Independence means to be free of the dominance of others. It is a very happy feeling for one to enjoy self-freedom!

The White race, in the Western Hemisphere, takes this day, July 4, 1972, to be a day to worship in remembrance of their achieving Independence from other people.

The White race in the Western Hemisphere had to conquer the Indians who had an independent claim on the country now called America. Then the White race in America cut off the tie of England and France and became the independent holder of the present country called America, in the Western Hemisphere.


The White race was not satisfied with owning a new country to itself. They wanted the country built up but, the White man was afraid to trust himself to build the country up, so he goes to other countries that were civilized and uncivilized, Africa. From Africa he took our Black people as slaves and used us for hard-labor purposes.

Now, the White race has achieved those desires and now he has the glorious thing that man can enjoy–freedom. The country of America cannot be said to be the White man’s own–but with having the freedom and the power to overcome the natives (Indians) of this country, the White race in America takes this day, July 4, to celebrate the joy of independence of others!

“As thou hast done so shall it be done unto thee.” Someone is about to take away your enjoyable independence. The White race here in America has done the worse to the Black people who helped the White man to build up the country of America and to make it suitable and to bring in this enjoyable independence.

But the White race in America has angered God due to the evil done to us after our four hundred years, here, under the White race. The White race still desires to mistreat and to kill us all the day long.

The White man hates his Black slave; while the Black slave should be hating the White man, for mistreating the Black slave. But the White man made the Black slave to love him so well that when the White man mistreats him, the Black slave will not dislike the White man for mistreating him.

Now the time of God has arrived–the time that Allah (God) must separate the Black slave and his White master, and bring freedom to the Black slave.

So we see the power of our enemy being broken by God in destroying the power of the White man: power to maintain his sway over the whole world.

Independence is fine, if we keep and maintain independence! But there is a dark cloud of trouble now swinging over the country of America. The dark cloud makes her once freedom of thought and action become instead, a freedom of death, hell and destruction!

It is awful to think over the things of evil and of trouble that are coming upon the glorified North America.

The poor Black slave, numbering now into tens of millions of Black people, never knew anything of the joy of freedom, because the vicious enemy, like a young lion, as Daniel gives it in the Bible, has made the Black slave a prey to all of the White man’s wicked desires.

Now, what do we have to celebrate in the fact that the white man is enjoying freedom over us? In celebrating the White man’s independence, we make a fool out of ourselves. We cannot celebrate his day.

The only time that we the Black people have a day to worship and are able to call a day ‘our day of freedom,’ is when we are free from White America and free from any other nation, and become independent with some of this earth that we can call our own.

Then we can say that this is a freedom day and a holiday for us.

Black sister, Black brothers, let us unite and get together and try and go from that which binds us to others.

(Text from “The Fall of America,” 1973.)