The Black man from the root beginning is from a Black Father. Therefore, he should go in the Name of his Black Father.

As I have said, as long as the so-called American Negro is blind to the knowledge of self, he does not know by what name he should be called. You could call him anything and he would answer to it, for he does not know his True Name.

The White man calls the so-called American Negro by many nick-names. The so-called American Negro then re-nicknames himself the nick-names of the white man, although he does not even know what they mean.


The Black man (so-called American Negro) is a member of the family and a direct descendant of the Creator Who made the Heavens and the Earth. Therefore, the son should be called by the Name of his Father and not called by the name of an alien. The white race is an alien people to the Black Man.

So many times you have heard that God has ninety-nine (99) Names or Attributes (That Which is Attributed to God). The 100th Name or Attribute of God is the Name, Allah, Which Represents that He is All in All, of every Good name. His Name Begins with the Name Creator and Ends with The First and The Last, The Eternal. Many of His Attributes refer to such Names as Power, Force, The Mighty, The Wise, The Most Merciful, The Maker, The Fashioner, The Best Knower, The All-Hearing One, The All- Seeing One.

The Holy Qur’an says that He has the Best Names and the Most Beautiful Names. So many of these Names that we should have are pertaining to Our Father.

His Name of Praise and of “worthy of Praise” are just a few of the Great Names Which Belong to God, and He Wants to Give Them to us. The Bible teaches us that He Will Give His Names to those who believe in Him. According to the Bible, Rev. 7:3, the Judgment cannot take place until those Who Believe in Him are Given His Name (sealed in their forehead).

Will you turn down a Great Name which will Live Forever, Bible Is. 56:5, in exchange for the nick-names of your very enemies? They have no meaning as to a human being, such as Mr. Fish. We are human beings and should not be called Mr. Fish. They name you Mr. Hog. You are not a Hog. They call you Mr. Bird. We should not be called bird. We are not winged fowl. They are names which are worthless to human beings.

The only White people who are allowed to use One of the Names of Allah (God) is one who has accepted Islam. These Names are given to them because of their faith in the religion of Allah (God). However, this does not mean that by nature these Names belong to them.

It is only you, Black Brother, that by nature should be called by the Names of your God and Father, the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth.

This is what Allah has taught me. Believe it or let it alone!

(Excerpt from “Our Saviour Has Arrived,” 1974.)