Several years ago, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote an article that he published in the Muhammad Speaks Newspaper, titled “A Rule We Must Live By.”

He wrote: “Almighty God Allah, who appeared in the person of Master Fard Muhammad, has given us the knowledge of self and others, and we are now spreading it. Allah chose me to teach you this particular subject: ‘Accept your Own and be Yourself.’ This was His first and foremost teaching for us. This is the teaching and these are the words of Almighty God, Allah, to us in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to whom praises are due forever and ever.”

In that same article that he wrote it contained these words, “we are now spreading it.” He was referring to the truth he was taught.


Of course, he was the first person to “spread” what he was taught by God Himself. Spread means, “open out (something) so as to extend its surface area, width, or length; move apart so as to cover a wider area; distribute or disperse (something) over a certain area; gradually reach or cause to reach a larger and larger area or more and more people; become distributed over a large or larger area.”

He made followers over the next several years that covered the time between His Teacher’s departure up to August 1946. He prayed, studied, sacrificed, suffered, and met certain people who did not recognize, or really know him, dodged his enemies, made converts and made a few ministers.

He was released from prison in 1946. These numbers grew. These numbers were Believers but, that number was mixed with some who were not believers. To ignore this fact is to ignore divine truth that is contained in prophecy. As his numbers grew, among that number were not really Believers.

What is the deeper or ultimate difference between ignorance and ignore? In general, we can see what these two words mean. Ignorance means, “generally, the lack of knowledge or information.” Ignore means, “refuse to take notice of or acknowledge; disregard intentionally; fail to consider (something significant); reject an indictment as groundless.”

In The Final Call Volume 28 Number 46, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan put his teacher’s article in that was written many years ago.

Minister Farrakhan has done very much to reduce the ignorance of people in America and others around the world of the presence of God Himself and the Messiah more than any other person!

I’ve read and heard many theories about aspects of the Nation of Islam’s history. I’ve been blessed to be in the Nation of Islam since the mid-fifties. I can say and write that I bear witness, with others, that the real truth is much more interesting and more beneficial. I bear witness to those truths, of which I know.

Some may argue with me, over this next point. And I would welcome it. Put simply and briefly, at least two of the six written lessons (we’ve been given by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad from God) teach us that among the qualifications to enter–in the best sense of that word–God’s kingdom, involves accepting Minister Farrakhan. By truly accepting him in this crucial hour, we are accepting both Master Fard Muhammad and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad; thus averting or avoiding the wrath of God for committing the one sin. (But there’s more to this.)

On page 306 the Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote in Message To The Blackman: “There is nothing unforgivable, the Holy Qur’an teaches you. The only thing that is unforgivable is this: “That you will not accept Allah as God and not accept His Messenger as His Messenger. These two things are one, we say, the belief in Allah is the belief in the Messenger of the Prophet of Allah.”

In August 1961, at the Mosque in Chicago, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad indicated that there would be a falling away of his followers. He covered much. However, he did not go into details on this point.

(There is one major point that is critical. When I have more space and time, I’ll mention it, next article, Allah willing.)

Later, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to me that when he thought of the falling away, it was like a knife being turned in his stomach. I don’t know if he mentioned this to others. I just don’t know. But I heard what I heard. To me this was an indication of his intense love for his people. His words deeply affected me.

This intense love is related to the very merciful production of Minister Farrakhan.


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Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan
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Among the things the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to us–I was in the audience in 1961 when he invited his ministers in a meeting–he said that Aaron was cleared of false charges leveled against him in the scriptures. He cleared Aaron of the responsibility of misleading the people and causing their fall, with the scriptures.

We all are involved in His wonderful plan. But, Allah and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad well knew that Aaron was the type of one of his followers from among us. (I’ve covered much of this point and others who were types of Minister Farrakhan, over many years.)

Of course, that involves much. Allah has already established His view, judgment, assessment and evaluation of Aaron. Aaron’s character; function; relation to Moses; to the righteous; to the wicked; his value; and place in history–right up until today–is clearly set forth in the scriptures, by God Himself. This statement refers to other major characters in the scriptures.


In 1954 the Honorable Elijah Muhammad mentioned that he wanted a “little helper,” as he mentioned it, in the course of his short talk before his audience. I heard his words on a tape.

During that same year Brother Malcolm spoke to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad about a brother he thought would be a good helper for him, (the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.)

Brother Malcolm and Brother Shah arranged for Minister Farrakhan to sit right next to Brother Shah. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad knew Brother Shah. Therefore he would see Brother Shah and see Minister Farrakhan seated next to him.

Minister Farrakhan knew nothing about this arrangement. You can read the initial thoughts that came to Minister Farrakhan’s mind when he first saw the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, on page 334 of Closing The Gap.

Jabril Muhammad: What were your thoughts of the language of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad when you first heard him?

Minister Farrakhan: I, being a student of English, and verb and subject agreement, heard him speak in a manner that a public speaker who was familiar with English wouldn’t do. So in my head I said, “Oh, this man can’t even talk.”

“When I said that he looked right at me and said, “Brother, I didn’t get a chance to get that fine education that you got. When I got to the school the doors was closed. Don’t pay any attention to how I’m saying it. You pay attention to what I’m saying and then you take it and put it in that fine language that you know.”

“As I said, I was a little frightened because he seemed to know what I was thinking. But looking back I see that he literally gave me my assignment the first day that he laid eyes on me.”

He’s right. He was expecting him when he was given his assignment in the 1930s!

More next issue, Allah willing.