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Surah 104: 1 “Woe to every slanderer, defamer!” (Muhammad Ali translation.) He wrote a powerful footnote to that verse. Now in Muhammad Asad’s translation we read:

Surah 104:1 “Woe unto every slanderer, fault finder!” He has a footnote in which he wrote, “everyone who maliciously tries to uncover real or imaginary faults in others.”



The Holy Qur’an and the Bible teaches us, all over the earth, that Aaron was a very special helper to Moses. That was for that time. But, the best understanding of this is, that Aaron was a divine sign of Minister Louis Farrakhan.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (the modern Moses) told Minister Farrakhan: “Allah prepared you for me.” This includes his power to speak and his heart. How does this relate to his trials? Now, how does Minister Farrakhan’s unique power, to speak the Word of God, so effectively, relate to his heart?

Holy Qur’an Surah 6:19 reads: “What thing is weightiest in testimony?” (It took me from May 9th to May 14th to finish the above paragraphs and to send this article to The Final Call.) What bearing does this fact have on this article? I intend to answer this question, next article, Allah willing. For me, in a way, I began to study that answer, in October 1960 when I was living in San Francisco.

From a powerful series of articles by Mother Tynnetta Muhammad, she wrote in Ta Ha: The Final Call Symphonic Suite-pt. 2:

“The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan was raised and prepared by God to make the great commission of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad known, as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad made the great work and identity of Master Fard Muhammad known.

“Now, in the present condition of America’s economic prestige and power, she is falling into the abysm of hell. The year 2009 is manifesting the great crises and turmoil in America and around the world.

“The conditions are corresponding to the time of the Great Depression of the 1930s when Master Fard Muhammad spoke directly to the then president of the United States, Herbert Hoover. What are all of these events leading to? After the coming of the Messengers and Warners to the people and nations, they act like trumpets. Their voices resonate like trumpet blasts warning the people of what is about to befall them if they do not repent.

“The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that after the coming of the Messengers and Warners to their people, there is another trumpet blast that would come from a mechanical instrument that is connected to the great Mother’s Wheel, that with one blast of that sounding frequency, cities and towns, and buildings will come tumbling down. That is something that none of us want to hear.

“The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is issuing The Final Call trumpet blast warning in the midst of the fall of America and worldly kingdoms addicted to criminality and injustice.

“This past Saviours’ Day subject that he delivered, ‘Accepting Responsibility to Build Our Community,’ should be a reminder and an eye opener to what steps we must take in organizing our community to do for self.

“We do not know how much time remains that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan will be able to continue the Voice of Warning before he is taken to return back to Almighty God Allah. The story of Ta Ha connects to the history of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his greatest helper, the Honorable Louis Farrakhan. The plagues have entered America and along with the worst economic disasters, we should see. We should be able to read the handwriting on the wall!”

On page 360 of Closing The Gap, Minister Farrakhan continued his answer to my question of his trials:

“I got on the plane and flew. It was a helicopter at O’Hare. I got on it and it flew me to Meigs Field and Brother Albert picked me up and brought me to the house. It was late. Dinner had already been served. When I got there, one of the sisters, when he opened the door and brought me in, the sister said, ‘He’s here dear Apostle.’ I walked into the dinning room and the house looked like it was empty. Mother Clara was there. I don’t know who else was there. He sat me down right in my usual chair, right next to him on the left. Mother Clara, right in the front, right across from me.

“I said, ‘I’m very happy to see you, dear Apostle.’ He said, ‘Well I hope so Brother.’ He started with his pen. ‘We have ten minutes dear Apostle before the show.’ They were testing this and that because he was the only one that was going to be by phone. So he says, ‘What is the name of this program Brother? Is it too late?’ Then he started writing.

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“Then the program started. I’m sitting there and when it came time for him to speak, he started speaking and I said, ‘Go ahead dear Apostle.’ I was bearing witness for him, you know in my usual way, and sometimes, a little too loud.

“When it was over he said, ‘Sharrieff’–‘Brother, you must be tired’–take him downtown. Put him in the finest hotel downtown, Brother Sharrieff, and you come and see me in the morning for coffee.’ But as I was going out the door he said, ‘Brother you passed a great test tonight.’ I said, ‘Yes sir, dear Apostle.’

“I went out the door. They took me to a fine hotel and put me up for the night. I went back to New York the next day. That was one trial. Three more and we can close this–although I could mention more.

“In 1970, Tony Brown did his program on national T.V. on me and Muhammad Temple (as it was called then) Number 7. It was on how I went out in the street talking to our lost found brothers and sisters and the junkies and there was so much love that they had for me.”


I read on the internet that “President Barack Obama praised the ‘incredible repair mission’ in a telephone call with the crew.” He also said:

“By allowing Hubble to continue on its journey, you have allowed all of us to continue our journey for growth and exploration.”

The article concluded with the 19-year-old Hubble Atlantis’ flight which is NASA’s fifth and final servicing mission to the Hubble Space Telescope, the crew said.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad explained the prophecies in the scriptures that teach that they would do exactly what they have/are doing in space. Just suppose that Allah allows them to see things that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught and they make it more widely public and cause much more respect for The Final Call. Then what?

More on this next article, Allah willing.