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How can you teach your child the value of self-defense and health at the same time? How can you teach them to have “quickness” and be “fast moving … right down to the modern times?” The answer? Kung-fu-cise! In an effort to combat the growing number of child abductions in this country and the spreading plague of obesity, Grandmaster Instructor Bobby Scott along with his sister, the late Olympic Runner Florence Griffith-Joyner developed Kung-fu-cise. Bobby Scott, (a.k.a Shaheed Muhammad) was recently asked by the city of Raleigh, N.C., to do a presentation on Kung-fu-cise at the First Annual Youth Empowerment Summit. Mr. Scott took time to speak to The Final Call’s “Get Fit to Live” columnist, Audrey Muhammad.

Audrey Muhammad (AM:) What is it about martial arts that makes young people confident and why should parents encourage young boys AND girls to participate?


Bobby Scott (BS:) The martial arts stimulates a dimension of one’s life that falls in harmony with God’s first law of nature, (self preservation). If taught properly, this art can build one’s self-esteem, confidence and the ability to make better choices in life to be more productive and innovative within their communities.

AM: Why did you get involved in martial arts and how has it influenced you? How did it impact your sister?

BS: I was blessed to start at the age of nine, 51 years ago, under a missionary minister from Korea in my home town of Henderson, North Carolina. His son, little Kim, actually was my first teacher while playing in my backyard. Then, in my travels I stuck with it after realizing that this dimension cannot be left out of my life in order to feel complete and motivated. With the tools that I learned in the arts I was able to pass on to my sister (Florence Griffith-Joyner) before she broke the world’s record as being the fastest woman in the world. We changed her diet by: 1. Eliminating pork. 2. Cutting out non-nutritional junk foods and 3. Of course, constant positive thinking, and supporting her strong belief in God. Lastly, women are our first teachers and they can never be underestimated. One of my styles of Wing-Chun was created by a woman and one of my strongest teachers was a woman.

AM: Various styles are practiced in different countries. What are some of the differences in styles of martial arts and what are some of the weapons used?

BS: First of all, the number one weapon as taught universally is the mind. We must keep it sharp to cut through the daily obstacles in life. In Ethiopia, there is a style that one uses his or her forehead to head butt. In Brazil, the style of Capoeira has a man or woman use their feet in doing cartwheels with razors to free themselves from the slave masters. It was once outlawed at one time. There are many weapons used and practiced in martial arts, but the art was created for the purpose of survival, for God’s first law of nature. Even the Bible speaks about the farm tool being used for war, but will return to the farm.

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