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Minister Louis Farrakhan is an honorable man; sincerely motivated; totally committed to the rise of his people in particular, and humanity, in general. Moreover, he is certainly not insane.

He stated, in his October 24, 1989 press conference, that God would show a sign of the truth of his press statement. God did. The day following his press conference a “UFO” was seen over Washington, D.C. That “UFO” was a sign from God. It was shown on television in Washington, D.C. for the three days that followed his press conference.

President Bush, his staff and the general public in that city, which includes representatives of the nations of the Earth, had access to the full text of Minister Farrakhan’s statement. It was printed in full in The Washington Times. Excerpts appeared in The Washington Post. The entire audio of his statement was aired on radio.

Minister Farrakhan ended his statement to the press with these words:

“This is a final warning to you. The ball is now in your court. You may do with it, with me, and with us, as you see fit.

“Thank you for your attention and may Allah bless each of you with the light of understanding, as I greet you in peace–As Salaam Alaikum.”

They read it. They heard it. They were aware of the “UFO” sighting. When reporters questioned the White House on the Minister’s press statement, they did not mock him; nor did they brush him off. They said in public, “No comment.”

Certainly, many of us heard the Honorable Elijah Muhammad state that he would one day be with the God who raised him up and that he would return. The majority of us who heard these statements heard him give them in a general form. How much we understood depended on what God had blessed us to understand up to that point. On the other hand, a much smaller number of us heard him–at his dinner table, or elsewhere–state certain specifics which others did not hear on this subject.

Many of us, including myself, throughout America have been blessed with visions of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad since he departed. However, nobody’s vision of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is equal in overall significance, value, import, power and weight, or in relevance to the end of this world and the establishment of God’s new world, as that which Minister Louis Farrakhan received on September 17, 1985.

This vision demonstrates the high quality of the Minister’s closeness to Allah and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. This closeness is due to his sterling character, dedication and excellent works. His vision is an extremely important divine communication, as it concerns the truth of the status and whereabouts of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, the destiny of God’s people and the fate of America.

It was actually more than a vision.

Try to put yourself in Minister Farrakhan’s shoes for a moment. Imagine that you have studied, followed and worked for the Honorable Elijah Muhammad for 20 years. You’ve heard him speak, not of his death, but of his going to Master Fard Muhammad–alive. He gives you instructions that seem meaningless if he dies before that blessed second meeting. All of a sudden you are told, on the morning of February 25, 1975, that your leader and teacher is dead. What effect would that have on your mind, if you were in the Minister’s shoes?

Remember, he was the National Spokesman of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam. His voice was heard all over the earth. What do you say to the Believers and to the world?

Then, imagine seeing a body, a few days later, which you have every reason to think was your leader, in a casket.

Then 30 months later, out of sheer love for the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, his people, his teachings, his works and his program, you decide to make an announcement to the world, that may cost you your life and the lives of your loved ones. You decide to lift the name of your teacher and build on the foundation he left in order to raise your people up from their degraded condition, to a superior state of life. That was September 1977.

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It’s now November 1977. You publicly announce your intentions to lift the name of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and rebuild the Nation of Islam. Time passes. You now have very few friends and relatives with you, to a certain extent. At that point they don’t see as fully as you do. Your resources are between extremely slim and none.

You have faith in Allah and in the word of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. However, you still believe your teacher is dead and that you will never see him again.

Different aspects of the words and deeds of your teacher are coming back to you. You are moving strictly on his word and its spirit.

You are faced with skepticism and doubt from those who love the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. More than that, you are faced with the hatred of many of those who claim–or really do–love the man you love, but hate you, out of misunderstanding, and reject your effort to lift his name; to awaken Black people and to set them on the right course to him.

The American government, other governments, various groups, as well as hypocrites–all of these oppose you. These powers seek every means possible to discredit you, as they ultimately planned and worked for the destruction of that which you now seek to resurrect and represent.

Your life is threatened. Several times. Huge bribe offers are made to you. Some of these evil offers are in the thousands. Others are into the hundreds of millions of dollars. These bribers urge, even appeal to you, to go and work for your people. They say that you are a leader in your own right. But, they add, “just don’t do your work with the name of Elijah Muhammad.” They want you to leave his name out of your effort. They don’t want his name to be remembered!

You are broke. But you vehemently reject them all and their money. Some you tell to go to hell, and then some.

Time passes. It’s now 1980. You finally read the letter your brother asked you to read. You begin to entertain the thought of the possibility of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad being alive. Statements and testimonies of varying quality and importance continue to come to you, as you continue to reflect over your personal interaction with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad over 20 years and the things you heard him say.

Then, finally, it all crystallizes. You become one-hundred percent convinced–primarily on the basis of the word of God, and to a somewhat lesser extent, on powerful circumstantial evidence–that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is alive. You come to see that you have a profound obligation to state this conviction publicly. So you decide to do it Saviours’ Day 1981. You know you may be looked at by both friends and enemies as crazy or as an opportunist. Nevertheless, you must do what you must do.

On February 22, 1981, you do it before about 3,000 people. You do it in Chicago, six years, or 72 months, after it was told to the world that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was dead!

Time passes. Others continue to get varying communications and visions that involve the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and sometimes even of Master Fard Muhammad. But not you. You don’t even get a wisp of a dream. Nothing. But you are the man at the point. You are the one the world is looking at, as you say and do what you say and do. You are the one both friend and foe are focused on.

Time passes. Now it is 1984. Many Jews are on your case. Other detractors intensify their efforts against you too. The number of those who openly oppose you increases daily. You are lied on and mocked night and day. Enemies seek every means to multiply the ongoing efforts to ruin you. They work to make a climate in which you can be killed and the public would think that God’s will was being done.

Time Passes. Now it’s 1985. The intensity of the attacks on you as a person, and or those whom you are guiding, widens, increases and intensifies. The desire in you to receive some kind of word, or sign escalates. If not a vision, at least some kind of dream. Something. Anything. You desire a more concrete contact from your Lord.

Then one night, on September 17, 1985, in a tiny village in Mexico, you are taken up in that which is more than a vision. You are taken, or escorted, on one of the little planes, to the big plane; that huge wheel-like plane up in the skies.

While in the big plane, or wheel-like plane, you hear the voice of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad–a voice you know very well–having heard that voice for 20 consecutive years. There you receive instructions from him about a murderously evil plot that the President and the Joint-Chiefs-of-Staff have planned. Finally, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad tells you to let the world know, in a press conference, that you received this information from him on the wheel.

To those who would say that the vision granted to Minister Louis Farrakhan was solely the product of his yearning, or craving, for communication from his teacher, I ask was Mr. Reagan’s war and murder of Libyans also the product of the Minister’s yearning, or craving? Was not Reagan’s attack on the Libyan people real? Did it not happen? Has it not been established beyond all shadow of a doubt that Mr. Reagan planned this war with others a few weeks before the Minister’s vision?

This set of facts–alone–absolutely confirms the truth of the vision and the integrity and sanity of the Minister–for those who need it. Furthermore, the vision confirms the fact that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is alive and the Mother Plane is real. And it tells us much more.

What kind of courage, what kind of dedication, what kind of strength, what kind of purity would a man have to have attained to carry out such a stupendous assignment from a man whom the world thinks is dead?

More next issue, Allah Willing.