Linked to the Pleiades Star System

The Star System of the Pleiades (Seven Sisters) with her Central Star or Sun Alcyone. Photo: courtesy of NASA

“And He it is Who created the heavens and the earth in six periods; and His Throne of Power is ever on water that He might manifest (the good qualities in) you, whoever of you is best in deeds. And if thou sayest, You shall surely be raised up after death, those who disbelieve say: This is nothing but clear deceit.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 11, verse 7

When the Honorable Elijah Muhammad shared with some of his companions that our histories are written in the stars, and that everything about us is written in a book, I have pondered over many long years of study and research trying to tap into some of its profound meaning. Traveling with the Wise Man, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his Master Teacher, W. Fard Muhammad, is by far no easy journey or undertaking. Such a journey takes an entire lifetime carrying us into renewed realities about ourselves and the universal order of things. The investigation of Truth is a challenging course that literally exhausts and depletes one’s physical stamina as we pass through the portal of interdimensional changes that continue from this life into the life of the Hereafter.

Great Pyramid of Egypt, the ascending passageway points to the Pleiades.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that the monuments and structures made by our forefathers in Ancient Egypt were built in alignment with the stars. He particularly pointed to the Great Pyramid in the Gizeh Plateau in Egypt as a study of this advanced science. Upon another occasion, he pointed to the location of the cubicle house of the Kaabah in the Holy City of Mecca as being also built in alignment to a particular vault of the heavens as the starting point of the original location of the beginning of life on our planet. With these expanding consciousness teachings, I began my studies to further understand more of its meaning.

After traveling to many places on our planet throughout the last 34 years, I have discovered that all ancient, Indigenous cultures and societies, have this belief system of their origin in the stars. The rituals and ceremonies that they practice contain the keys to remembering their past as handed down by their ancestors. Most of these traditions point to their origin in the stars. I have discovered in these investigations that the most commonly noted star systems they refer to are those of The Pleiades, located in the Bull Constellation and are commonly known as the Seven Sisters. Her central star or sun is Alcyone. Another prominent star system points to the Dog Star Sirius located in Canis Major or the Dog Constellation. It is the Dogan Tribe in Central Africa and Mali that had started the secret knowledge of their connection to this famous star with ancient roots in Egypt.

While visiting Siberia in the company of Jose and Lloydine Arguelles (The 13th Moon Calendar Peace Movement) in the late 1990s, we visited the famous Russian Academy of Science and met with one of their scientists who was anxious to point out to us the ancient configuration of the stars in the past that were aligned to the Kaabah in the Holy City of Mecca. We will note that the number seven emerges predominantly in all these ancient cultures and is expressed in their ceremonies in reaching higher states of spiritual consciousness. The ritual of Hajj particularly connects to the number seven in the number of times the pilgrim circumambulates around the Kaabah. The number seven is repeated in the pilgrim’s running between the two hills; and the number seven is connected to the number of stones that are cast at the pillar representing Satan.

The Kaabah points to the original Vault of the heavens where the knowledge of the Original Man first started.

In the world of science there are seven known colors in the rainbow; seven musical notations and seven shells contained in the atom itself in describing the movement of its electrons from one shelf to the other. In the oft-repeated verses of the Muslim prayer entitled, Al-Fatihah: The Opening or Mistah (The Key), there are seven oft-repeated verses. As I continue sharing these studies, I am reminded of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s experience when he questioned the Master about the sun; and then, much later following his escape from a death plot in 1975, he asked me in a dream to teach the sisters about the Sun (Son). What I am about to share with our readers is another view of that same subject on the sun which connects to my studies of ancient Indian cultures, particularly that of the Mayan. It is believed by the Shamans or Elders that their 26,000 year calendar has its origin in the star system of the Pleiades. One such elder following the Itza tradition named Hunbatz Men from Yucatan in Mexico has revealed that their complete sacred calendar count of 260 days is based upon the 26,000 year cycle that makes its complete circuit around the Pleiades and its central star, Alcyone.

I have personally met with him, as well as several members of our Mxodus team this year who will be reporting soon on their experiences that took place in our last Mxodus research expedition in Mexico. Mr. Hunbatz Men stated recently during his latest conference held in Mexico City over this past weekend of October 3rd and 4th, that this 26,000 year circuit of our Solar System goes around the central star Alcyone of the Pleiades and is encoded in our DNA and the Seven Energy Levels in our human body which corresponds to the Seven Sisters of that particular Star System. I wondered to myself if this was part of the secret wisdom that Master W. Fard Muhammad knew about pertaining to our galaxy with its alignment of the stars, that he felt was not the time to teach his students in the early 1930s. Only many decades later, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad appeared to me in a dream and specifically asked me to teach the Sisters about the Sun (Son). It is further believed by the Mayans that this is the center of the regenerative power of reproduction in our solar system of the Sun and her nine planets.

“And if We delay for them the chastisement for a stated period, they will certainly say: What prevents it? Now surely on the day when it will come to them, it will not be averted from them, and that which they scoffed at will beset them.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 11, verse 8

To be continued.