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Today (December 30, 2008) I gave a Sister a copy of the 4th edition of Is It Possible That The Honorable Elijah Muhammad Is Still Physically Alive??? She stated that she did not know that there was a 4th edition containing a letter from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. I told her that 5,000 copies of the book were printed two years ago, just before I went into the hospital in February 2006. I was told 2,000 books were sold, and I was told that 3,000 books were out there.

In a conversation with the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, he said to me in the 1970s: “The unanswered lie resembles truth.” I thought of his words as I wrote the following words for the last article: “The false witnesses were against Jesus, who survived death and then rose up to meet God in heaven that the gospels teach, according to scholars.”


Now, as you may know, or can easily learn, Black people suffer from high blood pressure. I have read that is a condition–which affects some 50 million Americans–is twice as common in Blacks as it is in Whites. Can high blood pressure be permanently reversed?

Brother Joel Muhammad of Phoenix, Arizona told me that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad told him, in the early 1960s: “Allah has placed a cure for every illness in the earth.” How does this apply to solving high blood pressure? How can high blood pressure be permanently reversed?

Please, go to www.cuttingedgeknowledge.org under APHASIA 4 for some “new” insight into this problem many of us suffer from.

Briefly, this book’s cover signifies two time periods and two truths. The first was the time and circumstances under which the original part of this book was written. Since then its size has a little over doubled. This has been explained in this book, which was written at the end of 1975. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan did not receive it until 1977.

During all of that time the Honorable Elijah Muhammad had become, and was becoming, more and more of a fading memory in the minds of most who followed him. This was also true of those outside of his following.

Hence, I’ve presented an image of him that was faded when the core of this book was written, which was a letter.

The second time period began on February 22, 1981. That’s when Minister Farrakhan announced before approximately 3,000 people that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was alive, increasingly bringing his teacher back to life in the minds and hearts of a growing number of people.

This material was a letter. Minister Farrakhan suggested to me that it should be made into a book. That was in early in 1983. He also suggested the title: Is It Possible That The Honorable Elijah Muhammad Is Still Physically Alive???

The question he raised fits the scope and nature of the original letter. It was to raise the possibility, first in his mind and next, in the minds of others.

It took Almighty God Allah to make that possibility a reality in the heart and mind of Minister Farrakhan–not this book. That’s true of others. That’s why I had the letters of its title coming down from above.

I used the color green to state the truth and the fact that it is a great truth that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is still physically alive.

On page 99 in the appendix you can learn how I got this letter from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. It’s titled: “Concerning A Letter by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad on His Escape from A Death Plot.”

On the morning of June 17, 2002 I received a phone call from Sister Andrea Muhammad of Muhammad Mosque #12, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to the effect that she received a letter from Minister Rodney Muhammad (of that same Mosque) for me.

It was the letter I referred to on page 114 of the eighth chapter of this book that was written to me by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in November 1966.

I had it when I published this book in 1983 and in 1990. It did not occur to me to mention nor include it in those printings.

However, I did not have this letter at the time this book was published in 2001. If I did I would have published it in that printing which was about double the size of the previous two.

If you notice, I did not mention in that chapter whether or not this letter came up in what he told me of his future escape from a death plot. The letter was not on my mind at the time of our discussion, which developed, for me, quite unexpectedly. Nevertheless, I was and am grateful to Allah and to him for what he did tell me.

I am very thankful to Allah for blessing me that day with that letter. I hope you, too share this gratitude. And, perhaps this letter will stimulate deeper thoughts over the future of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Jabril Muhammad
May 26, 2006

Closing The Gap by Jabril Muhammad
Inner Views of the Heart, Mind & Sprit
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Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

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P.S. On June 5, 2006 I interviewed the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan on a number of topics for Closing The Gap. I asked this question for this book. I asked him about my idea of placing the letter that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad sent to me back in November 1966, in this book. Here was his (Minister Farrakhan) response.

“There is no witness stronger than his own witness of what he knew would come to him, except Allah. He told you in the letter that he would escape a death plot. He gave several instances of scripture that confirmed that.

“So our saying he’s alive is strengthened by his words and he confirms what we’ve been saying that he is alive in the face of those who say: ‘Well, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad never said nothing like that’ or ‘I never heard nothing like that’ or ‘I don’t believe the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is alive.’

“Well here’s a letter that he wrote at such and such a time in a certain context. And he bears witness that he would be taken on the heel of a death plot. Then, in connection with this death plot, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad told you that, ‘If Allah had not shown me how I was going to escape, I would have no hope.’ ”

When you have the time, read in the letter written by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, on his future beyond 1975 on pages 101 and 102 that is in Is It Possible That The Honorable Elijah Muhammad Is Still Physically Alive??? Then study Minister Farrakhan’s more than a vision experience.

More next issue, Allah willing.