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“Surely thou canst not guide whom thou lovest, but Allah guides whom He pleases; and He knows best those who walk aright. And they say: If we follow the guidance with thee, we should be carried off from our country. Have We not settled them in a safe, sacred territory to which fruits of every kind are drawn? A sustenance from Us–but most of them know not.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 28, verses 56-57

Photo caption: Orthodox Jews visit Min. Farrakhan at The National House in Chicago. (1999) Photo: Final Call Archives

Let us attempt to go to the root of the present global conflict between nations and governments. According to the Divine Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Moses was given a double mission in civilizing the members of the Caucasian or White Race who were confined to the caves and hillsides of Europe 4,000 years ago. After their exile from Arabia 2,000 years earlier, they were made to walk 2,200 miles across the Arabian Desert under military escort because of causing trouble in the Holy Land. Those who made it to Europe remained there without any guidance for 2,000 years until the scientists of our nation called, or summoned, Moses with instructions to bring them back into a civilized state or condition.


We are taught in our Supreme Wisdom book of Lessons, some of the details of this period which was extremely difficult for Moses working with savages. He had to build a fire around him to protect himself from their attacks. He was taught what to teach them of some of the forgotten Tricknollegy of their father Yacub. While being grafted on the island of Pelan (Modern day Patmos) in the Aegean Sea during a 600 year period before they returned to the Holy Land in Arabia.

While they were there for a six-month period, they began practicing the deception of lies and tricks among the Original People causing them to fight and to kill one another. Finally, when the king recognized who was causing this mischief-making among them, they were gathered together and marched across the desert into Europe. A part of their race escaped by hiding out in some of the homes of the Original People in Arabia and ultimately made their way into the hills of what we call Central Asia or Eurasia and lived among the Original People in those parts of our planet. They did not go into the caves of Western Europe and took on the characteristics of the tribes living in that area of our planet. They were protected by the tribes in that entire area all the way into the Caucasus Mountains in Russia where they co-mingled with the people there and are recognized in the history as the Sythians and other Nomadic Tribes that lived around the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.

Among the two branches of the Caucasian Race, the Jews who followed and strictly obeyed Moses Divine Law, were able to get out of their condition faster than the other members of their race. Somehow a small group made their way into Egypt and under the name Israel as we read in the Bible were delivered by Moses and settled in the Holy Land where they lived among the original inhabitants of Palestine who were Original People. The other members of their race had controlled and ruled the body politics of America, Great Britain and Europe to this very day and under the elders of Zion and other organized groups. They are guiding the politics of Western civilization into war and into politics of biological, genetically engineered weapons of destruction being used today in a global genocide warfare.

Jacob in the Bible is named Israel in the book of Genesis when he struggles or wrestles all night long with the angels until the crack of dawn to receive the blessing to be made the dominant rulers over the Original People of God. They have accomplished their mission in bringing America and her Western allies into the final conflict or battle identified as Armaggedon in the Valley of Meggido in Palestine. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad writing on the subject of the future of the Orthodox Jews, the strict followers of the Divine Laws of Moses, are distinguished among their other brethren and is why the Honorable Elijah Muhammad holds out that they may make an agreement with the Muslims in the future New World Order that will follow the present world of mischief, violence and blood shed.

My final statement concerning the prohibition against the hog and the swine is revealed in how to eat to live Book I on page 98. This is a reminder to Christian, Muslims and Jews why it is so dangerous to eat its flesh or to touch its carcass and what is behind the manipulation of genes in the influenza of H1N1 and other viruses that are yet to come. “The hog was made, Allah taught me, for medical purposes, to cure the White man’s many diseases, since he had been grafted out of the Black man and he attracted germs and diseases easily that were possibly incurable. At that time, the Arab medical scientists did not have anything that would kill most, or probably, allof his diseases. So they made a medicine for him–that is the hog. The hog contains medicine for him. The hog contains, Allah said to me, 999 poisonous germs. This is what makes up the hog.”

“And how many a town have We destroyed which exulted in its means of subsistence! So those are their abodes: they have not been dwelt in after them except a little. And We are ever the inheritors. And thy Lord never destroyed the towns, until He had raised in their metropolis a messenger, reciting to them Our messages, and We never destroyed the towns except when their people were iniquitous.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 28, verses 58-59

To be continued.