“Call to the way of thy Lord with wisdom and goodly exhortation, and argue with them in the best manner … “ (Holy Quran16:125)

“ … argue not with the People of the Book except by what is best … “ (Holy Qur’an 29:46)

I’m in the process of ending my articles containing the words “He’s Alive.” I’m referring to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the fact that he is very much alive. I was referring to the fact that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is not insane or that he’s not taking advantage of the people’s ignorance, when he states that his teacher is very much alive.


Minister Farrakhan is referring to how his teacher, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, escaped a death plot, by the power of Allah, in the person of Master Fard Muhammad.

I started that series of articles that contains the words, “He’s Alive,” in Volume 28, Number 44. I’m not referring to the specific event that sparked those articles. That takes too much time and space. I ended my last article with these words:

“He is the spokesman for God and His Christ to Black people in America, to the Indians, to White people, to Mexicans … to the nations.

“He is way beyond Aaron who helped Moses! I have more to say on this.”

Of course the “He” I was referring to is the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. The word “spokesman” means, according to a very simple dictionary, “a person, especially, a man, who makes statements on behalf of another individual or a group.”

That word, “spokesman,” in a few other dictionaries means more. But I’ll get to that in other articles, Allah willing. I’ll explain later.

In my article Volume 27 Number 5, I wrote:

“On the night of February the 18th, 2007, my mother, Dr. Patina Muhammad and Brother Kenny Muhammad and I were to board a train headed for Detroit, Michigan (For Saviours Day 2007). Instead, that night I was not on a train, but in a hospital unconscious early that day.

“Five days later, when I opened my eyes, in my hospital room and in my bed, Allah blessed me to awake on the 25th of February. I saw my son, Elijah, Brother Cedric and Brother Charles. I smiled. My first words were, “Where am I?” They answered. Then I asked, “How many days have I been there?” They told me, “Five days.” Then I said, “Well, I guess I’m not in Detroit.” We all laughed. I then asked them, “Is there any way I can see the Minister’s Saviours’ Day Address.” They told me Yes. I was satisfied.

“The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered a powerful speech titled ‘One Nation Under God’ on the 25th of that month.

“Brother Cedric wrote me this some months later, in 2007, in response to a question I put to him, regarding Saviours Day 2007, on the telephone, for an article, for this newspaper. Here is his response, ‘Here is some of my recollection of watching Saviours’ Day with you Brother Jabril, February 2007, ‘Your actual words, to the best of my recollection, of course you additionally used body language and your hands to communicate with us that day.

‘You told us that the Minister ‘was designed perfectly’ to do what he does.’”


Now, several years ago, I wrote, “This Is The One.” That came out in 1970. The last edition came out in 1996. On page 137, Chapter Ten titled, “Again: This The One” reads:

“Loved intensely by a growing minority, hated fiercely by a decreasing majority, understood by some, misjudged by most, he is the type of man who evokes the greatest interest and stirs the deepest emotions. What he says and does forces men to think, to move, to take a stand. He is a man about whom none can be neutral.

“At present, most people know of him through America’s mass media. On the whole, he has been so grotesquely presented to the public by the media, that often there is little resemblance between the real man and what has been spoken and written about him. Despite this, the impact of his presence and work is felt in every home in America. The effect of his being has gone around the globe. Never has it been so vital for so many to get acquainted with one man, as it is today … and the hour grows late.

“We are in a unique situation. The wise know it. The rest feel it. The wise know the whys. The rest guess. We are on the threshold of a brand new world and on the brink of a catastrophic holocaust. The events of today bring to mind words written long ago in the Bible. Hundreds of centuries ago it was written that “there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time . . .” Daniel 12:1. You, your family, your friends, your enemies and I live in that time of trouble at this very moment.

“Everyone does not see the problems of this unique situation in the same way. Widespread is the disagreement over how to deal with the current crises. Everybody is acting and reacting according to what they are and how they see. Nevertheless, everyone has an interest in what is going on and the outcome.

Some look at this world in the light of the Scriptures. Most don’t. They go by their “secular” education and their experience, and regard as irrelevant the prophetic words of the scriptures. Still others go by superstitions, fears, little knowledge, and what they call “common sense.” In any case, most can agree that we live in the most dangerous time in the history of life on this planet.

Closing The Gap by Jabril Muhammad
Inner Views of the Heart, Mind & Sprit
of the

Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan
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“With these words the first chapter of this book opened a little over twenty years ago. I wrote them in 1968. A few months earlier, in October 1967, this book was born, in a sense, and in part, as a consequence of a conversation between the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and myself. These words were written with reference to him. A few years later, those words were published as part of the first nine chapters of this book, when it went to press in December 1970.

“Many years later, with but few modifications, these same words apply to the Honorable Louis Farrakhan. It is the implications of this application that this chapter is about.

This is why I’ve named this chapter, which is a book in itself “Again: This Is The One.”

On page 138 I wrote: “A recent event that demonstrates that those words fit Minister Farrakhan occurred on the 18th of October, 1992 when nearly 60,000 people went to the Georgia Dome, in Atlanta, Georgia. They went to see this Black man with $10.00 each to help defray the expenses involved. They did not go to hear a man sing a song. They did not go to watch a man dance a dance. They did not go to be entertained, in the usual sense of that word. Instead, they went with the intention of listening to a Black man speak to the heart of their concerns.

“Another factor which gives an idea of the magnitude of this event–and of the significance of this Black man–is the fact that the opening game of the World Series took place, about the same time the Honorable Louis Farrakhan delivered his address; which celebrated the birth and work of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Moreover, more people went to hear him speak than were in attendance at the ball game!

“This event is all the more remarkable, when one reflects over the fact that since 1984, the Honorable Louis Farrakhan, has been the subject of the most intense slander campaign that any Black man in America–possibly anytime, anywhere–has ever experienced. (His teacher would be the only exception to this.) He did not wilt; fade away; run away or otherwise evaporate. He became stronger; and bolder in every respect; and grew more powerful!”

More next issue, Allah Willing.