The Illegal and Unjustified Arrest Warrant against President Omar Al-Bashir

( – While the world watches and listens, the International Criminal Court has targeted Omar Al-Bashir and issued an arrest warrant. Most of the international organizations from the third world nations or the nations of the south have protested this arrest warrant which is not only unjustified, but illegal. One hundred and eight nations have signed on to the International Criminal Court (ICC). Two of the nations who have been pushing the ICC to issue this arrest warrant–Israel and America–are not members. What hypocrisy!!

The Special Court in Sierra Leone double crossed Charles Taylor and now has him on trial in The Hague. We see similarities in the attempt to arrest President Bashir. Those who have any political knowledge or savvy and are sensitive to the nature of leadership in Africa will know that the arrest and detainment of President Bashir of The Sudan will create chaos in his country as well as a civil war with various groups vying for leadership.


If you remember what happened in Somalia with Said Barre who was overthrown by outside forces in 1991, the country fell into chaos and 18 years later it is still in chaos. If you are Sudanese and truly love your people and country you would not want to see it fall into chaos and become a mirror of what happened in Somalia.

The fact that Somalia has oil is rarely mentioned, but there is plenty of oil in Somalia. It was Chevron that discovered the oil and then capped the wells. For those who know the history, the Sudanese store of oil discovery is similar.
Though Luis Mareno-Campo, the ICC Chief Prosecutor, pushed for President Bashir to be charged with genocide–he could not make it stick because he knew this wasn’t true.

Furthermore, it’s shameful that a Zionist-led and backed organization called “Save Darfur” has made an impact on how people in the western world view The Sudan. This organization is similar to another organization called the Anti-Slavery Organization, also Zionist, that began pushing the idea around the world that the Sudanese government led by President Bashir was condoning and backing slavery in the early 1990s.

They used the technique utilized by the Nazis called “the big lie.” The technique and philosophy is to tell a lie and repeat the lie until the lie becomes believable. An example of this in Sudan’s case was the manipulation of Black churches and later various churches to raise money to free southern Sudanese slaves.

The Zionists, in particular, had an anti-Arab/Islam agenda and a vendetta against the government of Sudan for its support of Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

Today we see a repeat performance with the propaganda of genocide. The new ingredient is Arab on African murder. I have traveled to Darfur five times with delegations to investigate the stories that were told in the media.

If the statement was true that 450,000 to 500,000 people were killed or died in Darfur, then there must be mass graves. We must challenge those who accuse the Sudanese government with being responsible for these deaths to locate the mass graves. As former President Clinton used a technique with airplanes to find the mass graves in Bosnia, the same should be done in Darfur.

The organization “Save Darfur” and “Enough” that emerged out of a split in the Save Darfur Organization have spent millions of dollars advertising in newspapers across the world, pushing the idea that a race war has taken place in Darfur. None of the money they raised went to help eliminate the suffering in the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps or the refugee camps in Chad.

The American Anti-Slavery Organization began with Mauritania and The Sudan while their real focus was The Sudan. It was exposed by the Swiss press that the slavery issue was a scam and people were making millions of dollars, buying homes in Kenya with the money raised from unsuspecting school children and churches across America, under the guise of helping to buy back Christian slaves from Muslim slave holders.

There is much suffering that happens in warfare, most of it many don’t want to remember. I find it interesting how the scholars who watch history unfold, practice the selective use of words to describe similar circumstances.

In Uganda the description given for children who were abducted into war is “child soldiers,” not slaves, even though they were slaves. However, when it came to the war in southern Sudan this term slavery was used over and over again. These same Zionists have access and control of the international media, are now publishing books attacking The Sudan. There appears to be an ongoing attack as if there is nothing progressive or good happening in the largest country on the African continent. Every country has its internal struggle and contradictions.

Case in point is the United States which now has a Black president: The struggle for equality and justice for Black people is still an issue. It is how you engage in the struggle that can make a difference. If you think that the only way you can receive justice is to get a gun and shoot your way into power or create chaos in your country, then the world and Africa is in great trouble.

What is the difference between America arming the tribal leaders to help them fight against their perceived enemy Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, and the Sudanese training a militia to help them to fight the rebels who have attacked the government? We have to be clear and frank that the rebels started this conflict and the government of Khartoum had no choice but to defend the integrity of its territory against those who were rebelling. The world has witnessed that the leaders of the Sudan have gone to all ends in their desire to strike a peace accord with all elements fighting against their own government.

The anti-Islam/Arab media campaign against The Sudan is a part of what the Bush administration put in affect since they knew The Sudan had vast amounts of oil and other mineral riches, which were not flowing in their desired direction.

As The Sudan happens to be a very important bridge country in Africa, being the largest land area on the Continent–there are those who desire for the Sudan what America did to Iraq. That is accuse the head of state of a war crime, send in soldiers, create a no-fly zone and arrest the President. They will use this as an excuse to use Africom to establish a military base and as a result civil war breaks out and thousands of people are killed.

As they wanted to do in Iraq, dividing the country into three parts–the north would be the Kurds, the central region would be the Sunnis and south would be the Shiites. In the case of The Sudan, the west would be Darfur, the center would be the Sunnis and the south would be the southerners. While the chaos is going on, the West would be busy robbing the Sudan of its oil and other natural resources.

The neo-cons who devised the plan for Iraq which resulted in the death of over 2 million Iraqis are the same people who are devising the plan against The Sudan. The world watched the illegal hanging of Saddam Hussein who was accused of ordering over 142 people killed in a village where there was a plot to assassinate him. What took place in Iraq is what they would like to see happen in The Sudan. This is why the international community must stand up against the plots and schemes against this African nation and its leader.

We saw the double cross when Charles Taylor was asked to step down to avoid a blood bath in Liberia. Five African leaders made a commitment that he would be allowed to go into exile and left alone. However he was doubled crossed and turned over to the authorities and is now on trial in The Hague. This is why it is ridiculous for anyone to ask his Excellency to turn himself over to the ICC for them to have sham trial and create chaos in The Sudan.

We have an obligation as Muslims and humans beings to do what is just and right to stand up for the leader of the Sudan. There are elections, parties and internal contradictions in the Sudan, but let not the trouble makers in the Darfur who have sought out and received support from the West, including Zionist entities, think they can shoot their way into power and plunder the country into warfare. This is not the way that you move forward.

The hypocrisy of the West to preach democracy and when the people vote their choice and the choice is not pleasing to the West, the West condemns it. We saw this in Algeria with the Islamic Salvation Party, with Hamas in occupied Palestine, and in Venezuela in the election of Hugo Chavez.

If there are parties in the Sudan and the Sudanese people have elections, then organize your party and show desire for change at your polling booth. But you should not get a gun supplied by the enemies of your country in order to continue chaos and cause bloodshed of millions of your people.

May Allah bless President Omar Al-Bashir and the people of The Sudan. We offer up our prayers to protect him. The Holy Qur’an says that “he who Allah befriends is not disgraced.”