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So much is happening, so fast, throughout America and the world that quickly brings to mind this, that or the other prophesy, written of these days, that has either been fulfilled, is being fulfilled, or about to be fulfilled, that its hard to comment comprehensively, within the space of a short article.

Fundamental to the correct understanding of everything that is taking place is the following fact. Starting in 1931 the Honorable Elijah Muhammad met and was being taught by Allah in the person of Master Fard Muhammad. People saw and heard Him and formed ideas of Him but did not recognize that He was in fact The One, of Whom all of the prophets prophesized to come had arrived.


The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that He taught him, in person, for three years and four months–from September 1931 onwards. This education included a thorough understanding of the Bible and the Holy Qur’an.

When most think of The Old Testament, The New Testament and The Holy Qur’an they think of Jews, Christians and Muslims respectively. The power of the truth that was revealed to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is in the process of forcing the world to come to a new understanding of the scriptures.

Allah revealed to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad that the history in these scriptures, of these three groups of people, ultimately refers to Original people, here in America and in this time period.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad was taught by One, who went under the name (at first) of W.D. Fard, later adding “Muhammad” in 1933, as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said He did. That was the same year He also gave him the name “Muhammad,” replacing the name “Karriem” (that He had given him earlier) with which He replaced his slave name.

Certainly, I did not hear or read everything the Honorable Elijah Muhammad spoke or wrote of the truth he was taught. But I bear witness to the truth of what he taught–even to that which I did not hear him say or write. Please expect an explanation soon.

I heard him say that his Teacher taught him that He used the name “Wallace” signifying “friend” and that he had befriended us, “the rejected and despised” of all people; that He had befriended us, a friendless people and that He had befriended us to give us friendship with the righteous the world over.

I heard him say, several years ago that he did not know what the “D” meant, but that does not mean that he didn’t later learn its meaning and mentioned it to others.

One of the reasons He used the name “Fard” was to declare that He was self-independent and He has come to make us, who were the most dependent people, especially on our open enemy, the most independent nation that ever lived.

One of the meanings of His use of the name “Muhammad” was that He was the “praised One” Who was worthy of praise and that He had come to make us the praised of the nations.

There’s a little more that I did learn that I won’t mention here. Moreover, I am sure the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan (and others) learned what I did and more. In any case, this is clear: Two powerful signs of the truth and the power of His names can easily be seen in the rise to eminence of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and now Minister Farrakhan.

Like Moses, according to the scriptures, who sought from God a special helper, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad sought from his Teacher, a special helper, to help him with what his Teacher informed him was the hardest job the Almighty ever gave to any man who ever lived.

From the ‘30s onward, he continued to be on the lookout for signs from his Teacher of the identity of this special helper. In his February 1954 Saviours’ Day speech he declared:

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“Since you and me are witnesses here this afternoon in this world that we live, we have been so greatly misunderstood that I desire that Allah send to me a little helper; for 22 years I have worked hard wherever I was or may be to try to get into your ears and into your hearts the truth that Allah has revealed to me.”

The next year–on February 26th, 1955–the year that marked the fulfillment of the 400 year prophesy that we were to serve our enemies (Genesis 15), the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was divinely given that sign. He recognized that special helper who was sitting in the audience and at once gave him the essence of his assignment.

That special helper, of course, is Minister Farrakhan. He would have to be that special helper to share with his teacher, the hardest job God ever gave to any man!


Holy Qur’an – Yusuf Ali Translation

Footnote # 598 “To blame a man of God for our misfortunes is doubly unjust. For he comes to save us from misfortune, and it is because we flout him or pay no heed to him, that our own rebellion brings its own punishment. If we realize this truth we shall be saved from two sins: (1) the sin of injustice to God’s Messengers, who come for our good, and not for our harm; (2) the sin of not realizing our own shortcomings or rebellion, and thus living in spiritual darkness. If the Message is from God, that carries its own authority: ‘enough is God for a witness.’”

Footnote #599 “The Apostle was sent to preach, guide, instruct, and show the Way, not to drive people to good, or to detect all that was evil. That is not God’s Plan, which trains the human Will. The Apostle’s duty is therefore to convey the Message of God, in all the ways of persuasion that are open to him. If men perversely disobey the Message, they are not disobeying him but they are disobeying. In the same way those who obey the Message are obeying God. They are not obliging the Messenger: they are merely doing their duty.”

Footnote #600 “If we trust … people who are not true, they are more likely to hinder than to help. But God is All-good as well as All-powerful, and all our affairs are best entrusted to His care. His is the best Guardian of all interests.

“Therefore we should not trust the lip professions of Hypocrites, but trust in God. Nor should our confidence in God be shaken by any secret plots that enemies hatch against us. We should take all human precautions against them, but having done so, we should put our trust in God, Who knows the inner working of events better than any human mind can conceive.”

More on these notes–in relation to Moses and the Wise Man–in Yusuf Ali’s translation of the Holy Qur’an, as they apply to Minister Farrakhan as well as his teacher, next issue, Allah willing.