The Black Brute Caricature (Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia)

The April 2008 issue of Vogue magazine depicts NBA star LeBron James and a blue eyed blonde in a pose that is strikingly similar to the depiction of King Kong and a blonde in the movie. Am I making too much of the picture?

Well, the 1987 movie version of King Kong provides an example of the role of the media and movies in the destruction of Black images. Anyone that has survived English Literature 101 knows that within every work of fiction there is a degree of symbolic reality. At no time has a gigantic gorilla been known to terrorize New York City. So, who does the giant monkey represent? The movie was originally released in 1933, an era when White racists commonly referred to Blacks as monkeys. During the World War White American men told European women that Black men were monkeys and had tails. These women approached Black soldiers on their arrival in Europe eager to see their tails.


Headlines of nine Black men falsely accused of raping a White woman dominated the news. Then as now, racism was so deeply embodied that members of the U.S. Congress proudly announced that they belonged to the terrorist organization the Ku Klux Klan. The words “Kill King Kong” and the initials KKK appear at the end of the film. Following slavery, the KKK staged assaults on Blacks to frighten them out of voting. In 2008 a similar attempt is being made to scare Whites from voting for Senator Obama.

An article by Dr. Arthur N. Lewin, December 16, 2005, is captioned ‘If you Think King Kong is Just a Movie, Think Again.’ Dr. Lewin, a member of the Black and Hispanic Studies Department at Baruch College in New York City references the 1933 King Kong movie that was released at the time of the infamous case of the Scottsboro Boys. The White woman is symbolic of America’s material entrapments. Kong breaks free of his bondage and creates havoc in New York City, the economic center of America. In the final scene of the movie, King Kong is shot down from the top levels of the Empire State Building. As the movie ends viewers are told: “It was beauty that killed the beast.”

January 15, 1986 marked the first time in history that America celebrated the birthday of a prominent Black man, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The celebration was subconsciously undermined by the movie “The Color Purple.” The movie is centered around an abusive Black man. Today, as a result of the fear associated with 9/11, Americans have abandoned their logical and rational thinking. They believe that Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Islamic fanatics and terrorists are out to get them. They share a paranoid belief that those who are victims of America’s aggression hate Americans because of the American way of life, instead of the fact that they resent America’s assault on their land. They believe that urban Blacks will invade their suburban communities and rape their women. They believe that Hispanics are a threat to their economic interests. In contrast, they believe America has a right to pursue her economic interest by claiming the world’s natural resources. Now, they are being led to believe that Minister Louis Farrakhan and Rev. Jeremiah Wright are creating internal dissention and Senator Obama is associated with the rebellion.

Whereas, the original movie image of King Kong was a White woman being carried by King Kong, the Vogue version suggests the physically powerful Black male image is being led by the female. As Senator Obama leads Senator Hillary Clinton and is closing in on capturing the most powerful and coveted image of White Supremacy in the world–the presidency of the United States–he has been attacked nightly by the corporate media. The Senator’s surge to capture the symbolically powerful image of the presidency of the United States of America creates a positive and powerful image of the Black male. This is a direct threat to White Supremacy advocates. Therefore, they must once again play the race card as they openly conspire to destroy Black images.

A conspiracy is a secret sinister plot that involves a number of interrelated activities that are focused on a common goal. A conspiracy involves the perverted use of psychology–what Dr. Kwabena Faheem Ashanti refers to as the ‘Psychotechnology of Brainwashing’–to program the masses to serve the will of the elite conspirators. Vogue has waged an attack on the physical essence of the Black man. Man’s attributes are mental, physical and spiritual.

Successful brainwashing must occur on all three levels, therefore an assault is being waged against Senator Obama on all three levels. An indirect assault on Senator Obama has been to associate him with the uncompromising Black warrior Reverend Jeremiah Wright, a powerful Black spiritual leader, and the likes of Nat Turner. Claiming to be on a mission from God, Nat Turner led a bloody rebellion against several plantation masters. A negative association of Senator Obama with Minister Farrakhan and Reverend Wright constitutes a spiritual assault. At the same time Senator Obama is challenged mentally as his judgment in associating with Reverend Wright is brought into question. Whereas, Vogue’s depiction of LeBron James is one act, simultaneously Kwame Kilpatrick, the Black mayor of Detroit has been arraigned for perjury, obstruction of justice and misconduct in office after becoming embroiled in a sex scandal involving an affair he is alleged to have had in 2002 and 2003.

During the same time frame, David Paterson, New York state’s first Black governor has admitted using drugs and engaging in other marital improprieties. The media has also accused Tiger Woods of cursing at a photographer. Every day there are numerous other allegations involving prominent Black males. Perhaps you are thinking that in many instances Black men have put themselves in jeopardy. That is true. But, just as the FBI compiled a dossier of evidence on Martin Luther King, Jr. and waited for the most strategic time to unleash the assault on Rev. Martin Luther King’s image, the conspirators are busy creating dossiers on any number of prominent Blacks.

The president of the United States of America represents the most powerful image in the world. The elite White Supremacists will do everything they can to protect this coveted image. Therefore, the conspirators are bent on the destruction of Black male images and Senator Obama’s image in particular. To fully understand the depths of the assault demands that we look, not as unrelated incidents, but the sum total of an ongoing conspiracy.