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“And certainly We have made the Word to have many connections for their sake, so that they may be mindful. Those to whom We gave the Book before it, they are believers in it. And when it is recited to them they say: We believe in it; surely it is the Truth from our Lord; we were indeed before this submitting ones.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 28, verses 51-53

As we continue our testimonials on the recent MXODUS Research Expedition into the Mind of God that took place in Mexico, September 14 through September 23, we continue with some of those reflections by individual participants. We are going to read part two of Sister Julia Muhammad’s reflections in the following words:



Group photo of 16-member delegation of MXODUS Team outside of the Library in Caujinicuilapa, Costa Chica.

I learned on this expedition that the whole world has been truly deceived. To see people with our features and color, denying their connections to Africa/Egypt further showed the need for the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Minister Louis Farrakhan to be given to the whole world. I was very happy to see the books we gave and I was very glad to hear we will be continuing contact with seminars, exchange programs, etc. I would like to see us ask them to also teach us some of their culture and how they live without all the clutter that we have.

Nadia was so beautiful inside and out and I felt her urgency in wanting her people to know the truth. In my city in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, we have a large population of Hispanics who do not want to have anything to do with Blacks. I hope that we have some of the exchange people come to this country and tell their story. It may help us to reach our Hispanic Brothers and Sisters.

Sister Tynnetta mentioned she wanted to get MXODUS involved in other exports such as cocoa. I saw how Allah sends the people in her path with answers. Allah guided her to this particular family home on the outskirts of Chiapa de Corzo, Chiapas, who had cocoa beans in a pan and made us a fresh drink by grinding the beans. Allah was still guiding her when we changed buses as we were driving back to our Mercedes bus. We stopped at a rest stop at a rural store and a man came out with maps and locations of where the cocoa beans were grown. Whatever Mother Tynnetta asks for, Allah divinely guides her to it.

Inside of the library as Mother Tynnetta and delegation presents over 200 books to the people of Caujinicuilapa, Costa Chica.


The walk through the rainforest was amazing. First of all, I didn’t bring walking shoes because Sister Darnita said we would not be doing the walk, but Mother is moved by Allah’s Spirit so, of course, we went. It was much harder than last year, but with the help of Brothers Hakeem, Jamal, and Steven, I made it. I want to thank them for their help. I want to make a promise for the next time, if Allah wills, I go on that expedition I will not need so much help. I thank Mother for the experience of accomplishment and for knowing with Allah’s backing, you can do anything. I remember the butterfly that landed on my palm for at least five minutes as we walked through the forest. It made me feel happy.


Photo of the librarian reviewing the books along with a member of the Afro-Mezstizo Association in Caujinicuilapa, Costa Chica. Photos: Hakeem Khaaliq

The report given by Brother Hakeem and Brother Steven was enlightening and the experience of actually meeting and talking to Dr. Humbatz Men and hear the Messenger’s Teachings in a universal way was awesome. In his words, I have always been a believer. From this day forward, I will be a Knower. I will apply myself to the study of the Universe. I have always been aware of Natural healing, Rekhi, crystals, star people, etc. I am going to pray, study, and stay involved and find ways to get this message of universal knowledge to those in my community. I volunteered to put together a newsletter. I look forward to getting that started. Thank you, Mother Tynnetta. May Allah continue to bless you with wisdom. As-Salaam Alaikum. Sis. Julia Muhammad, Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

“These will be granted their reward twice, because they are steadfast, and they repel evil with good and spend out of what We have given them. And when they hear idle talk, they turn aside from it and say: For us are our deeds and for you your deeds. Peace be unto you! We desire not the ignorant. Surely thou canst not guide whom thou lovest, but Allah guides whom He pleases; and He knows best those who walk aright.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 28, verses 54-56

To be continued.