“By the daybreak! And the ten nights! And the even and the odd! And the night when it departs! Truly in this is an oath for men of understanding.”
—Holy Qur’an, Surah 89, verses 1-5

As we continue the study on our Asiatic Calendar System, it is very important that we understand the reckoning and mechanics of time as revealed through the Divine Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, which is based in the universal order of things. Both the scriptures of the Holy Qur’an and the Bible originate from the Mother of the book which defines our Asiatic Calendar History. In addition to these measurements of the earth’s circumference, discussed in the last two articles, other measurements are obtained from the position of our North and South Poles axis as we revolve in space at 23 and one half degrees to the plane of our orbit on both ends of our poles. This degree of axis tilt gives us the number of the scientists who do the writing of our histories that lasts every 25,000 years calculated as a year to every mile.

The Hinode satellite captured images of the moon traversing the face of the Sun during a solar eclipse. On July 22, a total eclipse of the Sun was visible from within a narrow corridor that traverses half of Earth. The path of the Moon’s umbral shadow began in India and crossed through Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar and China. After leaving mainland Asia, the path crossed Japan’s Ryukyu Islands and curved southeast through the Pacific Ocean where the maximum duration of totality reached 6 minutes and 39 seconds. A partial eclipse is seen within the much broader path of the Moon’s penumbral shadow, which includes most of eastern Asia, Indonesia, and the Pacific Ocean. Image: NASA/JAXA

This system of calculation originated with our moon history, when that part was separated from us through a powerful explosion, producing this part we now call earth. The part we now call moon was formerly our original name. Only through the Divine Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad are we able to trace back to these early origins which explain our present orbit in this particular pocket in space time and how the moon was made as our nearest satellite. Until that happened, we were known as the Moon Civilization. Another valuable key in understanding how these histories are recorded comes from what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad has taught us about the frequency of tuning in or telepathy. Our scientists have the ability to tune into and read the thoughts of others and project their effect coming down the line of time.


Our actual study today in this modern time is to become aware that whatever has taken place in the past up until now will be totally changed by the real power and powerful mind and thinking of the Great Mahdi, Master W. Fard Muhammad. This means that we may not have to live out the remaining years of this present 25,000 year cycle. He came into the world against all the previous gods and scientists to create or to make something altogether new. The last Book of the Bible, Revelations, states: “That upon His coming, He Makes All Things New.” The Honorable Elijah Muhammad takes us into some of the new things of that whole New World Order to come after the present workings of Satan. He stated that while Satan was still in control, we could not be taught more of the finer details of the workings of that New World Order.

As we study deeper into the mathematics of the Thirteenth Moon Calendar change, we find that the numerical system base is coded in a 0-19 (The Degesimal System) of counting inherited by the Maya in the Calenderic System from the Olmec Mother Culture of Mexico which was based on the mathematical counting of 0-19. Their system also includes the Number 13 which can be compared to our original 13 tribes recorded in our ancient history, which the Honorable Elijah Muhammad gave us to study in the beginning of our history before the deportation of the moon from earth 66 trillion years ago. One of these tribes was lost, leaving us with the mathematical root or base of 12 out of which the 12 scientists keep or kept the secret of God’s reality from the public until the coming of Master Fard Muhammad, who broke up this circle and Revealed Himself as One Coming Out of Darkness (The Unknown) into the Light of a New Day.

His mission is first and foremost to make his Lost and Found people members of the Ancient Tribe of Shabazz (Ex-Slaves of America) to return to their former places in the God-Head. It is his Bright Coming like a flash of lightning coming from the East into the darkened West that is bringing in this New World Order of universal change and civilization, which will encompass the heavens and the earth. Let us remember that the Divine Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is not rooted on the Teachings of the Prophets, but in the God Science evolving us into a nation of gods and changing life-forms of the Hereafter.

“Nay, when the earth is made to crumble to pieces, And thy Lord comes with the angels, ranks on ranks; And hell is made to appear that day. On that day man will be mindful, and of what use will being mindful be then? He will say: O would that I had sent before for (this) my life! —Holy Qur’an, Surah 89, verses 21-24

To be continued.