Raising Spiritual Consciousness Through the Universal Language of Music

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“On the day when Allah will gather together the messengers and say: What was the response you received? They will say: We have no knowledge. Surely Thou art the great Knower of the unseen. When Allah will say: O Jesus, son of Mary, remember My favour to thee and to thy mother, when I strengthened thee with the Holy Spirit; thou spokest to people in the cradle and in old age, and when I taught thee the Book and the Wisdom and the Torah and the Gospel, and when thou didst determine out of clay a thing like the form of a bird by My permission, then thou didst breathe into it and it became a bird by My permission; and thou didst heal the blind and the leprous by My permission; and when thou didst raise the dead by My permission; and when I withheld the Children of Israel from thee when thou camest to them with clear arguments–but those of them who disbelieved said: This is nothing but clear enchantment.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 5, verses 109-110


[Special thanks: At the opening of this article, I wish to thank the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan for his exceptional support of my musical production of TaHa: The Final Call Symphonic Suite as a gift from Allah to all the Believers and those who were in attendance at the premiere performance on Friday, February 27, at the very beginning of our Saviours’ Day conference. He carried the weight of all expenses entailed in this production, which included traveling expenses for our guest performing artists from Los Angeles, who represented our family from the Asian community. It truly was a wonderful expression of love and the mercy of God for him to personally put forth such an effort to raise the spiritual consciousness of all who participated in this year’s Saviours’ Day event 2009.]

“Ta Ha: The Final Call Symphonic Suite” features a full symphonic score with chorus and a choreo-graphed ballet featuring international guest artists and performers from around the world. The Musical Director and Arranger of this symphonic score is Mr. Phillip (Xiang Fei) Lin, originally born in Shanghai, China and educated at the prestigious Shanghai Conservatory of Music.

Writer and Composer, Mother Tynnetta Muhammad, is introducing this new musical compositional work based on the 20th Surah (or chapter) of the Holy Qur’an. Ta Ha represents two mysterious letters of the Arabic alphabet which also serves as numbers and words of a prophetic code, interpreted as meaning, “O man, listen to thy Lord; listen to the still small voice of God within.”

The narrative of the story centers on the Spiritual Commission of Prophet Moses being called by God in the Sacred Valley, Tuwa, where he received the Divine Commandment to deliver his people from Pharaoh. He pleads for a Divine Helper, from his family, his brother Aaron to help bear his tremendous task. Almighty God grants him his request and sends them both as two Messengers with authority to Pharaoh pleading for the delivery of his enslaved people while at the same time warning Pharaoh of the Divine Plagues and Calamities visiting the land due to his mistreatment of God’s People.

As a world traveler and educator, Mother Tynnetta has embraced “Ta Ha: The Final Call Symphonic Suite,” a fully orchestrated musical work, into a multi-dimensional cultural event, a “World Concert for Peace and International Folk Arts Festival.” This work is being diligently pursued with the help and support of many people from around the world.

Some of the most prestigious persons in the field of music and the performing arts have become acquainted with Mother Tynnetta’s Spiritual Vision. This includes artist Yo Yo Ma, renowned world cellist and noted Artistic Director of the Silk Road Project, the eminent composer and musician, N. Jantsannorov from Mongolia, and long song singer, Sarantuya, noted as the long song singer of the century in Mongolia, the opera singer, Elizaveta Yalbakova from the Al-Tai Republic in Siberia; Artistic Director of the Universal Ballet Company of Korea, Mrs. Julia Moon, daughter-in-law of Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, and the family of Ustad Ali Akbar Khan with his two sons, Aashish and Prenesh Khan from India. There are other influential persons that can be acknowledged as supporters from America, the continent of Africa, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, the South Pacific Islands from Hawaii to New Zealand and Australia.

Mother Tynnetta Muhammad, affectionately called “Mother” by her contemporaries, was born in Detroit, Michigan. Since early childhood, she has studied many world cultures and societies. A gifted child in oratorical and writing skills, she developed a wide range of creative expression in the performing arts, including theater and dance. She often appeared in public recitals and was a regular performer on local television stations at an early age. When 16, she embraced the Divine Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, who guided her to the study of the Holy Qur’an. Ever since she has been devoted to the study of the Divine word of God.

She was chosen as wife of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Leader of the Nation of Islam in America. The inspiration for the expression of her gifts is drawn from the Spiritual Guidance of His Divine Teachings. Her study of the Holy Qur’an has become the foundation of her music compositional works and creative spirit.

Mother Tynnetta Muhammad, self-taught without formal training in music theory or instrumentation, credits her musical expression to be–“A Gift from Allah and an answer to a Prayer.”

Mother Tynnetta has been greatly aided and supported throughout the years by the late, Alice Coltrane, wife of the legendary jazz artist and genius, John Coltrane. Mother Tynnetta has cultivated a lifetime and endearing friendship with the late Syretta Wright (Muhammad), former Motown performing artist and lyricist and former wife of Stevie Wonder. Syretta is the founder of the performing artists and dance ensemble The Divine Hands. Other notable friendships include, the late Miriam Makeeba and Mrs. Winnie Mandela, rap artist and movie producer, Oshea (Ice Cube) Jackson and wife, Kimberly Jackson. Mother has developed an ongoing friendship with the Unification Church and its leadership and Founder, the Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, affectionately referred to as “True Parents and Mother and Father Moon.” Through them the doors of communication and cultural links were opened to the Mongolian people.

Mother Tynnetta Muhammad is an assistant and Spiritual Helper to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, appointed by her husband to continue this Great Work of Divine Unity and Global Mission in the Spiritual Resurrection of our people worldwide embracing the whole of humanity. She is gifted with a psychic sense of perception seeing into the future of a new world, which will flourish upon the vibrations of peace and unlimited progress for the Righteous.

“And when I revealed to the disciples, saying, Believe in Me and My messenger, they said: We believe and bear witness that we submit. When the disciples said: O Jesus, son of Mary, is thy Lord able to send down food to us from heaven? He said: Keep your duty to Allah if you are believers. They said: We desire to eat of it, and that our hearts should be at rest, and that we may know that thou hast indeed spoken truth to us, and that we may be witnesses thereof.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 5, verses 111-113

To be continued.