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Among the blessings that I pondered when I woke up in the hospital was the ability to communicate. Imagine one day you go to sleep with the ability to speak and write and then the next morning you can do neither.

Allah blessed me to awake on the 25th. I saw my son, Elijah, Brother Cedric and Brother Charles. I smiled. My first words were, “Where am I?” They answered. I wanted see and hear the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan speak. Although my words were not clear, as I learned later, they were able to understand me. Later I learned that I could not write one word.


Imagine if you woke up like that? I realize that these few words are not sufficient to convey this experience. I intend to inform the reader as to how to get more detail about my experience with aphasia. I hope that it proves to be very educational.

This experience (not being able to communicate) happened during Saviours’ Day February 2007, and compelled me to ponder over the value of Minister Farrakhan and his power of speech–his unique power of speech. It compelled me to think deeper on his power of communication in the resurrection of the dead.

This power is mentioned in certain places of the scriptures. And there are certain prophecies that were made specifically about him as the prime helper of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

Brother Cedric said to me, as I quoted him last article, that I said: the Minister“was designed perfectly” to do what he does. I made those words “was designed perfectly” bold and I am repeating this, what I know and that others know of the bearing it has on our salvation and the future of millions of people–even though most don’t know it right now.

How many people are able to respond to the questions that make up the Closing The Gap book or in the many interviews he has submitted to as he has? That alone teaches us that he is a very valuable man and that he is very special.

I now am quoting from Vol. 27 No. 50: “We are into one of the crucial areas of this book–Closing The Gap. The word ‘crucial’ means ‘vital to the outcome of something.’ To me all of the answers the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan gave in this book are ‘crucial.’ I ask you, read a few words of his bearing on this very unique time we live in.

On page 37 Minister Farrakhan states: “A period of transition is the most difficult period in human development, for during periods of transition the life that is in transition is not where it was, and it is not where it is intended to be. So such periods of time are always very dangerous for the life that is in transition.”

On page 39 he said: “Holy Qur’an: ‘Seek assistance through patience and prayer.’ Why patience? Because if we are impatient with a man in transition, we will make a judgment, and if we are locked into that judgment by our emotional attachment to our own sense of what is correct, or what is right, based upon what we believe we understand of the divine message, then, our judgment will sentence us to death.”

And on that same page: “These two things, doubt and suspicion, are the enemies of faith and the mother of hypocrisy.”

Closing The Gap by Jabril Muhammad
Inner Views of the Heart, Mind & Sprit
of the

Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

On page 82 he said: “Unfortunately, there are those who misread change. And there are those who purposely misrepresent change.”

On page 93 he teaches on dangers of being “judgmental” and why he believes “that the Bible teaches, ‘Judge not lest you be in danger of judgment.’ ”

His words are on page 131-132 in which we all live: chaos.

Brother Jabril: Brother Minister, from time to time, over the last near 25 years, we’ve discussed things that have come up in the Nation of Islam in America and events world-wide, that involve the reality of chaos. Adversity and chaos–of course these are relative terms because nothing is chaotic to the God. Nevertheless, there are times, as we move through our own lives, especially in this most critical of all times, so much seems absolutely upside down. Please explain the part that chaos has in the plan of God and how should we see it in our personal lives and utilize it.

Minister Farrakhan: It would seem to me that in order to understand what chaos really is and how it serves the purpose of God, in establishing order, one must go back to the origin of creation; to when the most Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught of God’s Self-creation.

The first atom of life that sparkled in the universe contained positive and negative. Since the first atom that sparkled in the darkness, had positive and negative, then all of creation bears witness to that atom–that there is no positive without negative; there is no darkness where you cannot find light; there is no death where you can’t find life. Death feeds life and life feeds death. They’re companions of each other.

If light and darkness are companions and life and death are companions, then, in a certain sense, God and Satan are companions, good and evil are companions, chaos and order are companions, but one feeds the other and gives birth to the other.

So the scholars and scientists, who talk about the, “big bang” theory, talk about chaos as though it was first. Well, they don’t really know the root of all of this. Out of what seemed to be chaos, came order. This produced motion.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, who taught us so much deeper than these scholars and scientists, taught us that the first law is motion. How can you produce motion unless these opposites are present? With the positive and the negative charges, you produce motion. That motion may appear chaotic at first, but then the second law comes into existence, which is order.

Out of what seems to be only chaos comes order. Out of darkness came light. Out of nothingness came everything. Out of death comes life. So then, in another sense, out of evil comes good; out of demon, devil or Satan comes God. Well how is that?

Was God Satan at first and then becomes God? Not in that sense. But the Qur’an says that the jinn came before the man. In my humble opinion, it means that this fiery spirit and temperament is seen in the infancy of development, where one must learn to control the emotions in order for the rational mind of a man to come forth.

If you look at a baby, they want immediate gratification for the change of a diaper; for the bottle or for whatever they have a desire for. So they cry. If you don’t attend to them right away, you will see in the baby their cry, demonstrating an emotion that makes their face to become red with the flame of anger. So in the development of the human being, we go through these stages.

Well, what about God? What about the making of a God? If we are created from God, then the adversity that He went through, to evolve into Himself, shows us the path of all things to come to that point or place in development that God intended.

So, what’s called “chaos” serves order.”

Allah willing, I intend to ask the reader to read carefully a few words that were spoken in the hospital as we watched Minister Farrakhan. Then I will tell you where you can go to read more about my experience.

More next issue, Allah willing.