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On the front cover of The Final Call, Vol. 28, No. 8, the headline reads: State of the Black World Conference II: Black America Unite and Do For Self.

I commented on an article written by Brother Ashahed Muhammad, Assistant Editor of The Final Call. He wrote, that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said: “I always try to see the hand of God in things that are happening so I can give the thing that is happening the proper respect,” adding that despite the fact that he cast his vote just before dawn on Nov. 4, he was “in doubt” that America would elect a Black president until late in the evening. The Minister said Mr. Obama’s victory is a sign that “God has not forsaken us,” and “is giving America a chance to redeem herself.”


“This is why I see Barack Obama as a mercy from God to the United States of America and a troubled world,” said Minister Farrakhan adding that America is in a fall from the pinnacle of power.”

“You are the only people who seek political strength on the basis of nothing,” said Min. Farrakhan noting that the Italians, the Irish and the Jewish people all established economic power then began to exert political power. He said every time we achieve one milestone, whether it is education, business ownership or voting, Black people collectively still end up in a bad condition primarily because we need to ‘flush out’ envy, stupidity, ignorance, jealousy and envy among our people.”

I intend to comment on a little of the wisdom of his words, next issue, Allah willing.

I delivered a speech in Phoenix, Arizona in 1995, in part I stated: “Of the last week, which includes what scholars call Jesus’ passion, which only refers to his extreme suffering.

“The last week and day of Jesus’ life takes more space in the Bible (the part called Gospels) than all of his life up to that point. There is little mentioned of his actual birth. Next to nothing is written of the first thirty years of his life. There is brief notice given of an incident when he was twelve. Nothing else. Little is mentioned of the first year of his ministry. More is given of his second year. Still more is given of the third year plus.

“Then, eight of the twenty-eight chapters of Matthew; six of the sixteen chapters of Mark; nearly six of the twenty-four chapters that make up Luke; nearly ten of the twenty-one chapters that make up the book of John, cover from his last week through what is said to be his rise from the dead and his ascension. But even most of this space is taken up by the events of his last week.”

This makes one think there is some significance in this arrangement. What happened, according to these chapters? Did all of this really happen back then, 2,000 years ago? If this happened, 2,000 years ago, and if we are alive now, then we are in the kingdom of God! Next article, Allah willing, I’ll make a comment based on a very significant statement Minister Farrakhan made last April.

Closing The Gap by Jabril Muhammad
Inner Views of the Heart, Mind & Sprit
of the

Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan
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“As I was preparing for that talk in 1995, I heard a caller touch on (a small but noticeable) comparison between the Minister and Jesus. Art Bell was seeking an interview with Minster Farrakhan. Both of them (the caller and Art Bell), spoke of the Minister’s great and usual intellect and brilliant mind and that they liked him.” The Art Bell Show came on early in the morning and often featured programs about “UFOs.”

On April 5, 1997, I made a talk titled, “Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!” in Greensboro, N.C. The majority of it is fulfilled in Master Fard Muhammad, in the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, in the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and in the Believers, in the truth.

From Closing The Gap, pages 271 and 272 we read: “Let’s now focus on the Messiah’s words and piece them apart. He said: “Whenever you accuse an innocent man of that which he did not do the heavens and the earth cry out for justice for the innocent man.” STOP.

“Have you ever been accused of what you did not do? How do you know? Did the heavens and the earth cry out for justice for you? Did you hear the heavens and the earth make any sounds for your benefit? Have you ever heard such sounds in behalf of others who were falsely accused?

“Do you think the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was exaggerating to drive home his point? Or do you think he was speaking from the highest kind of wisdom?

“Hyperbole, according to the Encarta World English Dictionary, is the “deliberate and obvious exaggeration used for effect, for example, ‘I could eat a million of these.’

“The American Heritage Dictionary states that it’s a figure of speech in which exaggeration is used for emphasis or effect, as in ‘I could sleep for a year’ or ‘this book weighs a ton.’ Webster’s Dictionary defines hyperbole as ‘an extravagant statement or figure of speech not intended to be taken literally.’

“Did the Honorable Elijah Muhammad intend for his words to be taken exactly as he stated them? There were about 90 of his laborers there. How did they see his words? More importantly, how did the Lord of the Worlds see his words that night? It’s one matter if his words were intended merely for effect. But if he was speaking of a law of the nature of the heavens and the earth, that’s another thing entirely.

“The Holy Qur’an (104:1) declares: “Woe to every slanderer, defamer!” Do these words express a law of the nature in which the universe was created?

“Two weeks ago an event of huge proportions disrupted the lives of millions, while killing over 160,000. As a consequence, it seems that more than ever people are talking about ‘GOD.’ I watched the Larry King Live TV program a few nights ago (January 7th) wherein a law of nature was cited, which bears on all of the above.

“Mr. King opened the program with: ‘How do we find God after losing so much in a historic tragedy? How much is our faith in a higher power tested by the tsunami killing of more than 150,000 people in a matter of moments? We’ll ask spiritual and religious leaders of faiths from around the world.’

“Later in the program, a part of Deepak Chopra’s answer to a question was: ‘And you know, there’s lots of evidence, even scientific, that the earth is a living organism … .’ Is it possible that our consciousness and the turbulence in our consciousness has anything to do with the turbulence in nature?

“Michael Lerner just referred to that. One of the very interesting things that happened with the tsunami was, no animal died. The elephants, the hares, the rabbits, the birds–they were so tuned in to the forces of nature that they escaped. They ran. Some of the elephants broke their chains and ran to the high level mountainous area where the tidal waves could not reach. We have lost that connection.

“Is there a way that we can collectively transcend to a level of consciousness where we see that the turbulence in our collective mind, possibly, is inseparable from the turbulence in nature, because we are part of nature?

“Yes. Minister Farrakhan represents that way. How he does this, in essence, next issue, Allah willing.”

More next issue, Allah willing.