Journey to Mongolia, Part VIII–

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“Almighty (God) By the glorious Qur’an! Nay, they wonder that a warner has come to them from among themselves; so the disbelievers say: This is a wonderful thing! When we die and become dust–that is a far return. We know indeed what the earth diminishes of them and with Us is a book that preserves.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 50, verses 1-4


Arriving in the capitol of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, for the first time in the second week of November, 2003, I was surprised to hear the announcement just prior to landing that the temperature on the ground was 25 degrees below zero. I tried to imagine if it were possible for me survive in such below freezing temperatures. Our plane landed on the tarmac between 2:30 and 3:00 o’clock in the morning. I wondered if someone would really be there to meet me as was planned.

Photos 1-3: Song and dance performers and musicians of the Tumen Ekh Ensemble, National Song and Dance of Mongolia. Photos: Anita Muhammad

After clearing customs and picking up my luggage, I was met by a small group of youth members of the Unification Church carrying signs with my name printed on them. Smiling faces and a bouquet of roses was presented to me, and after a brief introduction, I was told to cover tightly my face and head and hurry into the direction of an awaiting, small caravan of cars in subzero weather. I was taken swiftly to my guest house arrangement where I remained for five days with a very busy schedule until my return to Seoul, Korea, and then back to the United States.

It was during my last journey this past September, 2008, in which I became re-acquainted with a few of those first hosts from Japan, along with the many others who had attended me in my previous visits to Mongolia during the last five years. This year’s visit culminated a part of my search to learn more of the inner meanings of my Mongolian vision which first occurred in the summer of 1984 while visiting Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I was in the company of a small group of travelers and students directed by the late Attorney Marva Mohr from San Diego, California. This event took place 24-years ago. I have written a children’s illustrated book telling this story. Allah, (God) willing, it will be made available in the very near future. It was during that first visit when I made contact with the 29th Descendent of Genghis Khan, Mr. Perev Davaanyam, President of the World Academy Chingges Khaan. At that time I presented to him the gift of one of my “Cultural Links” magazines, which contained one of my musical compositional CDs entitled, “Cosmic Visions.”

This compositional work was received by him as a gift of music which corresponded to one of 29 gifts offered in a ceremony dedicated to Genghis Khan from 800 years ago that my music strikingly contained the same musical scales and the same title of the musical work offered as a gift in the year 1241 A.D. All of this took place unknowingly to me approximately 14 years following the demise and establishment of the Mongolian nation established by Genghis Khan. As in the history of Islam under Prophet Muhammad, may the peace and blessings of Allah be with him, a type of Caliphate or leadership was established under four appointed descendents. Under Genghis Khan, this exact arrangement was carried down through four of his sons passing on from father to son to the present day. In both of these histories, that of Islam and that of the Mongol nation, the attempt to get rid of the bloodline or legacy was carried on throughout the centuries; and only a few remained who have received this (secret history), handed down from father to son.

In the Nation of Islam, the coming of the Great Mahdi or the (hidden imam) or the expected Messiah, carries the same story with emphasis on this great hero or champion of history. Mr. Davaanyam, among his descendents, has traced his hereditary link to one of the sons of Genghis Khan, named Tului, who produced the last of the historic Khans, the great Kublai Khan. His history terminated with the rule of the Yuan Dynastic Rule, which lasted for 104 years. It was through Mr. Davaanyam that I was signaled out in this long, panoramic journey as being related to this history as the mother of Kublai Khan, Queen Behi. This discovery was quite unexpected and requires a great deal of further study and research into the evidence of these exact words that were given to me in my 1984 Mongolia vision–“You are related to the Kublai Khans.”

After these last five years of travel and research to Asia and far away Mongolia, and Siberia, I have a greater understanding of the value and meaning of these words in relationship to the development of our new beginning in the Nation of Islam and world history. When arriving in Mongolia five years ago, I never expected to find these truths or to discover the rich culture of music and sound and universal vibrations connected to the Mongolian people, nor did I expect to find a fully developed cultural center in the central plaza of the capitol city. Not only are there exquisite sculptures of Genghis Khan, but other outstanding heroes of the revolution are situated there near the building sites of the government parliament, the Mongolia State’s Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet. I will always remember the words of the coordinator, Ms. Bolor, of the Tumen Ekh Ensemble of the National Song and Dance Ensemble of Monglia, who stated that Genghis Khan’s army contained an orchestra of some 430 musicians.

In a recent e-mail I have just received from Mongolia, top Artist and Composer, Mr. Natsag Jantsnarrov, states concerning my musical score of TAHA that it can be played with the traditional and symphonic orchestra in Mongolia to premiere, inshallah, in the year 2009.

“Nay, they reject the Truth when it comes to them, so they are in a state of confusion. Do they not look at the sky above them?–how We have made it and adorned it and it has no gaps. And the earth, We have spread it out, and cast therein mountains, and We have made to grow therein of every beautiful kind–To give sight and as a reminder to every servant who turns (to Allah).” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 50, verses 5-8

To be continued.