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By the help of Allah, I had determined that when I knew for sure that Minister Farrakhan was up for doing the interviews, my first question to him would be intended to elicit his answer to speak on the purpose and value of excellent conversation that we must now quickly get into and get ourselves into, as fast as possible. I knew that we also must quickly get into the habit of quality conversation. Of course I did not know how my Brother would answer questions intended to elicit responses from him that would serve this critical need of us who follow him and our people and others in general. But I said a short prayer and began on a day he wasn’t feeling too bad.

Jabril Muhammad: “My question is two or three questions in one. How would you define the art of conversation and then how would you define the best kind of conversation Muslims should be engaging in, especially in this critical hour, as it’s getting darker?”


Minister Louis Farrakhan: “Allah gives to every creature the ability to communicate with its own to be able to share with other members of its species, what its aim is, what its desire is and the fulfillment of the natural inclination of the species.

“The highest manifestation of communication is language that He gives to the human to express its desires, its concerns, its needs, its disappointments, its frustrations. But all of it is manifested through language.

“The art of communication is a lost art among human beings. I guess the Tower of Babel and the confusion of languages is demonstrative of the chastisement of God in disallowing human beings to be able to communicate at the highest level.

“With us as a people that were taken from our original language and culture we have developed skill in communicating through various means; sometimes other than language. But the highest form of communication is language that is used to communicate the wisdom of God.

“The Honorable Elijah Muhammad told me once that, ‘It takes five hundred seconds, eight minutes and twenty seconds for the light, traveling at a hundred and eighty-six thousand miles per second, to travel from the sun to the earth.’ Likewise, he said, ‘It takes five hundred seconds, eight minutes and twenty seconds for the blood to make a complete circulation between the heel and the brain and back.’ He said, ‘When you go to visit a person that is sick, if you put the right word in their ear, within eight minutes and twenty seconds you will see a change in the spirit of such person.’

“What that told me was, that the level of energy, light, spiritual power that is contained in right words, communicated from the right motivation, energizes the brain of the recipient of such word. That energy is delivered to every part of the body, thereby, increasing the energy level of that person.

“As I looked at what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was saying to me, I recognized that there were levels of conversation that carried varying degrees of electrical energy. The lowest form of conversation, which takes away from the energy of the human being and causes that person’s shoulders to droop, their face to drop, their countenance to change; the body to react, is conversation that is negative, dealing with slander, backbiting, gossip.

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“This type of conversation is so disruptive to unity, to brotherhood, to social relationships that reflect the highest quality of civilization. Allah says in the Qur’an that the slanderer, the defamer, the gossiper, He likens that kind of person to the worst and most hateful of all His creatures, which is the swine or khanzir. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said khanzir means ‘I see it foul and very foul.’ The Qur’an says, ‘I will brand him (the human being) on his snout,’ which says that this type of person is like the pig groveling in filth looking for dirt to spread about another human being. I see it foul and very foul.

“When you communicate, with this foul discourse, it can never lead to the type of activity that a higher level of discourse would bring about. So, slander, gossip, defamation, secret counsels that engage in this foul, despicable means of communication, leads to a person falling down, mentally, spiritually and humanly to then act on the lowest level of human behavior.

“When Almighty God Allah reveals a word, or what is called Divine Revelation, that unearths secrets of Himself and His creation, that man and the wisest of men had not discovered up until that time. No matter how high the wise have gone with their wisdom and their ability to communicate their wisdom, when God so chooses to raise an individual and give that individual Divine Revelation, that is akin to putting the highest wattage of electricity in the head of that human being.

“The human being that comes at the end of the world does not only have a high wattage but he is compared to the light of the sun, which carries light, life, energy and warmth, to all of creation. Therefore, no creature can live without the energy of the sun. Nothing of life would survive without such energy. This one that comes at the end of the world that says he is the light of the world, his brain is filled with the highest form of energy. Then transmission of that light to those who walk in darkness or to those who function on a low level has the power to raise their level of conversation, their level of thought and their level of activity.

“When such a person is communicating to somebody that is dead then the person who is considered dead, is functioning on the lowest level of human behavior and human conversation or communication. They have not received that which would raise them in thought and in action from where they are. When a man like that appears, a Messenger of God, the Messiah; then to feed on his word that comes directly from God is to feed our brain the best food; the highest form of food.

“Now when we go out to purchase an automobile that is a high performance automobile it is counterproductive to put a cheap source of energy in a high performance engine. The human brain is a high, exceedingly high, creation that functions best when it is fed from the highest energy source. Man’s connection to God is life itself, and his disconnect from that source of the highest energy, is death.

“When we are blessed with a man who has received Divine Revelation and we breathe in or inhale such wisdom, the brain cells begin to operate at their highest level of efficiency. And even though toxins may be there, even though poisons may be there, even though dull thought may be there, once there is a connection to that highest form of energy, that is contained in Divine Revelation the brain begins to oscillate, vibrate, function at its best level. The more it feeds from that source, the stronger the brain becomes. The greater its sight; the greater its hearing; the greater its ability to think and plan and bring into existence what it plans.

More next issue, Allah willing.