Dr. Ridgely visits classroom of M.U.I. teacher Tamecka 4X, where he observes class project where students are growing vegetation.

(FinalCall.com) – Dr. Ridgely Muhammad, manager of Muhammad Farms, visited with the students of Muhammad University of Islam (M.U.I.) in Chicago on May 2. He informed the students of the rigorous day-to-day activities of farm life. He discussed the Nation’s desire to establish a Ministry of Agriculture, as well as the necessary tasks and resources required to accomplish such.

When Dr. Ridgely polled the student body asking the question, “Who wants to be a farmer,” though several of them eagerly raised their hands, few of them would have known the significance of his question. He extended various facts about agriculture, relative to what the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad envisioned for us.

The feeding of our now 40 million so-called “African-Americans” which, according to Dr. Ridgely, calls for “18,000 farmers,” is the basis of our agricultural development. Acquainting the enthusiastic children with such pertinent information seemed to have an enthralling effect on their imaginations. The children were surprised to learn that the amount of land needed to feed our people would be over 51 million acres.


He explained how crops are planted, maintained and harvested. He also described the constant necessity for effective weed control. He told the students of the types of produce raised on Muhammad Farms. Some of the crops currently produced on the farm are watermelon, corn, navy beans, broccoli, wheat, and string beans.

Dr. Ridgely informed the students that plans have been made to bring them to the Nation of Islam’s Georgia farmland. The trip is intended to allow the children to experience farming first hand, that they may better decide if agriculture is a field that they would be interested in pursuing.

“I think that the presentation was very educational and very inspiring,” stated Bro. Warren Abdullah, a sixth grade student who attended the lecture. “I also thought he did a very good job in explaining and breaking down the meaning of agriculture and explaining what he does to help the Nation.” Warren said.