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The following article originally appeared in Vol. 19; No. 41 of the Final Call Newspaper

“If we deny Him, He also will deny us, if we are faithless He remains faithful, for He cannot deny Himself.” -Bible 2 Timothy 2: 12,13


“They will say, ‘Ah! Woe to us! This is the day of Judgment!’ A voice will say, ‘This is the Day of Sorting Out, whose Truth ye (once) denied!” -Holy Qur’an 37:20-21 (The Yusuf Ali translation of the Holy Qur’an)

According to the scriptures the great majority of the people on earth, and especially in America, would be in a state of denial just before the sudden out pouring of the wrath of God.

The Holy Qur’an actually uses the word “deny,” or words that mean “denial” in English, with reference to the primary state of mind of most people, to Allah’s truth, at the end of this world.

This is a world that was built on the denial of the reality of the true God. He, the true God, determined that He would not interfere with the rule of Satan until the end of Satan’s time.

That time finally came. So has God.

Satan’s basic reaction has been to get as many people as possible to join with him in his all out effort to oppose God’s presence and purpose. So the war is on. It’s been on. Of course, God is winning. But how many people really understand this and what is really going on?

Satan’s work was to step up his deceit and to keep on stepping it up until God breaks his power. He is on his job of tricking the people 24/7.

In an article that appeared in the April 19, 1958 edition of The New York Amsterdam News, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote: “The Western World has become so wicked that they are now insane and have not the knowledge of just how wicked and filthy that they really are.” He then went on to back up his statement.

A few years later, in the early 1960s, two very sharp observers of the American scene wrote the following.

In the preface of The Vulnerable Americans, Curt Gentry wrote:

“For better or worse, the climate affects our thinking, our mood, and our acts. The climate of fraud, which overcasts America today, so touches every part of our lives that, except in extreme circumstances and election years, we are inclined to take it for granted.

“The condition is not new. What is new is its extent. During the nineteenth century, when immigration was high, education low, and opportunity waiting just around each corner, sociologists estimate that probably one out of every ten adult Americans fell victim to a swindle or fraud during his lifetime. Times have changed. Americans have grown wiser, more sophisticated, less gullible, and alas, perhaps even less imaginative. Today, ten out of ten adult Americans are victims of swindles and frauds, not once or twice during their lifetimes, but almost every time they make a purchase, cast their votes, pay their taxes, invest in the future, seek happiness, entertainment, or love.

“Never before in the history of the United States have so many been swindled so often in so many different ways out of so much–with so few protesting voices.”

Then at the end of the first chapter of The Corrupted Land, Fred J. Cook wrote:

“It is a society that justifies man’s biting man, man’s biting the organizations hand that feeds him–even man’s biting his own self. This, then, is a picture of our times, an age in which virtually everyone gets bitten.”

The above observations were made between about thirty-five to forty-three years ago. How much worse is deception now compared to then? How much worse is the “biting” now than then? It is much worse.

It is sad to see that the worst victims of these evils have been and still are Black people in this country.

The wise ones, looking at these times, and at the strength of Satan’s deceit–right at the end of his power to rule–it was written in the Bible:

“And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.” (Matthew 24:22)

“And except that the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved: but for the elect’s sake, whom he hath chosen, he hath shortened the days.” (Mark 13:20)

He has shortened them. However, it was also written in the scriptures that God Himself would lengthen the time that it would go to the full length of His mercy. He would provide the best means by which to grant everyone the opportunity to know His truth, His will, and His decisions before He opens the gates of His wrath in full.

It was written that He would be the Master of the day when He makes known His judgments. That day has arrived. Yet, most of the people are in denial.

According to Caucasian scientists on human nature, “denial” is one of a group of ways of thinking of, or reacting to situations, problems, and the like, that they call “defense mechanisms.”

Well, the first thing to look at is that their public teaching on human nature is far from perfect. Their teaching on the nature of the human being is truth mixed with falsehoods. It’s spiritual strychnine. But you just don’t die as fast.

Just look at the word “defense” in this that they call a scientific term “defense mechanism.” Well, in one way it is scientific and in another way it is not.

If the “ego” or the self that we are trying to protect, by means of “defense mechanisms,” is the wicked self or nature, this is understandable. The evil nature is being shielded by lies. Of course, this shield is being destroyed now that we are in the time of the presence of God.

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In the light of His presence, on the other hand, there is no justification in the use, or the continued use, of such crooked mental devices when the self we are trying to protect and build up is the righteous self or nature.

Now, we must also come to understand that we have been raised in America, in such an artfully deceitful way, that we have to be made aware of the presence and the operation of the Satanic factor or disease in our spiritual condition.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s work–which is beyond value–is to help Black people look in the mirror. Yes, the White man did this and that evil to us and still does. However, even the effects of his evils to us would fall into nothingness if we would accept the wisdom of God and His Christ that was put in Minister Farrakhan, by which he is guided.

Look in The New Testament. After God Himself none is greater than Jesus. Yet we read in Acts 9:15 that Jesus referred to Paul as his chosen vessel, his chosen instrument, to serve him (Jesus) to make his name known and to take his (Jesus) message to the Gentiles and to kings, and to the people of Israel.

Then look at the relationship between Minister Farrakhan and his teacher, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad as well as the work of both. Is this a mere analogy or is that (which is in the New Testament) prophetic of today?

There is so much to this. If you have it, read the answer Minister Farrakhan gave to my 1996 question, on page 275 of This Is The One, about the mutuality, the compatibility and the complimentary nature of the relationship between himself and his teacher.

Why are deeper parts of the truth so hard for us to accept? Several factors must be looked at which accounts for or explains this. But “defense mechanisms” must be studied as at the root of this problem; especially that which is setting in Black people “unconsciously.”

Minister Farrakhan has explained how best to use his study guides. If we will follow his directions, the loving power of God’s truth will penetrate and break up all forms, or every aspect of the encrusted “defense mechanisms,” better known as “deceptive intelligence,” which surrounds and infects our hearts.

This penetration of our hearts–on the deepest levels–with the pellets of divine truth; the unblocking of our hearts to the deeper aspects of God’s truths, which our Brother, Minister Farrakhan teaches, will release the ultimate of healing power. We have never experienced the like before, as none can duplicate or fake the spirit of Allah.

Then we will be able to experience that first wonderful spirit–and then some–that we had when we first accepted this teaching, We will then be able to do better by what Minister Farrakhan’s asks us to do, which the Bible calls “the first work.” Then we will be able to take the next steps, with the qualifications to be effective.

Let’s now look at a list of some of these “defense mechanisms,” or forms of “deceptive intelligence” as Minister Farrakhan accurately called it.

Among these defective ways of thinking some are briefly listed as: “projection: the attribution of unacceptable impulses to others; denial: the refusal to recognize a threatening situation or thought; repression: the removal of threatening thoughts from awareness; rationalization: giving a [so-called] reasonable explanation for an event; regression: the return to a less mature, anxiety reducing behavior.”

Minister Farrakhan’s study-guides contain the cure for these ailments.

More next issue, Allah willing.