The Sons of Abraham from his First Born, Ishmael to Isaac, and the Tribes of Israel

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“And the idolaters say: Had Allah pleased, we had not served aught but Him, (neither) we nor our fathers, nor had we prohibited aught without (order from) Him. Thus did those before them. But have the messengers any duty except a plain delivery (of the message)?” Holy Qur’an, Surah 16, verse 35


The Book of Genesis provides us with an insight for chronology of events of the early Prophets and Messengers that came in a succession traced through Adam and Eve’s offspring from Noah to Abraham, a descendent of Shem, the third son of Adam and Eve. This gives us a prophetic timeline of history prior to the coming of Moses who dealt strictly with the Tribes of Israel that have shaped our present world politics. We will take note that the tree in the midst of the Garden of Eden described in the Bible as the forbidden fruit from which Adam and Eve did eat, produced the initial problems for Adam and Eve’s descendents due to disobedience. This geneaology is connected to the germ of life producing the genetic material of humanity (the Genome of today’s genetic scientists dealing with our DNA).

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We will note in Genesis Chapter 2, verse 9 that the tree of life in the midst of the garden, as well as the tree of knowledge of good and evil was exploited by the evil suggestions of Satan. Through subtleties, they were deceived into thinking that the tree of good and evil would lead to immortality. In the Holy Qur’an, this tree is described as being just that. In further chapters, this tree is referred to as the tree of Saqqan producing heads of serpents in the bottom of Hell. In both cases, the scenarios end in corruption and deception, leading to death and destruction. Just the opposite of what they were told by Satan.

When did Satan come into power? Is Satan a manifestation of dissatisfaction within the germ of life that exists in the human the family? According to the Divine Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, the history of Satan and his world of deception and tricknollegy, seduction, and subtleties came into existence after God placed Adam and Eve in the Eastern part of Eden where later cherubims were positioned with flaming swords to keep guard over the tree of life and the Adamic family from spreading further eastward.

In this chronology of events as portrayed in the Bible, Abraham was an offspring of Noah and was called by God to leave his native country of Ur in the land of the Chaldeans (in Mesopotamia). According to the Divine Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad this period of Satan’s manifestation came through the seed of the Adamic race, coming in a vacuum of our history. Writing in “Our Saviour Has Arrived,” chapter 23, pages 110-111, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad explains what is meant by the old passing away and a new coming into existence, he states: “There was a new world of the white race that came into a vacuum in our history from the 9,000th year to the 15,000th year of our calendar history, a vacuum made in our past 16,000 years of 6,000 years given to the white race to rule. We are now in the 15th year of our calendar history of 25,000 years.”

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.In “Message to the Blackman,” we are further informed on page 107 how this complete fall of the original nation took place and how they are now being regenerated. “Notice the general awakening of this number one man of these people throughout the world of mankind, the crushed ones of the five above mentioned colors. The last 6,000 years have witnessed the most terrible blows meant to complete the destruction of this color. Their color is most adapted to any part of our planet under any climatic condition. The color of their eyes (black and white) is of all the others, the best–the most beautiful of all. Their black hair, white teeth are all the best for they are the best people.

“They haven’t had their day in many thousands of years. Fifty thousand years ago, he had his complete fall. (I shouldn’t use the word ‘fall’ for it was not; he only allowed the weaker of himself to rule.) When he put the last color of his color into power, the White color or race became the real enemy of the father (Black man) and tried and is still trying to exterminate the original color (Black) by many ways and means.”

We will note that the Book of Genesis lays the foundation for understanding the entire chronology of events that take place in the remaining chapters of the Bible (both Old and New Testament). Many names were changed throughout the Genesis chronology as in the case of Abram changed to Abraham, Sarai changed to Sarah, and Jacob changed to Israel going into Egypt as a sign of a future people born out of slavery in America. The Genesis story ends with Joseph being embalmed and placed in a tomb in Egypt. Genesis contains 50 chapters which can be compared to our 50,000 year old history and fall in Africa to allow the weaker germ of ourselves to rule (the White race).

Western world civilization coming from the Greeks and the Romans obtained their fundamental knowledge of how to rule from the Black man in Egypt (the Egptian Priesthood), who held the secret of rulership. We are now looking at change on the horizon, the changing over worlds after 50,000 years of our fall. This fulfillment of prophesy is now bringing an old world order to its doom and giving birth to a new world of righteousness coming in.

“And certainly We raised in every nation a messenger, saying: Serve Allah and shun the devil. Then of them was he whom Allah guided, and of them was he whose remaining in error was justly due. So travel in the land, then see what was the end of the rejectors.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 16, verse 36

To be continued.