(FinalCall.com) – Protests from Wall St. to the streets of London and a churning anger found in radio talk shows, blogs and even Twitter, a short messaging tool used on the internet, reflect a growing amount of dissatisfaction in America and throughout the world.

In marking the anniversary of the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., demonstrators spent two days in the streets of New York City complaining about government policies that spend trillions on banks, financial institutions and private industry as millions of Americans lose their jobs, their homes, their savings and even their sanity.

The economic stress and fear for the future has led a homeowner to shoot herself to stave off foreclosure, another distraught father shot his children, his wife and himself to death after the couple lost their jobs.


The sister of an Asian man who reportedly shot 13 people to death before killing himself in Binghamton, N.Y., told the media her brother was depressed after losing a job and “very frustrated” with his inability to speak English. Others are distraught that it took police 43 minutes to enter the immigrant center after the first 911 call about the deadly shootings.

The alcohol industry has seen an increase in business and women who once worked Wall St., and used their brilliant minds, have turned to the sex industry in search of new employment. Reports of domestic violence and abuse in the home have increased as stressed out wage earners brutalize their mates, their children and other family members.

The military has found recruiting easier as war weary vets re-up in hope of a steady paycheck, despite the chance of losing their lives on foreign shores.

Yet in the scramble to survive there is a widespread sense of dissatisfaction and a demand for change. The mantra of change helped put a Black man in the White House, at perhaps the most difficult time in America’s history, and forced nearly all of the presidential hopefuls in the 2008 election to tailor their messages to include a promise of something new.

But dissatisfaction, “the state of being dissatisfied, unsatisfied, or discontented; uneasiness proceeding from the want of gratification, or from disappointed wishes and expectations,” is the order of the day.

Dissatisfaction brings about a change and 100 percent dissatisfaction brings about a complete change, according to the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, the patriarch of the Nation of Islam. “We are living in the time when dissatisfaction is 100 percent throughout the world of man and mankind. Therefore, we are living among the dissatisfied persons nightly and daily,” he writes in “The Fall of America,” a work that examines that place of the United States in scripture and the root causes for her current decline and the reasons that could lead to her ultimate collapse.

“No one is satisfied though they may be righteous. They are not satisfied because they are living among unrighteousness. So the whole entire world of the wicked and the righteous is upset due to dissatisfaction.

“The dissatisfied are gaining everyday more and more among the people whom they hope to bring into the same condition that they are in,” Mr. Muhammad continues.

Americans are dissatisfied with prospects for the future and angry at the thought that the country may not reverse its downward spiral and economic calamity.

In Black America, with unemployment at high levels and violence an ever-present danger, expressions of frustration can be heard over radio airwaves, in barbershops, beauty salons and even churches. But just talking about current conditions and criticism of the president brings more friction as some say give the first Black president unfettered support and others want to start examining his policies and actions in a more critical way. According to a March poll, 91 percent of Blacks view the president favorably, compared with 59 percent of the general population.

Some progressives are unhappy with the president, saying many “have pinned their hopes on President Obama and the change he promised. His domestic agenda, outlined in his budget, takes steps in the right direction. However, his escalation of the war in Afghanistan, as well as the ongoing occupation of Iraq, threaten to obliterate the most progressive aspects of Obama’s domestic agenda, just as the war in Vietnam ruined the presidency of President Lyndon Johnson.”

It appears as if no one is satisfied with the state of things in the country and the lack of satisfaction isn’t confined to the borders of America. In London, thousands took to the streets to protest before and during the early April meeting of leaders of the world’s richest nations. The G-20 meeting in London brought out an array of the unhappy and the irritated. “Every job I apply for there’s already 150 people who have also applied,” said protestor Nathan Dean, a 35-year-old man who lost his information technology job three weeks before joining demonstrators April 1 in the streets of London.

“I have had to sign on to the dole (welfare) for the first time in my life. You can end up having to pay your mortgage on your credit card and you fall into debt twice,” he told the Associated Press.

Meanwhile laid off workers in three closed factories that once made auto parts staged a sit-in after news that Visteon Corp., a spin-of Ford, was nearly out of business. The workers in London and Belfast, Ireland were demanding better payouts and pensions.

Workers in France have taken to “boss-napping,” holding company officials hostage as part of negotiations when firms try to shutdown. Execs and company representatives of 3M, Caterpillar and Sony are among those who have been taken and held as bargaining chips.

Thousands protested at the April 4 NATO summit in Strasbourg, where a small group expressed its anger and dissatisfaction by smashing windows at a French hotel, setting a fire and clashing with police. The demonstrators were intent on sending a strong message to the 27 major leaders of the western world, President Obama among them, about their lack of contentment.

Other protests over jobs and government failures can be found somewhere in the world nearly every day, peace is nowhere to be found. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad writes that there will be no peace until the justice comes to the Black man and woman of America as part of fulfillment of scripture and the plan of Almighty God Allah. He warns that though White America, and perhaps the White world, may want to ignore his warning and disavow and hate him, his followers and his teaching, he will triumph in the end and Allah (God) will usher in a world of peace and righteousness. His divine words, and those of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, are the prescription needed to soothe the desires for peace and comfort. We say to all who desire peace and contentment of mind: Fly to Almighty God and the path to repentance and unity, it is our salvation.