Under a Cover of Darkness

“And We never sent a messenger or a prophet before thee but when he desired, the devil made a suggestion respecting his desire; but Allah annuls that which the devil casts, then does Allah establish His messages. And Allah is Knowing, Wise–That He may make what the devil casts a trial for those in whose hearts is a disease and the hard-hearted. And surely the wrongdoers are in severe opposition.”
–Holy Qur’an Surah 22, verses 52-53

We have completed 34 years since the date of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s departure on February 25, 1975. Is there a connection with this number of years to the Supreme Wisdom Book of Lessons assigned to all new converts of the Nation of Islam in America? We have an assignment identified as the Problem Book, which contains exactly 34 problems. If we take each problem to represent a year in the calculation of time, then these 34 problems represents 34 years. The first 34 years of the 20th Century, tallies with the time in which Master W. Fard Muhammad made himself known and announced his appearance in America on July 4, 1930.

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Within 3-1/2 to 4 years he raised the Honorable Elijah Muhammad as the 1st begotten of our dead nation. He departed exactly in the year 1934. Would this number 34 be calculated at the end of the time given for the mental resurrection of our dead Nation, which would include the grace period extended under the spiritual work of his greatest helper the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan? Was he not chosen by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to take his place in his absence? “And We appointed for Moses thirty nights, and completed them with ten, so the appointed time of his Lord was complete forty nights. And Moses said to his brother Aaron: Take my place among my people, and act well and follow not the way of the mischief-makers.”–Holy Qur’an Surah 7, verse 142

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In 13 paragraphs given to the early laborers in Detroit, Michigan in the early 1930’s prior to the departure of Master Fard Muhammad in 1934 we are given instructions to guide us into a deeper understanding of our role and mission in the spiritual resurrection of our Lost Found Nation. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad was a sign to work exactly 40 years from the time he took flight from the City of Detroit on the heels of a death plot in 1935. This is the prophetic period in which he traveled up and down the east coast until his arrest in Washington, D.C. in 1942. In the Theology Time Lecture series by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad he appointed the Honorable Minister Farrakhan to take his place among the people until his return. If we count his return to tally with these 34 years, then the year 2009 in which we live could be the beginning period of his communication and preparation for his return.

The study of the 34 problems gives us the keys to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s escape from a death plot. Paragraph #2 gives us this key in which we read the following words: “The enemy, then, tried to stop every Muslim from helping the Apostle and said he should be killed. Then Allah Challenged the enemy to do so, to leave not a stone unturned in trying. This is in the 34 Problems that you have if you understand.”

Are these same words applicable to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan today? Returning to the Theology of Time, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad made a reference to his escape but could only transmit to us some information concerning what was about to take place. In those lectures he makes several references to this event by stating that he was in the circle of the 12 scientist and of the 7 powerful angels, and furthermore, that they were present to let him know that when the time came they were there to protect him against his enemies.

In a letter that was written to Brother Jabril Muhammad from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad on November 25, 1966, he shared words with him that describes an aspect of his departure. I will share some of those words at this time. “… and again in Daniel it says in the night they came and they took the prey away and in Isaiah he makes mention not of death, but of a taking away and escape of the Messenger from a death plot against him, by the angels (smile). … In the Psalms prophecy, he was taken under a cover of darkness while the enemies were after him, God made the heavens a dark thickness of clouds, and under cover of this darkness, God came down and picked him up…”

In the early of mid-1980’s, prior to 1984, I dreamed of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad seated at the head chair in the small dining room off from the kitchen in the Palace. Several persons were seated with him among them the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. When I entered the room in surprise he asked me to be seated in the chair next to him at his side. He then asked me to question him on any subject that I desired. I responded with the following question: “I have always wanted to know the scientific explanation of how you escaped?” He answered with a smile, “Oh that was easy, they came and took me away to a certain place and from there to yet another place.”

There is another part of this same dream that I will share with our readers at another time, but needless to say, one can see how this dream perfectly matches with his words written in the letter to Brother Jabril Muhammad on this same subject of how the Honorable Elijah Muhammad escaped from a death plot. Is this same reality about to visit the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan?

“And that those who have been given knowledge may know that it is the Truth from thy Lord, so they should believe in it that their hearts may be lowly before Him. And surely Allah is the Guide of those who believe, into a right path. And those who disbelieve will not cease to be in doubt concerning it, until the Hour overtakes them suddenly, or there comes to them the chastisement of a destructive day.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 22, verses 54-55