Opening the Door of the Cage Releasing God’s People

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“He said: My Lord, expand my breast for me: And ease my affair for me: And loose the knot from my tongue, (That) they may understand my word. And give to me an aider from my family. Aaron, my brother; Add to my strength by him, And make him share my task–So that we may glorify Thee much, And much remember Thee. Surely, Thou art ever Seeing us.”
—Holy Qur’an, Surah 20, verses 25-35


As we have noted in this current series of articles focusing on the coming of Master W[alla]ce Fard Muhammad to America, searching and finding his Lost-Found people of the Nation of Islam who are held in captivity, everything about Him and His Mission can be studied and measured by the use of the universal language of mathematics. The root of our studies is mathematics which is the true definition of Islam and has its roots in the universal order of things and in the study of astronomy. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that the whole scope of the Master’s teachings is astronomy. We of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam in America, bottled up in a cage, have lost this universal knowledge of our origin and of all things and have fallen from the top of civilization being ruled and mastered by others.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s words once again proves true, a people who do not know mathematics will always be subject to a people who know mathematics. This is the Black man’s dilemma and condition locked up in this Western civilization and caged in North America. We are crippled and damaged mentally and physically and are not able to build and supply our own needs in taking hold of the responsibility to build our own communities. We lack the discipline and the training and thought process that will bring us back into a higher order of civilization. This year, 2009, is bringing about a turning point in the elevation of our spiritual consciousness as events are rapidly coming to pass in America and the world that is directing our thinking back to the foundation teachings and prophetic voice of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his representative, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan who are working night and day with our people in the resurrection of the mentally dead.

I noted this past Sunday the words of my son, Student Minister Ishmael Muhammad, at Mosque Maryam in his reference to Surah 75 entitled, “The Resurrection.” He spoke about the prophecy contained in verse 9, that states: “And the sun and the moon are brought together,” and continues in verse 10 with the words: “Man will say on that day wither to flee. No. There is no refuge! With thy Lord on that day is the place of rest.” It is exactly this chapter number 75 beginning with verse 9 that I first connected to the Footnote 2610, which describes this period of the withholding of the light of both sun and moon that the name of the Messiah and the Mahdi would be revealed. It is at that time that they would make their appearance in the world.

While reading the Holy Qur’an in the year 1978, I mentally prefixed the number 19 to the number 75, giving me the date 1975, the year of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s departure which marked the period that absented the Divine Light of the Master and his Servant, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad from public view. This is exactly what would happen in a physical solar eclipse. I then began to read the Holy Qur’an as calendar dates in our history counting the last century giving us the contemporary history of the Nation of Islam coming to birth in America. This year, 2009, marks the 132nd birth date of Master W[alla]ce Fard Muhammad, which gives us a study of the mathematical significance of his presence and identification as the Great Mahdi in combination with the work of his servant, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad anointed as his exalted Christ, the Messiah. This year they are manifesting more of their power in the fulfillment of prophecy coming in rapid succession, ending an Old World going out as we stand on the threshold of the New World coming to birth.

When we take the numbers 132 as numbers, exhibited in his birth date this year and add a zero, 1320, we have measured as stated previously one-fourth of a mile and corresponds to the telepathic numbers of Fourth Dimensional Time. When these numbers are reversed, we get 2013, the calendar date that ends the present world order and begins a new era, a new sun or world as calculated by the Mayan calendar to the affixed year, 2012-2013. This is why Black consciousness is rising in the location of our Lost-Found families scattered throughout the Americas in Mexico, Central America and South America is coming to the forefront of society.

I end this article by quoting from part of the footnote of 2610 … the name of the Messiah and Mahdi being associated with the final triumph of Islam in the world, we are thus told that Islam will not only triumph in Arabia but in the whole of the world at a later period in its history. If the total disappearance of the light of both the sun and the moon is meant, the reference would be to the final disruption of the solar system, and the manifestation of the Greater Resurrection.

“Go thou and thy brother with My messages and be not remiss in remembering me. Go both of you to Pharaoh, surely he is inordinate; Then speak to him a gentle word, haply he may mind or fear. They said: Our Lord, we fear lest he hasten to do evil to us or be inordinate. He said: Fear not, surely I am with you–I do hear and see.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 20, verse 42-46

To be continued.

Photo No. 1: Following the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s major address on Saviours’ Day at the Rosemont Theatre in the vicinity of the Stephens Convention Center on March 1, 2009, he called Mother Tynnetta Muhammad forward to congratulate her once again on what he considered to be the remarkable musical presentation of her musical compositional work, Ta Ha: The Final Call Symphonic Suite on the evening of February 27th. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan introduced Mother Tynnetta before the nearly 3,000 audience members the significance of this gift of music that he totally sponsored as a gift to the Nation of Islam and all those in attendance.

Photo No. 2: Mother Tynnetta Muhammad with 17-year-old gifted artist, Indigo Bleu, playing the harp at the premiere of Ta Ha: The Final Call Symphonic Suite, Friday evening, February 27, 2009. She is also a recording artist of her own musical composition. She currently lives in Washington, D.C.

Photo No. 3: Photo of Mother Tynnetta Muhammad with Sister Gladys Muhammad, who served as the key assistant for the Ta Ha musical project and is a well known storyteller in the traditional art and also was the M.C., narrator and program coordinator.