America is a capitalistic country, hence all of the political and social issues trace back to “profits for the power brokers.” There are no accidents. It is highly likely that the recent banking crisis is being strategically orchestrated consistent with a strategy that was devised in Europe during the 1700s and transferred to America during the 1800s.

The strategies included creating wars and creating financial crisis to instill fear in the masses. The Civil War failed to create a proposed Central Bank. So After the Civil War, the “players” orchestrated contrived banking problems. The conspiratorial “players” used artificially created depressions, recessions and banking panics to gain mental control over the American people and economic control through a Central Bank. When a run on the banks was created, those elitist insiders who knew when the bank panic was going to occur, withdraw their money prior to the beginning of the panic. The insiders had enough cash to buy up properties and products cheaply and then go back into the market to sell capital goods at a higher price. In order to achieve a profit, capital goods have to be converted into money, the goods must be sold. The International Bankers offered a solution in the form of a permanent Central Bank, controlled by “the government.” Well, the government is supposed to be the people. But, in actuality the elite controlled the government and as a result they controlled the Central Bank.

Today, the elite realize that they are losing the unbridled control the Bush administration has leveraged under the guise of national security. Hence, they are pushing for the establishment of governmental financial centralization that is unregulated, publicly funded and privately controlled. This can be accomplished at a time when the eyes of America are deceptively focused on, what has been described as the most important election in America’s history?


Politicians and the corporately controlled media never ask questions that will lead you to the true motives of the elites. Why because they are “players.” “Players” who have a stake in the game? Every player knows not to talk about the “game” outside the “gaming room.” All of the players have the job of keeping you “thinking in the box.” What box? The Ballot Box. The problem is that Capitalism is a system whose function has little to do with personalities reflected at the Ballot Box. Keep in mind that key players in both the Democratic and the Republican administration have a history of involvement in economic scandals. Call it, “How to Make Money When The Economy is Broke.”

There is a reason why Sen. John McCain threatened to set aside the first debate with Sen. Obama and rushed back to Washington, D.C. Sen. McCain had more important work to do. Sen. McCain is a “Player.” His mission became convincing the Senate Committee to borrow 700 billion dollars to bail out the American banking industry. A figure that someone simply pulled out of the air. “I’ll bet 700 billion dollars.” Well, whose going to back the bet? The money will be borrowed from elite private investors. This will create a situation similar to loans that the International Monitory Fund have historically impoverished Africa and other third world countries with, countries whose resources are allocated to paying off their debt to the IMF.

The public/private merger of America’s economic structure will assure a healthy profit for the lending institutions elite shareholders. Even though the senators are supposed to represent the American people a condition of anonymity denies them the right to speak publicly–All the “Players” have a stake in the “Game.” And, “No Player is allowed to talk about the Game outside the Game room.”

The “players” goals are to use big government to concentrate and control wealth and to control the masses of people. “Fear” is injected into the masses of the American people, to assure control over them. Every speech that President Bush gives focuses on the fear of terrorists. It’s not because Bush is stupid. Repetitive speech is a psychoneural-linguistic technique designed to implant a message of fear in the publics minds. Likewise, every media release produces a classical condition reinforced emotional response to the pending doom associated with a looming economic crash. A perceived lack of economic security produces emotional insecurity, another form of psychologically conditioned fear that allows the masses to be controlled by the elite.

If today’s scenario follows the historic economic paradigm, the Democrats will take over and create jobs so that those goods that the elite have bought up can be sold. This is Capitalism. However, another possibility is a paradigm shift in which the American plantation will be abandoned for “greener pastures.” Don’t lose your focus. Prior to all of this America was busy talking about a “Global Economy” and “One World Government”, the outsourcing of American jobs, the North American Free Trade Agreement, the Central American Free Trade Agreement, the European Union and other related economic movements. All of these things are still on the table. Could it be that America’s wealth is now being “outsourced?”

What we are witnessing is the creation of something extremely similar to the Central Bank. Realize that the American taxpayers’ money has already been privatized. Today, Americans are forced to contribute to the international banking cartel via the Internal Revenue Service. This money goes to the privately owned “Federal Reserve Banking System to pay back the trillions of dollars members of Congress borrowed for expenditures during the year. All of the income tax dollars collected by the Internal Revenue Service goes to the stockholders of the privately owned “Federal” Reserve” to run the Central Bank and reap profits from the working-class people. One hundred percent of the revenue collected is absorbed solely by interest on the federal government loans.

The Federal Reserve’s stock holders are paid before any money is spent on the services which taxpayers expect from their government. A “national debt” is created for which there is no money to pay. So, Congress must continue to borrow and to spend. The amount borrowed is part of the government’s deceptively creative bookkeeping called the “deficit.” Money from Income Tax goes to the Central Bank to pay what government has borrowed. Money also goes to the IMF, and is invested in endless wars. These are wars in which both sides are often supported by the IMF. Only the world’s privileged, the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and other global elites can own stock in the Federal Reserve and the IMF. A more in-depth analysis can be obtained from my book and DVD “God Save America.” It can be ordered by sending $20 to PO BOX 11783, Raytown, MO 64138.