The value of Minister Farrakhan

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. I, Allah, am the Best Knower. The revelation of the Book, there is no doubt in it, is from the Lord of the worlds. Or do they say: He has forged it? Nay, it is the Truth from thy Lord that thou mayest warn a people to whom no warner has come before thee that they may walk aright. (Holy Qur’an 32:1-3)

Many have studied and written, of the value of knowing history, for others. Many have done this in connection with their knowledge or their beliefs concerning the end of this world.


There is a specific group or kind of people who have warned of a day–a specific day–when God will punish those who reject His truths and His warnings. There are many intelligent people, all over the world, who see that the end of this world is all but upon us. But they are confused in various ways. This day is not to come, but we are in it, right now.

Increasingly, people are coming to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad through the call of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, the world over. This implies much!

I’m aware that many who may read this article, may say or think, you know or read that before. You may think that, “I don’t need to read this because I already know this.” But, to make it very, very simple, the plain facts is that none of us have ever lived at the end of the world.

Therefore, we should be careful about our attitudes about everything we think we know. We must come to the truth of what is presented that forms our thoughts. The increasing number of actual facts, happening daily, is reducing that attitude. We are at the end of this world and the eternal world is coming in.

Minister Farrakhan is a premiere student. I am among the people, who are followers, of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad through Minister Farrakhan, who can bear witness of this fact.

Back in 1964, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad made a specific pronouncement in the Muhammad Speaks newspaper. What led to that “pronouncement?” Pronouncement, in this context, means to formally declare something.

I’ve been repeating some words from time to time here because it can help the readers understand the depth of the subject.

I’ve written in The Final Call newspaper Vol. 11-20, August 24, 1992.

“God told the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, in 1964, that He was going to bring down the fullness of His wrath within 18-24 months of that time. He had no choice but to publish what he was told. However, he begged Allah, in prayer, for more time. Allah gave it to him. And out of that we have the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan today! If that had not happened, where would we be?

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Those words “if that had not happened, where would we be?” I wrote those words some years ago. But, I thought on this many years before that. I am among the people who are still alive who lived through that period and was somewhat close to it. I intend to make a short comment on this, next article, Allah willing.

“I am among the grateful for the great sacrifices the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan have made for the future of our poor people.”

Again, why am I putting this in this article? What is the value of this? To me, the value of this helps us see the value of Minister Farrakhan somewhat deeper.

Before I continue, I’m repeating some words that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan shared with me, many years ago. I’m placing those words right here, because these words fit a major purpose for my writing these articles ever since I started writing.

I’ve written these words publicly: “The Honorable Elijah Muhammad had already said to Minister Farrakhan, ‘Brother, you are more valuable to me than a truckload of diamonds and gold.’ At another time he said, ‘Brother, you are more valuable to me than a thousand airplanes with a thousand head of sheep on every plane.’

“Now, right after the Minister made a significant speech in Atlanta, Georgia, in September of 1970, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to Minister Farrakhan, ‘Brother, you are more valuable to me than all the wealth that is in the earth, because the wealth of the earth I met when I came here and I shall leave it when I’m gone. But through you, I will get all my people.’ ”

“All” means what?

As we end this article, think on this: None of us have lived through a period of time, like this one! We’ve heard from all kinds of people. It’s also the start of the eternal world, which is next that has already begun. But this is real!

More next issue, Allah willing.