Wisdom in a few words: Good Muslims, Good Christians and Rebellion to God

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Jabril Muhammad: Brother Minister, you have quoted the Honorable Elijah Muhammad as saying that: “A good Christian is a good Muslim and vice versa.” Please explain.


Next, an Aztec Brother asked for a better understanding of the phrase in a Lesson a registered Muslim receives: “…with the two million Indians.” He wanted a deeper understanding of “with” in the Lesson. He also mentioned the fact that the Bible teaches that, eventually, God is going to cause each nation of people to go unto their own vine and fig tree. He wanted to understand how this fits with the “with” concept in the lesson.

Minister Farrakhan: If we understand Christ and the definition of what a Muslim is as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us, and the scholars of Islam agree that, “A Muslim is one who submits his or her will to do the will of God.” By so doing, one is made secure because this one has entered into peace with God.

If we understand Jesus Christ, he never asked the people to worship him. He demanded of his followers to follow him.

In the book of John, I believe it says, “God is a spirit and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth for such the Father seeketh.”

Jesus was, according to what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad told me, the most perfect man in obedience to the law given by Moses. Perfect in obedience means perfect in submission. The New Testament bears witness to this of Jesus for he said, “I can do nothing of myself, but whatsoever the Father commanded me to do that I do. Whatsoever the Father commanded me to speak that I speak.”

He was so perfect in his obedience to Allah, God, called in scripture “the Father,” that he became one with the Father. He was so much in unity with the will of the Father that he became a perfect reflection of the Father, so that he could say, “When you see me you see the Father. For I am in the Father and the Father is in me.”

So the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, “A good Christian is a Muslim,” using the definition of what is a Muslim. A good Christian, who is following Christ, in perfect obedience to God, is a Muslim. A good Muslim is a Christian, because he is also in perfect obedience to God, in oneness with God, through His Christ or His Messiah or His Messenger.

So this destroys the artificial barrier that separates Muslims and Christians from each other. In a time such as this, where Muslims and Christians are at war with each other, over their misunderstanding of the word, such a simple phrase or sentence by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, if properly understood, and carried into practice, would then unify Muslims and Christians in a bond of love and Brotherhood. Then both would be in complete submission to the will of God, which is righteousness. Righteousness will destroy hatred. Righteousness will produce love, harmony and peace.

Now, if I say to you Brother Jabril, “I am planning a trip to Houston. I would like you to be with me;” with could mean accompanying me on some journey, or agreement on some goal, or objective. But, “with” could be even deeper. I want you to be with me; meaning in total agreement with me in what I am saying or doing or planning.

Now, let’s understand the seventeen million, “with,” the two million Indians. What God is after is for the Native Americans to accompany the Black man as members of the original family in a pilgrimage. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that the Native Americans were exiled for breaking the law of Islam, over 16,000 years ago. They were exiled to this part of the planet, which was at that time, a wilderness. It is the law of Islam that was broken. The law of Islam is obedience.

When you have a thought of an idea that causes you to disobey the will of God then you have broken the law of Islam. We are descendents of the tribe of Shabazz that also broke the law of Islam.

Our father Shabazz, as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us, wanted to go down into the jungle of East Asia, as it is now called Africa, to make a people close to nature. He was one of the major scientists of the 24. When he brought his idea before the rest they disagreed with him. Naturally, if the majority disagrees with you, submission is required of you. But Shabazz did not agree with the other scientists. So they said, “Well you cannot make your man here.” So he went out into the jungle of East Asia as we now call it Africa, where he would be free to make his man.

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I was very upset with the scientists, one day as I was studying. I wrote the Honorable Elijah Muhammad a letter rebuking the scientists for leaving us in that condition in the jungle of East Asia going into savagery; losing the knowledge of our high civilization that we once had. I was angry with the scientists for sending so many prophets to the Caucasian people and not sending anyone to raise us from our condition.

Well, when I met with him, he told me, “Don’t send any letter like that again through my secretarial staff, but approach me directly.” Then he said, “Well God could say it like this, ‘I didn’t put him out there’ in words, ‘He went out there. He disagreed. He rebelled. So I’m not under any obligation after he rebelled to go after him.’ ”

So here you have the Caucasian, bringing the children of a rebel, Shabazz, out of Africa coming to a land of another rebel, the Native American. The Native American rebelled and broke the law of Islam. So you have three rebels now. You have the Caucasian, who has rebelled against God. You have Shabazz’s people who rebelled. You have the Native Americans, who did the same.

More next issue, Allah willing.