Inaugural Day, 20th of January brings “A New Beginning” to Washington, D.C. and a New Era of Change for the American People and World Politics

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“Those who reject Our messages and turn away from them haughtily, the doors of heaven will not be opened for them, nor will they enter the Garden until the camel pass through the eye of the needle. And thus do We reward the guilty. They shall have a bed of hell and over them coverings (of it). And thus do We requite the wrongdoers. And as for those who believe and do good–We impose not on any soul a duty beyond its scope–they are the owners of the Garden; therein they abide.”Holy Qur’an, Surah 7, verses 40-41

Barack Obama takes the oath of President of the United States as wife, Michelle, and two daughters, Malia and Sasha look on.

Reflecting over the prophetic events which occurred on January 20, 2009 Inauguration Day installing the new president, President Barack Hussein Obama, to leadership, I recalled in our Nation of Islam history in America that prior to the first world travel overseas of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to the East in 1959 that he addressed a large audience of some 10,000 people at the Uline Arena in Washington, D.C.

Seventeen years earlier in 1942, he had been arrested by an Executive Order in Washington, D.C., former president, Franklin Deleanor Roosevelt and was sent to jail and then imprisoned for five years until released in 1947. He was confined for the duration of America’s prosecution of the war in Germany and in the Pacific with the Japanese. He was released in 1947 from the downtown Chicago jail, and was told that he could continue his teaching freely to his people without interference from the United States government.

Following this period in the mid-1950s, his new residence was purchased through the efforts of a handful of Believers and was located in Hyde Park on Woodlawn Avenue. There he settled into his divine work and mission in the mental resurrection of his blind, deaf and dumb people, ex-slaves of America. From 1935 he fled from Detroit, Michigan, escaping a death plot. Seven years later in 1942 came his arrest, his release five years later and subsequently the purchase of his residence in 1955. In this period we calculate 20 years of his Divine work and 20 years more to his departure in 1975 under another death plot.

In another 20 years added to 1975, we come to 1995 and the historical Million Man March. The sign of Egypt and its symbolism are the prophetic signs of America’s rise and fall. We can begin our measurements from the Capitol Building and the Rotunda to the Mall, the Washington Monument, the Reflecting Pool, to the Lincoln Memorial, to the White House and on we go discovering that numbers and mathematics is the underlying scientific language utilized by all governments in their document, their field and measurements of administrative buildings.

The Lincoln Memorial statue measures 19 feet in length and is also 19 feet in width.

All signs are pointing to Ancient Egypt which includes The Great Seal of the United States Government and utilized by the Founding Fathers who projected and accepted the 13 Step Truncated Pyramid embellished with the open space containing the symbol of the “All-Eye Seeing” Providential Hand of Almighty God Allah. It is also printed on the One Dollar Bill.

The face of the first president, George Washington, is also imaged on one side of the dollar bill. One wonders why we are in this money, dollar crises, in today’s economic slump with all this Masonic imagery on a green dollar bill.

During the Inaugural Parade on the 20th day of January, with the procession going down Pennsylvania Avenue, I remembered that in 1959 the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s police escort taking him from the airport down Pennsylvania Avenue to and from his venue at the Uline Arena. What is the significance of this event in the history of the United States Government?

Never has a Black leader been so honored before. Many preparatory steps have been initiated to the steps that lead to the election of President Barack Hussein Obama that few people have put into the perspective of the Divine and Prophetic Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. It is as if someone or some body of people is trying to write him out of history.

Isn’t it remarkable that our President was prepared politically by taking his first political steps in the State of Illinois announcing his candidacy at the Capitol Building in Springfield, Illinois retracing the presidency of Abraham Lincoln. Some of his preliminary works of service was on the Southside of Chicago and his chosen residence where he and his family is in Hyde Park is within blocks of the residence of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and now living quarters of his great helper, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and family.

What did the Honorable Elijah Muhammad know about this stage of America’s history? Why did the teacher of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad meet with the then president, Herbert Hoover, in 1930? Another president, Franklin D. Roosevelt had to deal unjustly with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, using false charges of draft evasion to arrest him by FBI agents. He was told clearly that he was not being arrested for that cause but only for the reason that his teachings could not be taught publicly while America was prosecuting the war. For His Teachings would interfere with their experts to recruit more enlistees.

President Barack Hussein Obama comes into the presidency closing the gap on America’s ill-fated foreign policies in regards to its unjust treatment with the Muslim world. President Obama made his first public interview upon taking office with the Islamic world and is helping to break down barriers of communication between Christian-Judeo and Muslim worlds as a sign of hope and universal change in the spirit and attitude of higher consciousness of the human condition worldwide.

As we continue this series, the parallels and interconnections between President Barack Obama in domestic and international affairs is reflecting upon the Divine Teachings and prophetic work of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad will bring about Divine unity, along with his Chosen Helper, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Soon, and very soon, we will come to see the hand of Allah’s Divine providence to America and the entire world.

“And We shall remove whatever of ill-feeling is in their hearts–rivers flow beneath them. And they say: All praise is due to Allah, Who guided us to this! And we would not have found the way if Allah had not guided us. Certainly the messengers of our Lord brought the truth. And it will be cried out to them: This is the Garden which you are made to inherit for what you did. And the owners of the Garden call out to the companions of the Fire: We have found that which our Lord promised us to be true; have you, too, found that which your Lord promised to be true? They will say: Yes. Then a crier will cry out among them: The curse of Allah is on the wrongdoers.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 7, verses 42-43

To be continued.