Imagine if the talk among young boys was centered on a “reality” show called “Original Men, Extraordinary Ideas.” The show would display men of color from around the country competing or vying in righteousness to do well in their community and help as many people as they could. The idea of a positive “reality” show was originally mentioned by one of the judges during “Man of The Year Competition” (2007) that John Blassingame, Publisher of Hype Hair and Today’s Black Woman magazine holds every year.

The men I met at the “Man of the Year” contest would be perfect contenders for the first season of such a reality show. As one of the judges, I had the opportunity–thanks to Mr. Blassingame–to meet a former Pro Football player who conducts a character building program for young boys, an artist and model who helps feed the homeless and dresses financially strapped teens for the prom, and the winner, a pastor who directs a rehabilitation program that provides affordable housing to those in need. My personal favorite was a brother named Omar Sharrief, a Barber and businessman that teaches young men how to cut hair and how to run a business. He focused on the concept of “teaching the youth how to fish, not just feeding them for a day.”

In addition, other possible contestants could include the male judges from the show which included Dante Feenix, author of the new action packed novel Black Butterfly, Joshua Suggs, owner of Delta’s Restaurant, Dr. Stephen Ford and Vincent Carroll of Vegas Style Entertainment and Sports Marketing.


The point? There is power in our unity and our creativity. So BET… if you’re listening or if your are tired of hearing about “hot ghetto mess” why not try a reality show centered around strong Black men determined to make an impact in the lives of young men.

(Audrey Muhammad is the Editor of Virtue Today Magazine, and creator of the Protectors of Virtue, a campaign to raise awareness and prevent domestic violence. To become a “protector of virtue,” email [email protected] and write “I pledge to be a protector” in the subject line. Visit her website at