The Honorable Elijah Muhammad

If the Bible students would have taken this 50th verse of the 23rd Chapter of the Holy Qur’an, under study together with the birth, ministry and death of Jesus, as given in the Bible, Matt., Mark, Luke and John, they would agree that the man, Jesus, 2,000 years ago and his mother were a sign of something to come.

But the preachers of Christianity have always been overly anxious to put some fancy myth (other than the truth) around Jesus’ birth, ministry, and death, 2,000 years ago, to the extent that the Catholics make monuments of an imaginary Mary and her son, Jesus, and bow down and worship their handmade statues.

The Christians have no true pictures of Jesus and his mother, Mary, in possession, so they use imagery and the ignorant take it for truth.


The son of Mary and his mother, a sign. Let us see if we can direct the sign and find something that corresponds with her son’s birth and the hostile attitude of the Jews against the prosperity and future of these two people.

Why was the government, at that time, against the birth of Jesus and his freedom to live as other men? The Bible, Matt. 2:8, teaches that on his birth, when Herod heard of it, sent spies to ascertain the truth of the news that Mary had given birth to a child called Jesus. He told them to bring word to him that he may go and worship him. But by no means did he intend to give a true worship and recognition of Mary’s son, Jesus. He desired death for the son because he had read the Torah and in it is a prophecy of the Coming and Birth of a Ruler who would be King of the Jews. He felt that his authorities and rule would be threatened and brought to a naught if this was the baby prophesied of.

Take this anger and dislike on the part of the beast that seeks to destroy the child of a woman, Bible, Rev. 12:4 “… and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.” If Mary and her son are a sign, or an example, of that which is to come, then whose birth and enslavement could correspond with these prophecies and signs any more than we, the American So-Called Negroes here under the White man?

Our god is nursing us into the knowledge of our Black self, as a mother nurses her babies from a nursing bottle or from her breasts. The angry enemy watches the growth of the children whom God Has Chosen to build for Himself a kingdom. The enemy becomes angrier and angrier as the American so-called Negro (the Lost-Found Members of the Aboriginal Nation) grow into the knowledge of self, our God and our True Religion, Islam (Entire submission to the Will of God).

In the Bible, the Book of Revelation gives a symbolic picture of the story of Mary and her son, Jesus, which is recounted in the 1st Chapter of Matt., but nevertheless, if understood, it is easy to see that Mary and her son were a sign of the American so-called Negro coming in the future. He would have a worse enemy against him; one who has the nature of a beast.

As Herod did, the enemy admires the so-called Negro, but at the same time he hopes to trick the Negro to go down with him to his doom. As it is prophesied, Bible Rev. 19:20, actually the beast did deceive the people.

The Prophets say that the slave, being deceived, worshipped the mark of the slave-master (his religion and name). There are many of our people today who hope to be dignified and respected by worshipping the cross and by going in the slave-master’s name.

This worship called Christianity and the names of the White slavemaster dooms Black Americans to an eternal death in the fire of hell. This fire of hell will be kindled from the atmosphere and sun over America. This is the only part of the earth of which it is prophesied that God would turn it into a Lake of Fire; not the whole earth. The reason it is called a lake is because a lake is confined to a certain area. A lake is inland surrounded by land.

The fleeing of Mary with her son to Egypt and Joseph’s aiding her to make haste to Egypt Bible Matt. 2:13, is a beautiful sign of the so-called American Negro fleeing out of America to the open arms of the Muslim world.

The King, Herod, desired most of all to kill Jesus in his infancy. Bible, Rev. 12:4 tells us that the dragon stood before the woman. The woman here represents the Messenger of God. The child represents the followers of the Messenger.

In the Bible, Rev. 14:1, we find the Lamb (Messenger of Allah, God) standing on the Mount Zion (foreign shore); with him was a hundred and forty four thousand (his followers who had escaped from the anger of the beast).

The average so-called Negro preacher has always believed this was referring to Jesus, the son of Mary. But this is due to his lack of knowledge of the Bible story of Jesus. Jesus, as I have said and written, was only a prophet. He is not what the average so-called Negro is made to believe from the surface teachings of the Bible. They have been taught that Jesus is some kind of mysterious being, and not a natural man, and that he is God, and that he could be killed, put into a grave back there 2,000 years ago, and ascend up into space to await the end of the world. They have been taught to believe that he will return and usher in the Judgment of this world. All of this is wrong.

The fleeing out of Jerusalem under the cover of darkness is backed up by prophecy made in the Bible, Ez. 34:12, “… and will deliver them out of all places where they have been scattered in the cloudy and dark day.” This is referring to the last days; that Allah (God) would gather us in under a cover of a cloudy and dark day. We go further back to prophecy. Bible Ex. 12:31, 42 says that Israel was brought out of Egypt under cover of darkness. The Bible, Rev. 8:12 refers to a time of darkness in which “the third part of the sun, moon and stars was smitten and it was dark part of the day and the night.”

Since the world that Allah (God) will be destroying is a world of spiritual darkness, it is natural then that his judgment should correspond with the spiritual darkness of the evil world that He is removing.

In the Bible, Rev. 16:3, the angel dropped a vial into the sea, and the sea was turned to blood. The angel who had the power to do this work said that this was good as they loved the drawing of blood, they were given blood to drink. This refers to their evil murdering of people, especially the Black Man. No one fits this description better than America. She thought there was no help for us. But help has come to us as the Bible, Is. 62:4, prophesies, “Thou shalt no more be termed Forsaken …”

Retaliation is certain today, for Allah (God) has chosen us to be His People. Our enemy is angry against God Coming to our aid and His Raising of us into a true knowledge of self, Our God, and his True Religion, the same as Herod and the beast of Revelation (Bible) was against Jesus and the woman who was giving birth to her child.

The White man hates to see anything of good come to the American so-called Negro whom he has made blind, deaf, and dumb to the knowledge of self and others. He is working feverishly to bring to a naught the progress of the salvation that Allah (God), Who Came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad To Whom Praises are due forever, has brought to us, the Black Man of America.

As Joseph was at his wits end trying to find a place for Jesus and His mother, Mary, at the time of his birth (Bible Lk. 2:7) so are we. Everywhere that we go trying to find an Inn to give birth to this baby (so-called American Negro) we are hindered, not by the common people but by the chief rulers of this land.

(Reprinted from “Our Saviour Has Arrived,” 1974.)