It was announced, all over the world, that Michael Jackson died several days ago before this article was finally formed and appears, Allah willing, in The Final Call.

I already decided what I wanted to send to The Final Call, several days before his death. I was working on two or three paragraphs to introduce this article, which appears in Closing The Gap, but I decided to wait when I heard of his death for two reasons. So, I changed it.

Number one, I waited for the Honorable Minister Farrakhan’s words on this event and number two, I then watched and listened to the news carefully, in general.


I intend to make a worthwhile and short comment on my health next article, Allah willing. In the meanwhile, please read Aphasia 8 and Aphasia 9 at www.cuttingedgeknowledge.org.

Today is June 29, 2009. For this article, I interviewed Minister Farrakhan on July 22, 2006. My question and his answer appear on page 374 of Closing The Gap.

Brother Jabril: Fun is what again?

Minister Farrakhan: Fun is developing the creative mind that is seen in the sperm that has intelligence to seek the egg. A light of itself in a cell that rotates and revolves in the darkness of the womb that develops that which allows it to cling to the walls of the uterus on finding a firm resting place for growth that the body will not be able to expel this strange new life within itself.

There’s intelligence there that must be fed; it must be cultivated. So the child comes into the world, nobody teaches it to coo; to say thank you. Nobody teaches it to crawl. Nobody teaches it to pull up. Nobody from the outside teaches it to walk. All of this is within itself.

What is fun? Fun is watching intelligence develop. Fun is feeding intelligence to create the creative mind that the child will be able to say like God, “Be” and it is. That’s fun!

I imagine God had a lot of fun watching the working of His mind manifested in reality. There would be a light and there was the sun and the earth and He separated the waters and the firmament and he said, “Ah, this is good.” That means He was pleased with what He did. That’s fun with God!

Pleasure comes from creativity and watching the creative thought manifested into reality. That is fun. And anything that is an impediment to that process is not fun, it is destruction of the intelligence of the being that is from God.

I believe that when I was taken up on the wheel and I saw this scroll roll down (as if inside my head) with cursive writing on it and as I slightly leaned forward to look at it, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad spoke and the cursive writing disappeared. But the writing that was on the outside was indicative of that which was inside of me.

You remember when we were going to New York to inaugurate Saviours’ Day on October 7th–the birthday of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad at Madison Square Garden. You asked me to repeat the vision again. (As he began to rub his thigh he said) It felt like when an area of your body is being prepared for a shot, with a needle. I don’t know what it was, but I know something was put into me.

When circumstances come up, answers come out of me that fit the circumstance. I can’t say I know where it comes from. But, then yes I do. It comes from Allah and the Christ. They have already put it in me. There is in me the foreword to a book that is sitting up inside me. It’s the beginning of the book that I am to receive, if it pleases Allah.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to me that, “I will never teach another minister like I taught Malcolm until I have thoroughly tried him.” He said, “If I had not taught Malcolm so much of the prophecies he would not have been so formidable an opponent or an enemy.” So he was letting me know I am not going to teach you anything like I taught him. He never took me off to the side to teach me anything of the meaning of this and the meaning of that and the meaning of the other.

I sat in the classroom with all his other students, feeding from his lips as they fed. Then he saw–but I’m sure before then–but he saw, at a certain point that Allah was feeding me.

When I had that experience on the wheel, evidently I had satisfied the requirement of trial to make me worthy to be taught exclusively by him directly. Because when I saw the scroll with its cursive writing, even as it was Jabril, when I had the vision about my “forms.” On the back of it was cursive writing. When I went to read it the voice on the right said to the one on the left with a strong voice, “Turn this over. It’s not time for him to see this yet.” When I asked the Messenger about it later, he said, “Oh Brother, probably it’s pertaining to something of your future that you will know at the appropriate time.”

Now when I go up in this experience on the wheel, I see the cursive writing again. The scroll rolls down and I’m looking but I can’t read. I know it’s in English. I’m going forward to read it. Then he speaks and it disappears. What was that all about? He was writing on my heart. He was writing on my soul. It is written in the Holy Qur’an that Allah is He Who takes the soul of men by night.

What does He do with it? Well He does what He pleases with it. If He writes on it and returns it to you He puts something in you that will come out from you under circumstances that bring it out. That’s why with the Prophet (peace be upon him) there’s confusion as to whether it was twenty-three years, or in one night. Was it twenty-three years, or was it in one night? Because the Qur’an says, “The book was revealed on (the Minister says this in Arabic–Lailat al-Qadr) the night of power.” Not a verse, or two, or three, but the book was revealed in the night of power.

What is the night of power? Is it a twelve-hour night? Why was the fez of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad black with star and crescent and stars? Was it the night of power over his forty-four years? Or was it one night that a man was carried to the wheel? And something was done to him and in him and will be done through him that would literally cause the world to wonder, where does this come from? Was the Minister experiencing a night of power? How can I answer questions that I never thought of before? But while you ask the question, the answer is forming.

Even when the enemy asks me questions the answer forms, not only for the question, but I’m given insight into the reason why they asked the question before the question is finished coming out of their mouths. Where does this insight come from, except that it comes from Allah.

Brother Jabril: Thank you sir.

More next issue, Allah willing.