Saviours’ Day 2008 (Official Website)

The winner of the Second Annual Project Modesty Contest will be announced at the 2008 Saviour’s Day Fashion Show in Chicago, Ill. Promising youth designers still have time to submit their designs for consideration. This year’s deadline is February 15, 2008.

“Project Modesty is my solution to the need for designs to dress our children appropriately so that they look attractive and are not dressing to attract,” explained Valerie Muhammad, the creator of Kameelah’s Closet, a clothing store for very young girls whose parents are interested in modest apparel.

Sister Valerie Muhammad and daughter Kameelah.

The name came from her five-year-old daughter Kameelah. Mrs. Muhammad, located in Houston, Texas, was so fed up with not being able to find something that wasn’t tight or revealing for her daughter that she started making her clothes.

Kameelah’s Closet started when she found herself always going into her daughter’s closet to recreate designs to help other mothers in her area dress their girls.

“This is a design contest for girls, 14-24, who want to dress better and have the creativity to design modest apparel. I want to see their designs and I will have the winning designer announced at Saviours’ Day,” she told The Final Call.

She received so many requests for garments for adolescent girls that she came up with the idea for the contest.

“Project Modesty will clothe our girls with the garments that will reflect their beauty and culture without being tight, revealing or skimpy.Most designers for girls are not girls nor do they love our girls and want to see them respected.”

“I believe our girls are very talented and given the right opportunity can design a fabulous garment that they will enjoy wearing,” explained Mrs. Muhammad.

The contest is not open to professional designers.It is open to girls 14-24 who can create a casual design garment that could be worn to school or just to have fun in.

“The design doesn’t have to be perfect, but we have to be able to see what it is so we can recreate it,” said Mrs. Muhammad.

What will the prize be for the winner?

“There is a cash prize for the winner or winners in case of a tie.I am very excited about this contest. Girls around the country want to dress modestly, but want a wider selection of clothes to choose from. Project Modesty will develop a new team of designers specifically for our girls.”

Last year Project Modesty debuted at the Living in the Light Women’s Conference, a project of the Mid- Atlantic and Eastern Regions of the Nation of Islam.

“Project Modesty is a great opportunity to tap into the talent of our young girls.A lot of them have talent and want to express themselves. This is a great opportunity for the Nation to showcase the modesty our girls want to display,” said Saadiqa Muhammad, M.G.T. regional student captain.

Project Modesty hopes to change the wardrobes of girls and adolescents all around the country. For more information and to submit a design visit or call 832-439-5539.