In my previous article, I asked the reader to read Aphasia 8. I did not mentioned where to go, due to my tiredness after being discharged from the hospital. I apologize. But the website address is: www.cuttingedgeknowledge.org.

In Aphasia 8, Dr. Patina wrote, “Brother Minister then leaned over to Brother Jabril and said in a loud voice, ‘Jib, get up out of this bed, we have work to do.’ Then she said, “Brother Jabril opened his eyes and immediately recognized Brother Minister.”

Every time I think of that experience, I smile or laugh to myself or out loud. That’s love.


He said those words to me while I was in the hospital and while I was intubated. That was on May 28, 2009 while I was not even able to give him the greetings!

A team of doctors had just come into my room and Dr. Patina was updating the doctors on my condition. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and two of his sons witnessed this. For more details read Aphasia 8 and 9, Medical Update #1 and #2, and see them, in context. I hope you will read both of them. This is not the purpose of my effort in The Final Call. At some point, by the help of Allah, I’ll be able to state why and when I even mentioned any words concerning my health.

On page XI, of the introduction of “The Comer By Night” (1986) written by Mother Tynnetta Muhammad, I wrote (in the introduction) “Thank you, blessed Sister Muhammad, for this magnificent ‘little’ book.”

Mother Tynnetta Muhammad wrote; “Often the Honorable Elijah Muhammad would tell us that his real mission had not really begun. He taught us that we had to complete the test of our salvation in fulfilling the old world Prophecies of both Bible and Holy Qur’an, before writing a new History. This world constitutes the real test and trial while we live and not after we die that qualifies us for the new. These are the great trials that are upon us today. The labor of childbirth is upon us, but at the appropriate time, as in a twinkling of an eye, we will be lifted up and transformed into the new.”

Think on her words in connection to the words of Minister Farrakhan.

Now, from on page 361 of “Closing The Gap” we read:

“I threw my idea completely out of my mind. I got my pen and took notes on what he wanted me to say. Unknown to me he sent for Minister Rahman. He said, ‘Brother Rahman, I told Brother what I want him to say. I want you to see if he says it just like I told him. Because if he says it like I told him, he will be written in the history of forty nations.’

“Minister Rahman took me to the place and I delivered the message. To this day nationalists who hated me because of Malcolm fondly refer to that speech. Brother Conrad Worrill talked to me about that speech just the other day. It’s a speech that launched me nationally and internationally. Because he said, ‘You will be written of in 40 countries.’

“Forty nations! Why? When? He obeyed his teacher!

“Then after I did what he told me to do and I obeyed him, he brought me out to Chicago, and he says, ‘Brother that one speech, that speech, it meant more to me than a truck load of diamonds and gold.’ That came after I obeyed him and delivered that message.

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“Now that’s 1970. Now Maceo and I come out, ‘I want you Brother to come out once a month.’ ‘Yes sir, dear Apostle.’ But Maceo comes out every week. Now I’m his National Representative. Seems like that honor to be out there with him every week should be mine. So unknown to me he’s watching how I’m reacting to my secretary. He’s asking the secretary, ‘How’s the Minister?’ I don’t know this, but I’m assuming this.

“I never bothered Maceo about what the Messenger said. Because if he didn’t invite me to his table I can’t bug you about what he said at the table because if he wanted me there he would have asked me to be there. But Maceo would come back and share with me some of the spiritual things that the Messenger said. I always received him and it with great joy.

“I never so much as one time was displeased with him for sending for Maceo and not me. At no time was there ever anger or jealousy or envy toward Maceo for being in that favored place with him. Then he was choosing an assistant to himself in Chicago. We sat around the table and he talked about his choice of Brother Yusuf Shah to be his assistant at #2 and why. Part of his reason was because he is very familiar with the Bible. He’s watching me react. I’m happy. This is your choice dear Apostle.”

“Trial.” Why? Next page.

“I disagreed with Captain Shah and I wanted to fire him. Come time for a trial and the Messenger asked me, “Well where is your evidence?” “Well its back in New York. I didn’t bring it,” “What? You come to a trial with no evidence. Case dismissed.”

“I jumped to my feet and saluted Yusuf. If he is your choice, then he is my choice. I never, as God is the witness of my heart, no matter what I felt toward Yusuf, he said, ‘I’m not going to get rid of my Captain on such flimsy evidence that you say you have, but did not bring it.

“Well if you won’t get rid of him, I’m through with it. I salute him and we go back to work.”


Again, why trials? Why not trials?

Please study, these words of the Holy Qur’an 29:2, 3, in the light of the teachings and actions of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Minister Farrakhan.

“Do men think that they will be left alone on saying We believe, and will not be tried? And indeed We tried those before them, so Allah will certainly know those who are true and He will know the liars.”

More next issue, Allah willing.