Intensity of Solar Flares (Sun Spot Cycle) Reported by Scientists in the Timeline of July 7 and Beyond to 2012

“And a sign to them is the dead earth: We give life to it and bring forth from it grain so they eat of it. And We make therein gardens of date-palms and grapes and We make springs to flow forth therein, That they may eat of the fruit thereof, and their hands make it not. Will they not then give thanks? Glory be to Him Who created pairs of all things, of what the earth grows, and of their kind and of what they know not!”Holy Qur’an, Surah 36, verses 33-36

On the evening of July 6 just prior to the Michael Jackson Classic Memorial Service, staged at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles, on July 7th, I received an unexpected long distance telephone call from, “Down Under,” (expression oft times used in referring to the continent of Australia) being in close proximity to the South Pole. On the phone was my brother and friend, Jose’ Arguelles, the founder of the 13 Moon Calendar Peace Movement, who along with his former wife, Lloydine Arguelles, established the Foundation for the Law of Time. It had been several years since we were in communication. We had first met at an educational conference for peace in 1988 in Arlington, Texas, sponsored by the United Nations.


Several years later we met again along with Lloydine in Hawaii in his initial presentation of the Dreamspell Calendar. Within a year, we met again on the Big Island with my son Ishmael discussing the relevancy between his discovery and aspects of Muhammad’s teaching the Number 19 and Islam in general. Shortly after that, he and Lloydine visited me in Cuernavaca, Mexico, where he first received a copy of the Holy Qur’an and learned the Salat Prayer Service. He was deeply affected by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s picture and resonance that put him in a meditative trance out of which he stated that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad had something that he wanted to share with him. Thus over a brief period of time, he began to incorporate the importance of his experience and Islamic prophecy to the knowledge of the Mayan Calendar’s Prophetic History.

He began to incorporate into his presentation worldwide aspects of this new knowledge, particularly focusing on the Holy Qur’an. He informed me in this telephone conversation that he has continued his Islamic studies and reads various translations of the Holy Qur’an and is now looking forward to participating in the hajj pilgrimage this year. He has taken his Shahada (pronouncement of belief in Allah and his Apostle). He has kept up his connection to the Nation of Islam and our last Saviours’ Day event in Chicago this past February. Mr. Arguelles noted the amazing link between both Michael Jackson’s and Snoop Dogg’s relationship with Islam. He listens quite often to some of Michael Jackson’s recent lyrics about Islam in some of his songs. He noted in particular that he has read about Michael Jackson’s references to Islam on November 22nd of the previous year and had been listening to some of his songs–“giving thanks to Allah and that Islam is in my vein.”

Brother Arguelles ended his message which was followed up with an email stating these prophetic words: “It seems with all of this, the tide of Islam is truly turning, a miracle to be promised for 2012. Islam is the True Religion and should be embraced by every human being. Michael’s words should be seen and heard by everybody.” In another female that I received exactly on the morning of July 7th was focusing on solar flares and their affects on the electromagnetic field of the earth producing crop circles as signs of a prophetic interpretation. One of these crop circle formations appeared at Yatesbury in England on June 12th and was oriented towards sunset on July 7th. Solar Intensity increased to a high level on or near that day. If this happened, then it would suggest a connection both to the book of Revelation and December 21, 2012.

Revelation states, “I will give power unto my two witnesses and they shall prophecy 1,260 days clothed in sack cloth.” It is 1,260 days from July 7, 2009 to December 21, 2012. The level of surge of this solar activity commenced on July 4 with considerable activity and indicates its continual activity over the next several weeks, months and years. Gathering the above information from world scientists and their observation of solar flare activity and the dates given for these sudden eruptions from the sun, we can easily connect the dots and recognize the parallels from above to below between our cosmic world and major events taking place on our planet. Is it a coincidence that the date of July 7th’s memorial service to Michael Jackson’s ascendency marks a turning point in the sudden appearance of solar storm activity, inclusive of July 4th, Independence Day, and is going forward at a rapid pace covering prophecy up to the Mayan Calendar date of 2012 A.D.

It is amazing that I learned recently about Michael Jackson’s affection for the people and country of Mexico and that he was considering visiting there in the near future. Is it a coincidence that his last fully staged concert was a sold out spectacular event that took place in Mexico at the Aztec Stadium in 1993? Now we have come to the missing link that ties us to the present world cycle’s close coming in the year of the 2012 prophecy of the Mayan Calendar? Is it a coincidence that the crop circle was revealed and the timing of the above prophetic information and the recorded date of July 7th ending 2012 in the solar cycle prediction?

“And a sign to them is the night: We draw forth from it the day, then lo! they are in darkness; And the sun moves on to its destination. That is the ordinance of the Mighty, the Knower. And the moon, We have ordained for it stages till it becomes again as an old dry palm-branch. Neither is it for the sun to overtake the moon, nor can the night outstrip the day. And all float on in an orbit.”Holy Qur’an, Surah 36, verses 37-40

To be continued.