‘A New Beginning’–Opening the Door to Change

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“Surely We have revealed to thee as We revealed to Noah and the prophets after him, and We revealed to Abraham and Ishmael and Isaac and Jacob and the tribes, and Jesus and Job and Jonah and Aaron and Solomon, and We gave to David a scripture. And (We sent) messengers We have mentioned to thee before and messengers We have not mentioned to thee. And to Moses Allah addressed His word, speaking (to him)” –Holy Qur’an Surah 4, verse 163-164

(1) Mr. Perev Davaanyam (l) in a meeting with his interpreter, Ms. Judger (r), and his personal security in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, September 2008. (2) Mother Tynnetta Muhammad meeting with the coordinators and translator of The Tumen Ekh Ensemble discussing future culture exchange programs in the lounge of the Chingges Khaan Hotel in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, September of 2008. (3) A performance of The Tumen Ekh Ensemble in the Mongolian National Recreation Center in September of 2008. Photos: Anita Muhammad

During the last several articles, I have focused on my recent journey to Mongolia in September of this year. We have been introduced to the thoughts and thinking of others as they come into contact with us from the place of our over 400-year disbursement in America on this farthest Western horizon. The Divine Prophecy pertaining to our mentally dead condition and spiritual resurrection also pertains to the beginning of a new physical creation in which all the cells of our bodies will be renewed. Medicine and technology, science and research in every field of endeavor is now revealing that greater breakthroughs are forging ahead which promises to do just that in renewing our lives. The Divine Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad are a forerunner to all these scientific discoveries and put us in the vanguard position to this great reality.

Almighty God Allah Himself is (Making all things new) at “A New Beginning” of the present encroaching cycle of time. In one of the last e-mails I received from the office of the secretary of President Davaanyam of the World Academy of Chingges Khaan in Ulaanbaatar, I was presented research to study prior to my departure. I was given a study of historical reference to Mr. Davaanyam’s work, which has covered the last 16 years of a peaceful struggle under the education and reform he discovered in the philosophy of Chingges Khaan. He has moved to create the Mongolian state of Chingges’ unifying under one purpose for all Mongolians in this difficult time of Mongolia. “Chingges Khaan, who is a founder of the Mongolian state of Chingges, was chosen as ‘Man of the Millenium.’

“From these following cultures: one, state culture; two, Olympic culture; and, three, academic culture, there is one of these that isn’t able to solve the remarkable culture of state founding until the present time. It was made by Temuujin Chingges Khaan since he was 16 years old and he led all Mongolians in the 13th century, an intelligent people, that mankind has been proud of for now 800 years. But present day Britain and America has used one-third of his created philosophy. If so, this state culture is being discovered by P. Davaanyam to the present mankind. He venerates a freedom, independence and human’s valuable life in Central Asia and enlightened to dedicating his life to it as he takes pride in Mongolia and Central Asia, as well as Europe and America.”

“He is the 30th generation of Chingges Khaan, Golden Lineage’s Policy and theory keeper of Chingges Khaan’s philosophy 29th generation of Tului. In 1227, Chingges Khaan gave 29 things (gifts) with a decree of ‘come back again after 800 years,’ to his youngest son Tului. One of them (29 gifts), the sword with a decree of the eternal sky that is kept by Mr. Davaanyam and I’ve never seen such marvelous things in my life as I was shown and explained by him. (Cosmic Vision) music/of Mother Tynnetta/participated in the worship ceremony of the great empire of Chingges Khaan to make contact with the eternal sky in 1241. Mother Tynnetta had found over ten years ago why the music is returned by her and Mr. Davaanyam unraveled the music as Mother Tynnetta is connected by this wonderful music with Mr. Davaanyam, and I hope that she has a historic duty for this tremendous work.”

We will note in the book we quoted in last week’s article on The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History, the author Mr. Michael H. Hart, named Chingges Khaan as the 29th in the line of influential people in the world. It is very interesting that Mr. Davaanyam who has received this work of the philosophy of Chingges Khaan is also named as the 29th generation to carry on the golden legacy through his sons and from 1241 A.D., Tului. It is from this lineage that Mr. Davaanyam recognized my music as one of the great gifts that was offered during that ceremony and 800 years later as “Cosmic Visions.” It is through this lineage that he recognized a genetic or spiritual link to the mother of Monge Khaan and Khublia Khaan. This gave me a part of the answer to my Mongolian vision that I received in 1984, and why I was specifically told, that I was related to the Khublai Khaans.

“Messengers, bearers of good news and warners, so that the people may have no plea against Allah after the (coming of) messengers. And Allah is ever Mighty, Wise. But Allah bears witness by that which He has revealed to thee that He has revealed it with His knowledge, and the angels (also) bear witness. And Allah is sufficient as a witness.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 4, verses 165-166