the knowledge and power of your own nature will negate his power to deceive! So he won’t exist when you rise into Islam!”

Manipulation of world affairs

“What we are living in is the time of God and He is interfering with Satan and Satan’s world and (Satan) won’t be able to keep doing the things that he’s been doing successfully,” he said. This also represents the end of servitude slavery to White people and America, however, many are still tricked by the “master deceiver.”

“When people rule with tricks and lies, once you understand the truth and (are) wise enough to spot the lie and see the trick, then the liar and the trickster’s days are over,” he said.

Minister Farrakhan said separation of the righteous from the wicked is the solution. “There is nothing in either (Bible or Holy Qur’an) that teaches integration of the righteous with the wicked.”

Minister Farrakhan described world events like a game of chessboard, but instead of focusing on the pieces on the board, focus on the hands that are moving the pieces, he warned.

Pointing to the growing quagmire in Afghanistan, the continued conflicts across the globe, war profiteers financing both sides while at the same time being awarded contracts for arms sales, the Minister said a mountain of debt has been created for the American people. In fact, according to statistics he cited from Nov. 24, the debt currently stands at $12,016,320,934,466.71. Adding Social Security and Medicare, America is over $60 trillion in debt.

From the book “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” by John Perkins, the Minister quoted the author describing how smaller countries are kept in a “web of debt that insures their loyalty” to global paymasters, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

Companies such as Lehman Brothers, AIG, Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, were all part of a scheme hatched by groups such as the Tri-Lateral Commission, the Council of Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg Group, along with the freemasons, the Minister said. And, as a historical reference, the formation of the Federal Reserve Bank through the Federal Reserve Act after the meeting of powerful banking families on Jekyll Island is part of a continued evolution towards a global plan of domination with the desire to set up a world government ruled by Satan, using elites with Satanic minds to govern.

“It’s the work of Satan (and) dumb devils participated,” he said.

Min. Farrakhan also raised questions regarding Pres. Obama’s upcoming decision on the future course of action in Afghanistan. Min. Farrakhan raised the question of whether Pres. Obama was relying on information from his advisors and intelligence that is already “skewed” as was the case in which Colin Powell was unwittingly duped into delivering the case to the world accusing Iraq and Saddam Hussein of having weapons of mass destruction which later proved to be untrue.

In a final exhortation, Min. Farrakhan challenged the Black man and woman to stand up and reclaim their rightful place of rulership.

“You are the real king of this earth. You are the natural ruler, you are the ancient builders of civilization, who have been hit in the head and put in a cage. The cage that is holding us is our ignorance,” said Min. Farrakhan.

Using a marvelous metaphor and that which is written in the Nation of Islam’s Problem Book, Minister Farrakhan compared Black men to lions who have become passive and lazy by always waiting for the lion tamer to feed them.

“The more he takes meat from the lion keeper, the more it weakens his resolve to be the hunter that nature made him. So every time you allow somebody to do for you, what you could get up and do for yourself, then it destroys in you the desire to do for yourself.”

“There is a lion asleep in Judah; who will wake him?” Min. Farrakhan asked.

If we knew our nature, he said, the whole earth would respond “and nobody messes with a lion when the lion is awake and out of the cage.”

In his analysis of the Minister’s words, Nuri Muhammad, student minister from Muhammad Mosque No. 74 who traveled from Indianapolis to be present in Chicago said, “In my mind, all I could see was Black people have to run toward resurrection much faster than our enemies have been running toward the door of repentance and as it stands now, we’re moving about at the same pace. We’re not running as fast as we should to the resurrection and they’re not running as fast as they should to repent. So both of us will suffer a loss by the time unless we run to that.”

Harvey mayor Eric Kellogg called Min. Farrakhan’s words “scholarly, insightful and motivational.”

“The time is ripe, and the time is now for individuals to receive the expert knowledge and wisdom, that Minister Farrakhan spoke about today. Ministers, educators, parents, need to hear his message.”

“I felt a lot of what he said was right on target,” said Elijah Muhammad III, project manager for the Honorable Elijah Muhammad Commemorative Center. “Very powerful, insightful and there was a lot of wisdom in what he said.”

Alif Muhammad, president of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad Commemorative Center agreed and added, “The Hon. Elijah Muhammad laid the groundwork to deal with the ills that are affecting our community today. All we have to do is look at the program that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad used to clean up the Black man during the ‘30s and the ‘40s and the ‘50s and the ‘60s and we can apply those things today to help ease the suffering of our people today.”

“The press right now is showing our community in disarray; we are acting like savages in the street, killing each other, shooting, beating people to death, it is appalling to civilized people to see how we are behaving. But the duty of the civilized man is to educate the uncivilized and that is what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us and that is what we have to do. We have to take on that responsibility ourselves and do that, not sit back and allow the uncivilized to take us all down into hell,” Alif Muhammad said.

Akbar Muhammad, a world traveler who has been to 139 countries during his work as international representative of the Nation of Islam, said it is important for the people to know the type of respect and honor Minister Farrakhan receives from prominent leaders within the Muslim world. Regarding the Minister’s message, Akbar Muhammad called it a “clear warning” to those involved in “diabolical schemes” to prevent our rise.

“I love the way that he praised and said he loved President Obama, but can Barak make a difference now with the kind of forces that are around him?” asked Akbar Muhammad. “I love the fact that he brought out that many of our people don’t know that this war in Afghanistan–that’s now moving over into Pakistan–is about oil, drugs in that part of the world and who is going to control (it) and from the top down, those few that want to control want to make the masses suffer. His spirit in his closing was superb. It had to touch everybody in the world who was watching him across America,” he added.

Nare Makhan, a Chicago resident who had just returned from Florida early Sunday morning said, “There was so much information that was so empowering.” “It was overwhelming. It’s touching in a way. I’ve never owned a Qu’ran, but now I just bought me a Qu’ran and I am going to study it. I just bought everything to catch up as far as what I think is necessary for me to move forward now in life. It’s a serious hour.”

(Starla Muhammad contributed to this report.)