(FinalCall.com) – The scenes are poignant and the losses are startling, the early June floods that struck the Midwest could cost more than $20 billion in damages and a significant number of crops from the nation’s breadbasket have been lost. Those losses are expected to drive up already rising costs for food, fuel and feed.

America may not be suffering from a plague of locusts but a major disaster striking an already reeling economy and shortages of corn, grain or soybeans amid escalating food prices aren’t harbingers of good times.

Images of the destruction and the pain of flood victims are stark. Many turned their eyes skyward, seeking divine intervention and a lessening of the loss of property and life. Others asked, “Why did this disaster strike?”


America is a mighty nation and has enjoyed a lifestyle and level of comfort which has made her the envy of the world. But there is another side to America, a more shameful side of U.S. history that is over 400-years-old and is one of the world’s greatest crimes against humanity and arguably the world’s worst crime against humanity. The crime is the often ignored history of the enslavement of Africans, who endured a torturous journey from the Motherland to the New World, only to be butchered, debased, exploited and oppressed as the fortunes of American and Europeans involved in the slave trade were made on their backs. Then for hundreds of years and to this day, the children of slaves are treated as second class citizens not entitled to the respect, opportunity and protection accorded to “real Americans,” White Americans.

While this country may seek to ignore or hide that history, scripture foretells of a day when the things hidden in the dark will come to the light and when the mighty will experience the evil they perpetrated upon the weak. The day and time of judgment is now and as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad has taught, Almighty God Himself has judged America and condemned America for her evils done to Blacks and the destruction she visited upon the Native Americans.

In the “The Fall of America,” Mr. Muhammad writes, “To be plagued with too much rain will destroy property and lives. It swells the rivers and creeks. Too much rain floods cities and towns. Large bodies of water at the ocean shore lines will be made to swell with unusually high waves, dumping billions of tons of water over the now seashore line.

“Rain destroys property and kills cattle by drowning them in low lands. Rain destroys the hiding places of vicious beasts and reptiles bringing them out fighting in small towns in peoples’ homes and farms.

“Rain weakens and destroys railroads, truck line beds and bridges. Rain undermines foundations of all types of buildings. Rain makes the atmosphere too heavy with moisture causing sickness,” he wrote in Chapter 36 of this illuminating book.

“The Holy Qur’an also teaches us that God used snow, rain, wind, hail, earthquakes and fire against former wicked people. Is America any better than the people we read about in the history that God destroyed? No, she is not as good. These people were not as wicked as the American people,” he continues.

The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad has warned of divine judgment and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has repeated that warning. They urged the country and its leaders to heed the warning that perhaps America might avoid the fate of nations that have gone before her. If scripture teaches us that Egypt, Babylon and Rome were destroyed because of their wickedness and rebellion against God, can America avoid divine judgment, if her actions are as wicked as these empires of yesterday?

Are the evils done to Blacks in America less heinous than the evils perpetrated on other peoples that God has rescued in the past? Would God be just if he excuses the evil done today while he punished others yesterday?

“America is in the position toward her once slave, so-called Negro, as Pharaoh was with Israel as his slave. She is in this position because of the injustice done to the American so-called Negro slave, brought to America over four hundred years ago, and refuses to let them go free,” Mr. Muhammad observes in “The Fall of America.”

“The Bible declares to Abraham in Genesis that God would judge the people to whom his people (Abraham’s) would be in bondage. This does not mean Israel. This means the present Black people, the members of their Black nation, who have and are fulfilling their prophecy. God, in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, will not be defeated. The more evil, deceiving, tricking and making of false promises to the American so-called Negro only increases America’s divine chastisement–doom.”

In addition to the Midwest floods, America has been hit by fires on the west coast, high heat on the east coast and a record year for tornadoes is on the horizon.

America has a choice to make and if her leadership does not choose wisely and act to repent, the Supreme Being has promised to destroy the nation. But Black America also has a choice to make: Shall we join our former slave masters and their children in their rebellion against God, or will we accept the challenge and promise of God by rejecting the behavior and mindset that has doomed this country? It is time that we fly to Allah and obey him, our future depends on it.