Saviours’ Day 2008 Coverage 

(FinalCall.com) – In the midst of the confusion about what’s healthy and what is not, people came to the one place where they can get the truth, a Nation of Islam health workshop. The “Healthy Lifestyles” workshop standing room only crowd listened attentively as the expert panel disseminated crucial information to the audience participants about their health and how to improve it.

Dr. Ridgley, the coordinator over Muhammad’s Farms gave a startling account of how much the food we buy has been genetically altered. He urged audience members to return to “How to Eat to Live” and grow their own food as much as possible. He said the only way we can be absolutely sure of “organic” food is to grow it ourselves.


The importance of having a trusted family physician and annual check-ups were emphasized by Dr. Stacy Muhammad, a family practitioner from Houston, Texas. She said the number one killer of those forty and older is heart disease. The top three cancers are lung, breast and prostate.

“Sometimes the first signs of disease show up in the mouth,” stated dentist, Dr. Brett Muhammad. “We need to take care of our teeth.” Dr. Brett talked about the need to get rid of fluoride because of its poisonous effect on the body and that it is better to use baking soda to clean your teeth. He said that when we are sick, odors come from our body and a white tongue is a sign of a sick body.

Brother Kevin Muhammad, an avid researcher and technical writer, explained how we have adopted the fattening diet that was given to farm animals. He said, “Sweet Potatoes were used to fatten up pigs and grits were used for chickens:. How to Eat to Live “is the diet of God.” He also mentioned how vaccinations have been linked to cancer.

Sister Audrey Muhammad, a certified aerobics instructor and fitness trainer, got the participants on their feet for a stretch and encouraged them to “make their word bond” by sticking to an exercise program and “eat to live.” “Eating to live eliminates the need for a diet,” she said. “Diets, you eventually go off, but eating to live is everyday.”