The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered his Saviours’ Day speech in Detroit, Michigan titled “One Nation Under God.” Under that were the subtitles: “The Confusion, The Guidance, The Warning.” Out of that came five powerful speeches.

On that Sunday Minister Farrakhan delivered the first speech, I was blessed to be alive to see and hear my Big Brother, Minister Farrakhan. In the room were my son Elijah, Brother Charles and Brother Cedric. Recently, I asked each of them to write a brief note of their recollections of that time of me as we watched the Minister. I did not tell them my deeper reason. I intend to make my reason clear later.

In Volume 27; Number 51 Brother Cedric wrote: “Here is some of my recollection of watching Saviours’ Day with you, Brother Jabril on February 25, 2007. Your actual words, to the best of my recollection, of course you additionally used body language and your hands to communicate with us that day.

“During the Saviours’ Day 2007 speech you said that ‘This speech is Big,’ and that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan ‘shared with me’ its content, in an outlined sense prior to delivering it. You (Brother Jabril) said that it was ‘the kind of speech you break into sections.’ While watching it you marveled at the Minister’s unique ‘ability’ to communicate.


“When the speech would have interruption and technical breaks in it, you would give commentary to what Minister Farrakhan was saying, again referencing what you called ‘bullet points’ of what the Minister told you he intended to say, by the help of Allah.”

“You told us that the Minister ‘was designed perfectly’ to do what he does.”

Now, Elijah wrote: “I remember you were very excited and happy with a smile on your face. You stated you were happy to be alive and thankful to Master Fard Muhammad. You mentioned that you were blessed and happy to see the Minister.

“I also mentioned to you just before the Minister’s lecture that there was a group Believers praying for your recovery and health. You stated that you were very much appreciative as well as very humbled.”

Then Brother Charles wrote: “My recollection is that on that day, which is the day I believe you first shaved since you had been in the hospital (smile) and were as close to normal as we had seen you, however, of course with severe speech difficulty.

“My general recollections were just about the huge smile(s) on your face after being told that we should be able to watch the Minister in the hospital room. You seemed totally unfazed by your own condition, as if you were unaware of what you had just came through.

“You were JUST interested in and HAPPY to hear and see your Big Brother, Minister Farrakhan, do what is written of him in the scriptures. Even with the technical difficulties of my laptop computer you appeared to be so comfortable that day in that you were watching him, almost oblivious in that instance of the graveness of your condition, even at that moment.

He ended with: “You just seemed so ‘delighted’ is the word I can say best describes it.”

I want to make it clear why I asked the Brothers to write their recollections of me that you just read. And, please go to to learn more about Aphasia that I’m striving to overcome.

On the back of this book, that contains Minister Farrakhan’s answers we read: “Penetrating answers to penetrating questions, “Closing The Gap” provides the reader with a rare, unfiltered look at the heart, mind and soul of the most profound voice in the world … .”

How many people will buy that book if it is offered to them? Have you thought of buying that book for another as a gift?

On page 306 I wrote, “How blessed we are today that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, under the guidance of Master Fard Muhammad, prepared his best student, Minister Farrakhan, to say and do as he has for (over forty) years throughout America and the world.

“One of the best ways that we can show our gratitude to Minister Farrakhan’s Backers, and our understanding of his significance and his presence and work; and the times in which we live; and the needs of the original people of this land; is to spread the Saviours’ Day addresses Minister Farrakhan delivered on February 26 and the two he delivered on March 5, 2006–three altogether.”

Closing The Gap by Jabril Muhammad
Inner Views of the Heart, Mind & Sprit
of the

Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan
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On page 140 we read: “In the 1960s, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad told Minister Farrakhan that Allah had made friends for him all around the earth and at a certain time he would meet them. He was preparing Minister Farrakhan for his future worldwide mission.

“Minister Farrakhan delivered a speech in Phoenix, Arizona on September 21, 1986, about a year after he received direct communications from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Out of it came his Study Guides, about which he wrote that Allah ordered them through him, and that they were the launching pad of a worldwide movement.”

Six years ago, I interviewed Minister Farrakhan who responded to a question I asked of him: Here is his answer. “Here I am at the dawn of a universal assignment …” and “Not only do I see the universality of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad but in my growing understanding of the reason for evil, the reason for Satan, the reason for negativity, I can now with understanding approach the evil doer and say to them, ‘Well done. You have done what your father made you to do.’ ”

Now, ponder what Minister Farrakhan continued on page 132 of the book, “Closing The Gap,” his answer: “What we are experiencing now is the chaotic disorder of the breaking down of a world that will give birth to the order of a new world. So this chaos is absolutely and vitally necessary to create the motion toward order.

“The evil that Allah has permitted to touch the earth, almost completely, has created such dissatisfaction with evil, that even the evildoer wants a way out of evil, because there is no peace in evil. There is no real productivity now in evil. There is diminishing return in the doing of evil. There is complete loss and frustration in the doing of evil.

“The human being’s nature is to be made secure. So now in this chaos, everybody is insecure. We’re hungering for that security, which brings peace, for unrighteousness has had its sway.

“Now the greatness of the evil has determined the greatness of the good that has come out of the desire of the sufferer of evil and even the doer of evil, reaping the consequence of evil, to get out of that into peace and security.

“Thus the evil, under the Satanic rule, demands the presence of God, to bring about order out of the chaos, as it is the presence of God in the world of evil that is producing the disorder and the chaos that is ending one world and bringing another.”

Later on the same page, I wrote: “The above explains why ‘we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God.’ ” (Acts 14:22)

Then on page 135 I wrote: “The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s answers, in these articles, are most critical to understanding the mind and acts of Allah and His Christ, especially now since we’ve entered that most dangerous of all hours, taught by the scriptures.”

More next issue, Allah willing.