Day of Extraordinary Witnessing, June 1, 2008

More colmuns by Mother Tynnetta Muhammad

“And the idolaters say: Had Allah pleased, we had not served aught but Him, (neither) we nor our fathers nor had we prohibited aught without (order from) Him. Thus did those before them. But have the messengers any duty except a plain delivery (of the message)?” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 16, verse 35


As we continue to bring to our readers commentaries and observations made by a small group of participants in the Mxodus Business Meeting and Retreat held at Sedona, Arizona, I would like to share some further observations and mental perceptions of my own concerning that event.

(top) Dr. Toni Mokjaeti-Humber standing with Mother Tynnetta Muhammad at the Flagstaff Observatory, Site Number 19, where the planet Pluto was discovered in 1930. (bottom) Group photo of Mxodus participants standing on one of the energy vortices in Sedona�s red sandstone mountains. Photos: Khalliq Muhammad and Dr. Toni Mokjaeti-Humber

As some of us were preparing to depart for our homes on Monday, June 2nd, there remained a small part of our group who had planned a visit to Flagstaff, Arizona, home of the renowned Lowell Observatory. This was the site of the discovery of the ninth planet of our solar system, Pluto in 1930. The observatory was established by Perzival Lowell, who was an aristocratic businessman, astronomer and explorer who believed that Mars was an inhabited planet at the turn of the 20th Century.

In the preface of my book, “The Comer by Night,” 2nd Edition, we read the following: “…It was also in Flagstaff, Arizona, where the ninth planet, Pluto, was discovered and publicized in March 1930. The Lowell Observatory was created from the mind of a man named Perzival Lowell who dedicated a large part of his life to the study of the planet Mars with the belief that intelligent beings resided there. In 1877, the year of Master Fard Muhammad’s birth, Mars came closest to earth in about 100 years, and as a consequence, many new features were discovered which included the discovery of its two moons, Phobos and Diemos, by an American astronomer named Asath Hall.”

The early history of Mars being observed from earth prior to the advent of the telescope, points to its earliest association among the ancients as the planet of war (so named by the Romans). Even earlier observations by the Chaldeans identified Mars as the God of Battle. The Persians called it the Celestial Warrior and the Greeks rendered Mars as a formidable sign in the heavens corresponding in many ways to earth’s evolution and destiny. What struck me about Sedona’s red sandstone monumental mountain shape was a sense of belonging somehow to the red planet Mars. When the name “Mars” is reversed, we see the word “Ram; we may recall in the first article printed in this series that we featured a photograph with a remarkable rock formation that appeared as a ram’s head. Thus, figuratively this is equivalent to Mars spelled backwards. This is among the many proofs that our entire planet earth carries cosmic information that is related not only to Mars but to our entire universe which gave us birth.

As I walked over these vortexes of highly energetically charged terrain, I reflected on the reddish color and tone on the surface of the planet Mars and the connection to Master W. Fard Muhammad’s Teachings to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad back in the early 1930s about Mars and the people and civilization that lives there. Quoting from the book, “The Race for Mars, the Greatest Space Race is On,” by Peter Haining, we read on page 10 the following words: “Observers of the planet have rightly declared that it is a geologist’s paradise. There are many features which, though they are also to be seen on earth, are found here on a vast scale which is made all the more awesome because of Mars’ size. Reddish-ochre desert strewn with rocks and boulders dominate the scene and these have been compared to our Sahara Desert, though they are infinitely more chilly. There are also huge volcanoes which tower to heights almost three times that of Mount Everest, and there are signs that they have been active for a very long period of time–and may well continue to be so today.”

It is little wonder that we were guided to Sedona to experience such an elevation of spiritual consciousness in the process of receiving information while we were attending the Mxodus Project Business Meeting. It was not a coincidence that at the same time of our meeting, the shuttle landing took place on Mars with its Phoenix Land Rover making many new discoveries, particularly finding the evidence of water in ice crystals on the surface of the planet. Earlier findings reported by the Viking Explorer I and II in the latter ‘70s, photographed the famous image of the face and monument on Mars in a place mapped and named Cydonia (Sedona), on this faraway planet in space as the fourth planet orbiting around the Sun. Our own planet being located near it and numbered as the third orbit in space around the sun.

The following words are some of the descriptive expressions of the star witnesses to this extraordinary event that took place in Sedona.

“The Natives say, ‘Angels have been described as flashes of light.’ In Sedona, we were surrounded and re-energized by them in this healing place. Sedona’s beauty filled the eyes and summoned the spirit to rise in All who attended. Allah makes beautiful places in this ugly world!”–Sister Karlotta Muhammad, Los Angeles, California

“Being a part of and working on Project MXODUS has been a real pleasure and the recent meeting in Sedona, Arizona was a testimony to that. From the Mxodus Coffee, Mxodus Tours and Mxodus Investment Group, I have been able to learn from Mother Tynnetta and many others, the work, economics, history and unity of our Nation. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad told us that Allah (God) will bless us with money, good homes and friendships in all walks of life. This is exactly what Project Mxodus represents and all who attended this meeting. Brothers and sisters from the Indian/Native American Nation, Hispanic family and our Black brothers and sisters came in unity and love to work in one brotherhood.”–Queen Muhammad Ali

“Amidst the tranquil, nerve calming, sacred healing grounds of Sedona, Arizona, the Mxodus Team came together for their first annual Mxodus Coffee Conference.
Mother Tynnetta Muhammad continues to fulfill key aspects of the work of her husband, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad.”–
Asheen Muhammad, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“I thank Allah for the opportunity through Mother Tynnetta to work as a part of the Mxodus Project, and to see it expand with the interest that our people have. Together we are linking back with our original family in Mexico and abroad with strategic alliances and friendships to strengthen the whole human family.” –Khaliq Muhammad, Fort Lauderdale, FL

“The retreat with a small, yet brilliant glimpse of the heavenly hereafter we are promised comes from our working in unity and in righteousness. Being surrounded by the beautiful, red, sandstoned mountains of Sedona, was like being wrapped in the Awesome Majesty of God.”–Chinyerim Muhammad, Columbus, Ohio

“And certainly We raised in every nation a messenger, saying: Serve Allah and shun the devil. Then of them was he whom Allah guided, and of them was he whose remaining in error was justly due. So travel in the land then see what was the end of the rejectors.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 16, verse 36

To be continued.